Election Night Open Thread…

Who among you actually voted today?

Anyway, I’ll post on and off as results come in tonight, but to get things started here’s an open thread. Feel free to discuss any of the results that might have already come in or that I miss along the way.

Here’s some music to get you in the mood…

4 Responses to “Election Night Open Thread…”

  1. SovereignMN Says:

    I voted today. Just had some school board races as well as a school levy. The levy is expected to pass unfortunately. :-(

  2. Rich M Says:

    This is a non-partisan race, but he’s been often identified as a libertarian during the campaigns. Alderman Bill Lynn is a member of the LP and has won his 3rd 2-year term on the Davenport Iowa city council by 58% to 42%.

  3. Mike Indiana Says:

    Chuck Turner Green Party DIST.7 City Councillor in Boston cruised to an easy re-election receiving 81% of the vote.

  4. Eric Larson Says:

    Great night for the Michigan Libertarians. Although we weren’t running a ton of candidates - 4 out of 5 won in their nonpartisan races for city/town councils. Also, a former Libertarian, Martin Howrylak won as well in Troy city council.

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