Updated Virginia Results…

Results are still coming in fast and furious for the Virginia State House and State Senate races that we’re kind of following here tonight.

First up, Arin Sime has improved a little bit…

*Hanger (Rep) - 67%
Cox (Dem) - 25%
Sime (Lib) - 7%

The other Libertarian running for State Senate is also doing well in his 2-person race for the District 14 seat…

Harry B. Blevins (Rep) - 64%
Donald Tabor, Jr. (Lib) - 36%

In that race seven out of forty-five precincts have reported. Tabor actually beat Blevins in the 73-Dahlia precinct by ONE VOTE. It was 218 for Tabor and 217 for Blevins.

As for the three Independents seeking re-election to the Virginia House, Abbitt is still leading his race… but by a much closer margin than before. Lacey E. Putney has a huge lead over Democratic challenger Lewis Medlin; he appears safe. And Independent Senator Kathrine Waddell is still trailing Republican challenger G.M. Loupassi by 20 points.

And finally, Independent challenger Robert Owens has fallen far behind (65-35) in his race to unseat State Senator Henry Marsh.

3 Responses to “Updated Virginia Results…”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    Lacey Putney is a man, not a woman.

    But congratulations for a very good rundown of third party election results tonight.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Opps. :) Thanks for the correction.

  3. frogenglishs Says:

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