Slight Turmoil Over Ron Paul TV Ads

It seems that Ron Paul’s new television advertising in New Hampshire is being considered too bland and/or tame by some of his legions of online supporters…

While FMNN predicted that the GOP presidential campaign of Ron Paul might scrap a campaign ad that drew so much criticism over the weekend, the campaign brain-trust apparently thought better. It ran on Monday in New Hampshire, on a major cable TV station, and while it may have run multiple times, it ran, at least once during the dinner hour.

At least some Ron Paul supporters were questioning the decision last night, given the complaints about the ad. But perhaps the campaign had data that showed the ad was more effective than it seemed. Another speculation: The campaign is run in a fairly frugal way and having paid for the ad, those involved, including Ron Paul, didn’t want to waste the time, effort and money by outright scrapping it.

In addition to this ad, which features New Hampshire residents talking about Ron Paul in a rather stilted way, there is another Ron Paul TV ad which some sources close to the campaign had expected would take the place of the first. These sources said that so far as they knew, the second ad had not run yet in New Hampshire. Unlike the first ad, the second ad is not seemingly New Hampshire specific.

Here’s the first ad…

And the second ad…

I thought they were pretty good introductory ads, but many are not happy with them. And that’s the danger of relying on such a grassroots organization as the Paul campaign has built. Everyone feels like they have a voice and freely offer unqualified advice on what makes a good NH primary television ad.

A couple of examples…

Right. It will create a first impression of phoniness that will be hard to shake. Whoever made this video and approved it for airing does not know sales. I’m outraged that this is what my money is paying to air.

The thing that’s so pathetic is that the campaign management probably thought this was a glossy high quality professional ad, and were probably very proud of it. The campaign management is seriously backwards and out of touch. Paul can’t win with the current campaign leadership’s lack of vision. Please make some personell replacements so faith can be renewed.

OMG PLEASE Tell me you guys didn’t air this ADD!! I’m a Ron Paul fan and i have to honestly say this ad was TERRIBLE AND SCRIPTED! :( There are some AWESOME user created RonPaul adds on youtube. Why not use those?

Pretty harsh criticism over a pair of ads that don’t say anything controverisal or counter to the campaign’s core message. It will be interesting to see how this plays out… can the Paul people stay together behind their candidate long enough to get to the primaries? Or will they factionalize and turn on each other?

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  1. Fred C. Says:

    I don’t remember any political campaign imploding over the choice of ads. Though I agree with the detractors, commercial #2 is by far more compelling.

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    I like how his online supporters can suddenly armchair a national presidential campaign. Most of these people are probably the types that say Steve Kubby’s ridiculously silly South Park ads are good.

    Why don’t the supporters stick to getting others to vote in the GOP primaries and leave the political consulting to the professionals.

    If someone could produce a better ad, why are these online folks not out doing it, instead of complaining?

    Ron Paul’s name alone will be enough, but hey, look, if these folks want to get into political consulting, let them, but for now, stop the bitching if you don’t know what it takes to run a national campaign.

    Seriously, you’ve got critics in every camp, and we wonder why libertarians’ message is hardly adopted at the federal level.

  3. Eric Sundwall Says:

    Joey’s right, he should hire Bob Schrum or Frank Luntz to burn up that cash.
    Overpriced idiocy is a far better way to go.

  4. Jay Harris Says:

    How come there isn’t a post on Daniel Imperato’s new political ad?

  5. Ray Hannigan Says:

    I saw this happen with Howard Dean. He had all of this grassroot support but then when he went mainstream he killed his own campaign. I think that Ron Paul is doing the same.

    In some odd way if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, which he most likely won’t get, you will either see all of these people become disenchanted, or shift to another candidate like…. Daniel Imperato, someone who’s crazy enough for people to like and believe.

  6. Chris Says:

    What I find interesting is that the same people who melodramatically profess that this ad will be the downfall of the campaign are the same people that believe it wise to associate the campaign with people running around in Guy Fawkes masks pretending to be a character from a cult movie that wasn’t very good.

    Online Ronulans are not the demographic this ad targets.

    BTW, why does ANYONE quote FMNN. They have no “source” close to the campaign that I can tell.

  7. Seth Cohn Says:

    The funniest comments were the early ones calling the people in ad #1 ‘actors.’ All of those folks are RP supporters here in NH.
    Of course, then the criticisms shifted to ‘oh my god, hire some actors’ or ‘let them say what they want, not a script.’ Haven’t had a chance yet to talk to any of the folks I know in the video, but I wonder if it wasn’t a script, but just freeform and then cut into a commercial…

  8. Sean Scallon Says:

    The second ad was much better than the first one I think any objective observe would agree. I think part of the problem is that there are videos on You Tube and amateur camapaign people have put together on their own and have funded on their own that are much better than the first campaign ad and you get to thinking “My God, I could have done better than that!”

    A good idea would be to have the national camapaign sponsor a contest to produce a TV ad for RP. It would really tap into the spirit of the do-it-yourself camapaign and produce a quality product. Sure you’d get a lot of crap throwing it open to just anyone but you only need one or two camapaign ads and like I said, there is some good stuff out there being done by amateurs.

    Some Paul supporters were pretty hysterical after the first video was released, almost ready to committ suicide the way some were posting. Hopefully they’ll come to their senses and realize the camapaign is bigger one TV ad in New Hampshire. And besides, there is an indepedent organization, Operation NH at putting out its own RP televison ads on its own you can fund if you trust the national camapaign’s judgement.

  9. Sean Scallon Says:

    I should say don’t trust the national campaign’s judgement.

  10. Fred C. Says:

    “If someone could produce a better ad, why are these online folks not out doing it, instead of complaining?”

    Actually, that is one of the main complaints, there are several supporter-made ads that are being pushed over the official ones.

  11. Carl Says:

    When you are radical, a bit of blandness can be a good thing.

    This argment takes me back to the days of Andre Marrou. He made a tape of how a Libertarian should campaign. His prescription: take well over half of your money and put it into feel-good-about-the-candidate, bland, TV ads.

    Interesting thing about Marrou: he is one of a very few Libertarians to actually win a state house election. And he didn’t do it on a fusion ticket, either.

    Marrou is also the LP candidate who won the primary in Dixville Notch, NH.

  12. G.E. Smith Says:

    I like the ads. The first one has a Mentos flavor to it.

  13. Chris Says:

    Carl is right.

    I liked the second ad better. Most people would. But the first ad serves a much different purpose. It is intentionally cheesy. It is intentionally “amateurish”. It is designed to run on “Wheel of Fortune” and “The Price is Right”, not Dateline NBC, Fox News or the Daily Show.

    Many of the naysayers believe that to sell a product your ad must elicit emotion. Nope. Not if your product has intrinsic value.

    Name recognition is Paul’s biggest problem, and behind that there is the “why vote for him if he can’t win?” question. This ad builds name recognition in a non-controversial way and answers the question: because “he’s catching on”.

    I think the ad is genius.

  14. Gene Trosper Says:

    Some of these Ron Paul supporters need to lighten up and learn to keep their mouth shut when appropriate. If indeed Ron Paul is the “last hope” for America, then don’t screw it up!

    I am donating to his campaign and I have even gone so far as to register Republican to support him in the primary. Anything else I do will be done in conjunction with the official campaign and not in some half-baked, anarchistic way that will only alientate voters.

  15. Roscoe Says:

    Were the ads screened for a group of non-libertarian NH potential GOP voters to see which grabbed them? Detergent companies do that all the time. And spending zillions doesn’t guarantee success - look at all the lame Super Bowl ads.

  16. G.E. Smith Says:

    Yes, Ron Paul should NOT get the people who did the Sales Genie ad to do his next one!

  17. kellie Says:

    I’m as much a Ron Paul supporter as anyone, and I HATED the first add. I’ll continue to send money to the campaign because Paul’s candidacy is too important to abandon over one silly add. But really, the add IS ridiculous and quite embarrassing.

  18. [email protected] Says:

    Quoth Fred C:

    “I don’t remember any political campaign imploding over the choice of ads.”

    Not that it was exactly going well anyway, but Dukakis’s “riding around in a tank” ad certainly didn’t help him any.

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