Last Chances to Help Arin Sime

The Sime for State Senate campaign has sent out the following message asking supporters to make phone calls (you can live anywhere!) and work the polls on election day. This is a solid campaign and well worth the effort of anyone who wants to get involved…

Phone Volunteers Needed!

The Libertarian Party has a neat tool called “Ballot Base” that is allowing libertarian volunteers from anywhere make calls to voters in the 24th District on behalf of Arin’s campaign for State Senate. These are live calls, not the really annoying automated computer calls.

But they need more volunteers to reach all of our targeted voters in the 24th District! If you would be willing to place some calls this week from your home telephone or cell phone on behalf of Arin’s campaign, it would be greatly appreciated. All you need to do is go to and set up an account for free. After they approve you to make calls for the Sime campaign, you will be able to log into a page where the script, information about the person you are calling, and their phone number will appear on the screen. It’s very easy to use!

For questions about Ballot Base, you can contact Elizabeth Brooks at Libertarian Party Headquarters: 202-333-0008 ext. 232 (phone) or [email protected] You can also contact Arin at [email protected]
Election Day Volunteers needed!

On Election Day, we are looking for volunteers to stand at the biggest polling stations around the district and hand out “sample ballots” to voters going into the polls. This is a very easy and effective way to help the campaign. You would be amazed how many people go to the polls who will not know anything about this race. They may be going to vote for their favorite Supervisor candidate in a local race, and perhaps have not thought about who to vote for in the State Senate race. Your friendly smile and handing them a sample ballot may be all it takes to earn another vote for Arin and for small government!

Working at the polls is fun and easy, and we need more volunteers. Can you spare a couple hours during the morning, your lunch break, and or after work? You don’t have to be there all day, because those are the peak times. But your help really would be appreciated. Please contact Arin at [email protected] or 434 996 5226 to sign up!

Don’t forget - We will be hosting a volunteer party at the Staunton farm of Guy and Sue Freesen on Sunday, November 4th, from 4-6PM. Please join us for barbecue and other delights. We will be handing out all the materials our volunteers need on Election Day, and just generally having a good time. This would also be a good event to bring a friend to if they would like to meet me. You are welcome, but not required, to bring a side dish. Thank you very much to the Freesen’s for allowing us to hold this event on their farm!

On Election Night, we will be having a campaign party at Uncle Charlies Smokehouse in Crozet, beginning at 7:30 PM. We will have food and drinks, and there will be plenty of TV’s and internet connections to watch the results come in!

To RSVP to either party, contact me at 434 996 5226 or [email protected] For more details and directions, see this blog post:

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