CP national meeting a success!

Optimism and energy prevailed as Constitution Party leaders and activists from all across the country gathered in America’s heartland to participate in the Constitution Party’s Fall National Committee Meeting this past week. The well-attended meeting, chaired by Jim Clymer of Pennsylvania, was held at the Holiday Inn in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and focused heavily on plans and preparations for the Constitution Party National Convention, which will be held next April 23-27, in Kansas City, Missouri and, of course, for the very crucial 2008 Presidential election year.

The meeting was jam packed with highlights:

Chuck Baldwin, of Florida, gave an electrifying address at Thursday evening’s banquet wherein, among several other things, he pointed out that the surest way to the preserve “traditional values” in America is to elect representatives at all levels of government who are actually faithful the Constitution of the United States…

Dr. Jerome Corsi, of New Jersey received a long and rousing standing ovation following his Friday luncheon speech in which he proudly declared his membership in the Constitution Party, outlined the current status of the drive to merge the United States into a North American Union through the imposition of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and called upon the Constitution Party to lead the political battle in defense of America’s Sovereignty…

Virginia’s Howard Phillips, the Founder of the Constitution Party, presented an educational and extremely moving address at Friday night’s banquet which provided an excellent historical perspective on many of today’s Constitutional issues…

John Clark of Americans for Immigration Control previewed the group’s brand new documentary titled “Rule of Law or Anarchy?”The video explores the dramatic consequences of the breakdown of law and order brought about by massive illegal immigration…

Missouri State Representative Jim Guest, founder of Legislators Against Real ID (LARI), discussed his group’s successful efforts to stop implementation of the Real ID Act at Friday’s banquet and visited individually with many of the party leaders that evening and the next day…

A detailed presentation was made by Convention Committee chairman, Thom Holmes, of Oklahoma, concerning plans for the party’s 2008 National Convention in Kansas City next April. Timetables and rules for delegate selection, credentials certification and platform committee selection and participation were set and distributed to committee members present, and will be distributed to all state leaders not in attendance at the meeting…

Mary Starrett, of Oregon, the Constitution Party Communications Director gave a comprehensive overview of progress in the party’s efforts to expand its media exposure and to reach the voters through alternative media, particularly the Internet. She announced that a new YouTube link has been established for Constitution Party videos. Currently only her already well-known and excellent Constitution Party promotional video is available for viewing on the site, but that will soon change and more videos will be available in the near future…

Thor Call, of Utah, gave a very impressive presentation regarding his state party’s development of a series of radio advertisements which will soon be available for use for the national and state parties. For an example of one of the spots that was presented at the meeting (narrated by Utah national committeeman Jim Noorlander), please click here...

The Joan Johnson Servant Leadership Award was awarded to Missouri State Chairman, Donna Ivanovich, who has spearheaded the unprecedented growth of the revitalized Constitution Party of Missouri over the past year. Donna’s leadership, supported by a remarkable group of Missouri Constitutionalists, is fast turning the Constitution Party of Missouri into one of the premier affiliates in the Constitution Party…

The Ed Frami Star Spangled Banner Award was awarded to the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Constitution Party’s National Veterans Coalition, General Charles E. Jones (USAFR) ret., who has worked so diligently to establish the party’s Veteran’s outreach program, which is credited with bringing ever-increasing numbers of America’s military veterans into the ranks of the Constitution Party. The presentation of General Jones award was made by the current National Veterans Coalition Chairman, Darrell Castle...

The Eileen Shearer Eternal Vigilance Award was awarded to one of the most devoted members to the Constitution Party anywhere in the country, Dr. Curtis Caine of Mississippi, who has long served on the National Executive Committee and who currently serves as the Constitution Party National Committee parliamentarian…

The Constitution Party National Committee passed a formal resolution endorsing the the National Clean Elections Lawsuit (N-CEL). The suit has been filed against ten states: New Hampshire, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, California, New York, Illinois, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas. The Constitution Party warns against electronic voting in its platform, pointing out that since 1988 all but a handful of the 3,142 counties in the US have delegated the “counting” process, done in secret, to several mega companies, Diebold, ES&S, Hart and Sequoia. All 50 secretaries of state have approved these systems. The Clean Elections lawsuit, in the process of expanding to all 50 states, charges that the use of any computer (direct-recording-electronic- or DRE) systems which obscure ballots from the people for any period of time before a count is completed and the results are announced are unconstitutional…

Former Ambassador, Alan Keyes, met with the Constitution Party’s National Executive Committee Thursday morning and shared his perspectives on current events and political developments…

And, finally, attendees at the Constitution Party National Committee Meeting were the beneficiaries of an excellent, intensive two-day” grassroots political school” seminar provided by the Leadership Institute of Arlington, Virgina. This instruction will provide invaluable assistance to many of those who are going back to their respective states with plans to run for office or to help in the campaigns of Constitution Party candidates…

Particularly encouraging to national party leaders was the number of state party leaders who were attending a national committee meeting for the very first time. State party leaders enjoying their first national meeting experience included Ohio State Chairman Robert Owens, who, with his wife Teri, lead a six member delegation from the Buckeye State; Arkansas State Chairman, Tom Mayfield; Mark Richey, the new State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Iowa (who was joined by fellow Iowa party leaders Bryan and Joan Samuel); South Dakota State Chairman, Steve Willis; and Indiana’s State Chairman, Mark Pool...

The Council Bluffs meeting, which was very well represented by states from all regions of the country, was especially well represented by affiliates from the Midwestern States. A very effective and well attended regional caucus of the Midwestern state parties was held Friday morning, chaired by Area Co-Chairmen Randy Stufflebeam, of Illinois and Scott Bartlett of South Dakota…

Congratulations and thanks go out to the state parties in Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey and California, who brought the largest delegations to the meeting…

Unfortunately, not every state was able to be represented at the Council Bluffs meeting, but those who could not attend no doubt share the sentiments of Ted Libby, the new State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Maine who stated, in a message to the National Committee, “I am sorry that neither I, nor any from our Maine state party are able to attend this meeting. I know the wisdom to be gained would help our efforts greatly. You have lined up some tremendous speakers, and the experience I am sure will be awesome for all those who attend. I will look forward to meeting the members of the Committee in person someday soon. I hope that you will keep us, and our State in your thoughts and prayers.”

Well, Ted and anyone else who was unable to make it to this event, look at it this way…there are only about 6 months until the 2008 Constitution Party National Convention in Kansas City! Every Constitution Party leader, member, activist, and supporter in all of the 50 states and the District of Columbia will want to plan on being a delegate to that great event! Every Constitution Party state affiliate will want to plan on having a full delegation participating in Kansas City…

See you all in 6 months!

31 Responses to “CP national meeting a success!”

  1. Evan Says:

    I thought they were going to entertain the idea of changing their name to the Independent Party.

    Then they could put out a press release saying they had 40 million members.

  2. Michael Says:

    In his speech did Howard Phillips give an “educational and extremely moving” reason why he fires people from his political groups if they don’t vote for him for president?

  3. G.E. Smith Says:

    WTF. I would fire my employees if they didn’t vote for me too. That’s my right.

  4. Glenn Brown Says:

    Since the Libertarian Party calls for OPEN BORDERS with no welfare I can really only support the CP. If Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo run for President it will be on the CP due to the LP Stand on immigration.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Especially Tancredo

  6. Bri Says:

    Evan, the Constitution Party is expected to change its name to the Independent American Party in Kansas City in the spring. They haven’t yet worked out the merger with the existing Independent American Party. The CP changes its name very two cycles. It’s due in 2008.

  7. SovereignMN Says:

    I wish I could have been there. Sounds like it was a big success.

    Here’s hoping that the CP stays far away from Keyes.

  8. TL Says:

    Would have loved to have attended (I’m just across the river!) but just got back from vacation and had no more time off. Talked to our party chair and he couldn’t make it, either. sigh I’m hoping to make it to Kansas City though.

  9. Ferenc Says:

    The CP meeting was a big success. SMN.Alan Keyes never going to be a CP candidate.We the people must talk to everybody against this two party dictatorship. We can’t give up. And don’t forget, we don’t have to much time left.
    God bless you all

  10. G.E. Smith Says:

    Glenn - Ron Paul is also for open borders and no welfare. He is a Missean. Mises correctly points out that the welfare state is what leads to the territorialism that causes wars. No welfare state, and you can have perfect capitalism, wherein people and goods are free to move as they please. If you think Ron Paul is a xenophobic protectionist, you’re wrong. And just so you know, the LP’s position has become LESS open-border than it was when Ron Paul ran for the party in ‘88, so your assertion that he would not run on the LP again for that reason is completely and entirely baseless—as intellectually bankrupt as the border socialism you advocate.

  11. Trent Hill Says:


    Paul is not for Open Borders—you are. RP supporters strong border security.

    From Paul’s site:
    “Physically secure our borders and coastlines. We must do whatever it takes to control entry into our country before we undertake complicated immigration reform proposals.”

  12. G.E. Smith Says:

    Um, no I’m not. Never have been. I essentially agree with Ron Paul’s position, save for the socialist wall boondoggle, and always have. But the purpose of border security is for national security, not to keep an “all American work force.” Paul is a student of Mises, and I thought you were too. Go to the source and see what he had to say. Ron Paul has said that in the absence of the welfare state, we would want MORE immigration, not less. Get your facts straight, Trent.

  13. Trent Hill Says:


    My facts come directly from the man himself. He said, and I quote again: “Physically secure our borders and coastlines.”
    Im not sure if that means a wall, or what. But it DOESNT mean “Ron Paul is also for open borders” which is what you pinned him with.

    I know what Mises had to say on the subject—and he didnt encourage an erasing of borders, or a limiting of immigration. However, you must follow the rule of law.
    “But the purpose of border security is for national security, not to keep an “all American work force.””
    We agree on that.

    “Ron Paul has said that in the absence of the welfare state, we would want MORE immigration, not less. Get your facts straight, Trent.”

    Again, we agree. However, more LEGAL immigration is what we want. Ron Paul is completely opposed to illegal immigration, as it violates the rule of law.

    I will repeat: Ron Paul is not for “open borders”, as this means a lack of border security.

  14. Cody Quirk Says:

    Evan, the Constitution Party is expected to change its name to the Independent American Party in Kansas City in the spring.

    =How would a 18 year-old cheerleader know that? I doubt that would happen, but it would be cool if it did.

    They haven’t yet worked out the merger with the existing Independent American Party.

    =Correction: BARELY existing. The Utah CP already has sucked their membership dry.

    The CP changes its name very two cycles. It’s due in 2008.

    =Can’t say I disagree with you, Brianna Sorenson. But hopefully when that “cycle” comes, a BETTER name is choosen and the cycle ends there.

  15. Ronald Monroe Says:

    If we change our name just before the election to Independent American Party at may confuse the voter even more. In Michigan we have been trying to change our name to the Constitution Party of Michigan for the last three years. The Secretary of State office in Michigan wants us to get another 40.000 or so signatures in order to change our name.

    I like the present name of our national party. but will go along with what the majority of our party votes for. However just before the election may not be a good idea!.

  16. Tom Bryant Says:

    The LP is no longer for open borders (if it ever was) if you define open borders as a lack of border security. If you define “open borders” as no limit to immigration, then the LP has historically supported this.

    The current LP platform seems to be in perfect harmony with Ron Paul. Physically secure our borders, establish a simpler method of immigration (criminal background check, test for communicable diseases, etc), and then enforce that policy.

    The current system requires one to have a lot of money for attorney fees in order to come in here smoothly. The process can take years. A poor person in Mexico, who wants better economic opportunities, has no choice but to come in illegally. Illegal immigration is a problem because of the current laws.

  17. G.E. Smith Says:

    Trent - You are right. I often fall into the habit of using the term “open borders” to mean “unlimited immigration for peaceable capitalist laborers.” I have never been for “open borders,” but for the latter.

  18. Trent Hill Says:


    Then we can agree. Open Borders means a lack of security.

  19. Michael Says:

    G.E.: Ah….maybe the First Amendment?

  20. G.E. Smith Says:

    Michael: I’m sorry but I don’t know to what you’re referring.

  21. Michael Says:

    First Amendment as in free speech, as in freedom to vote.

  22. G.E. Smith Says:

    I don’t get it. Where is the first amendment or the “right” to vote anywhere discussed?

  23. Al Goldstein Says:

    LP platform = “border security” (how about between states? counties? neighborhoods?) but ZERO quotas.

    Ron Paul, George Phillies = YES to quotas, at least until we get rid of the welfare state.

    There IS a crucial difference.

  24. Tom Bryant Says:

    Michael is apparently insane.

  25. Gary Odom Says:

    Bri Says:

    October 30th, 2007 at 4:08 pm
    Evan, the Constitution Party is expected to change its name to the Independent American Party in Kansas City in the spring. They haven’t yet worked out the merger with the existing Independent American Party. The CP changes its name very two cycles. It’s due in 2008.

    There isn’t a crumb of truth in this. The last thing anyone in the Party is interested in doing is changing the name of the Party. OK, OK I have friends in Nevada who have felt this way for 40 years, but other than them, nobody is inclined to change the name of the party at this point. Ain’t gonna happen. Go find some other rumor.

  26. G.E. Smith Says:

    Quotas = central planning.

  27. Cody Quirk Says:

    Gary, you have to understand this is a 18 year-old blonde ditz from Minnesota that happens to have the screen-name-


    A Republican National Committee propergandist will say anything to tear down and hurt the GOP’s opposition.

  28. Dan Clements Says:

    I’m a member of the Constitution party and a internet radio talk show host. The last thing the Constitution party is interested in doing is changing their name. We have spent to long in trying to build name recognition.

    The Independent party is more than welcome to join us. The name independent only shows they are independent from everyone and everything, including the Constitution. Go read their party platform http://www.independencepartyofamerica.com/freedom/ It does not mention the Constitution. We need a party the adheres to the founding fathers ideas. We have a great country and Constitution lets bring the USA back to its roots.

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