Sime Far Behind in Third Place

A bit of a disappointment, but early returns show Arin Sime polling about 6% of the vote in his Virginia State Senate race. Sime ran a great campaign, but was dramatically outspent by the Republican incumbent.

I was personally hoping to see him hit double-digits, but that looks unlikely based on the first results with about a quarter of the votes counted. There is still a chance things will improve a bit as more areas report.

*Hanger (Rep) - 59%
Cox (Dem) - 34%
Sime (Lib) - 6%

Also in a Virginia State Senate race, Independent candidate Robert Owens has opened up an extremely narrow lead over Democratic State Senator Henry Marsh. Marsh was elected in the early 90’s and has never faced a serious challenge since then. This could be an interesting upset story.

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