WAR Receives Standing Ovation

LP presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root released a campaign video from his speech at the Conservative Leadership Conference. The entire series of videos (35 minutes long) can be found here. But here’s the best one:

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    He isnt a very good speaker…you can see him reading too often.

    And he doesnt speak about eliminating taxes—only lowering them.
    However, I do like that he was slamming the GOP. I was worried he’d be a wanna-be-Republican.

  2. G.E. Smith Says:

    You’d think he’d know that capital gains =/ interest and dividends. WTF?

    Damn. Can he maintain eye contact with the crowd for more than five seconds?

    Most of what he says is good. If you don’t watch and see he’s reading the whole thing, he sounds like a good speaker. I want to like him but he makes it hard.

    “All I can say to the private, shareholder-controlled media, free press is… Bring it on!”

  3. Wes Benedict Says:

    I like Root’s “global warming hysteria” comment, because that’s what I think “global warming” is.

    George Phillies’ website says:

    last sentence at: http://phillies2008.org/energy_and_the_environment
    “I have been emphatically negative about people who have bought into right-wing claims that there is no global warming. They are wrong, and global-warming-deniers are no help to the libertarian movement.”

    I guess that means according to Phillies and me, I’ll continue to be a global warming-denier and “no help to the libertarian movement.”

    Steve Kubby says:

    first paragraph http://www.kubby2008.com/energyenvironment

    “The twin spectres of global warming and energy dependence haunt our nation. Both represent major threats to our economy, to our national security and, ultimately to our freedom. These two problems—and their solutions—are intertwined.”

    I disagree. Libertarians legitimizing global warming hysteria haunt our nation and the Libertarian Party and the goal of energy independence is a more appropriate stance for the protectionist Constitution Party (except for Trent Hill and a few other CP folks perhaps). America doesn’t need to be energy independent anymore than it needs to manufacture all of the shoes it wears. While OPEC may temporarily drive up the cost of energy substantially, just like illegal drugs and illegal immigrants find a way into America for a price, energy (which is legal) will find its way into America at a price, and that price will by be lower than the cost of protected domestic production.

    I think Libertarians should stand up against a pointless war on terror and a misguided war on energy importation.

    While Phillies and Kubby may consider my comments to be an attack on them, they should both also recognize that I only mentioned the two of them because I think Kubby, Root, and Phillies are clearly the three leading contenders for the LP nomination for President, which should be taken as a compliment. There’s still time for Kubby and Phillies to “clarify/adjust” their global warming and energy positions.

  4. Robert Milnes Says:

    Count me in with Phillies, Kubby & Root on the global warming issue. I see no reason to try to change it.

  5. Robert Milnes Says:

    Correction: Count me in with Phillies & Kubby.

  6. Trent Hill Says:

    “(except for Trent Hill and a few other CP folks perhaps)”

    Wes, Thanks for excluding me. =)

  7. Preston Says:

    Show me some scientific evidence against global warming, or all you are doing is wishful thinking.

  8. Lisa Says:


  9. Al Goldstein Says:


    Energy independence does not have to come from artificial government restrictions on the importation of energy for a price or by protecting domestic energy production.

    It can also come from lifting government barriers against some forms of domestic energy, such as the hemp plant which some studies suggest could be a very promising, cost-effective energy source. Even forms of domestically produced enegy such as wind, wave and geothermal - etc - which are not banned might be a lot more competitive with foreign oil, if the latter were not artificially subsidized by the military-industrial complex, foreign wars, limited liability, and red tape which hamstrings startup ventures much more than established big businesses which have learned how to game the system. Startups like, say, innovative alternative energy companies?

    Make sure you understand Kubby’s position - or for that matter Phillies - before you cast aspersions.

  10. G.E. Smith Says:

    Wes Benedict: Here, here.

  11. G.E. Smith Says:

    Lisa: Human beings and the burning of fossil fuels, etc., account for about 3% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While carbon in the atmosphere and global temperatures follow the same trend line, heat is the leading indicator—not the laggard. In other words, heat CAUSES the increased carbon dioxide, not the other way around.

    This is all a mass delusion.

    But if you believe in property rights, it doesn’t matter anyway. You don’t have the right to pollute your neighbor’s air. Period. End of discussion. The reality of global warming makes zero difference.

  12. Jay Harris Says:

    Wayne Root is a joke. He has no supporters and his website is ranked as #5million by Alexa.

    On the other hand Daniel Imperato’s website is ranked as part of the top 825 thousand and has many supporters on the internet and around the country.

  13. Jay Matthews Says:

    Which website are you referring to? He has more than one. Besides that how many supporters do the other candidates have at this point. It’s a bit early to be passing judgment don’t you think?

  14. G.E. Smith Says:

    I can pass judgment on the fact that Root is running an illegal campaign. He hasn’t filed with the FEC. We may be against the existence of the FEC, but I don’t know how wise it is to run afoul of it for no other reason than laziness and lack of supporters.

  15. Dan Says:

    Root is interesting to watch, but I would not vote for him.

  16. go go gadget bukkake! Says:


    Of course con-servitudes would have a standing ovation for war. What’s surprising about that?

    War is what they are all about.


    Where, where?


    Good point.

    Jay Imperato,

    Nice try…

  17. Jeff Wartman Says:

    It says a lot about a campaign when Imperato has to go around to various blogs and pretend to support himself.

    Imperato has shown he is running a paper campaign, has no real support, and isn’t even really an ideological Libertarian.

  18. matt Says:

    Imperato has shown he is running a paper campaign, has no real support, and isn’t even really an ideological Libertarian.

    Kind of like WAR, come to think of it…

  19. G.E. Smith Says:

    WAR should have run for Nevada governor first. Right now we’re skeptical not only because he isn’t 100% in line, but he’s new to the party and already trying to be the standard bearer—while NOT being 100% pure (or even close). A solid gubernatorial campaign would have earned him some leeway.

  20. Jay Matthews Says:

    Smith, I’m with you. Running for and winning some other office would give him a track record and assuming he stuck to libertarian principles the public’s comfort level with him would rise. Governor, state senate, LV mayor, congress, something.

  21. Trent Hill Says:


    Agreed. He should have run for Governor.

  22. Jeff Wartman Says:


    I agree with your assessment, but it’s not only WAR that has that problem.

    Daniel Imperato, by his own policy position on his website, is NOT an ideological Libertarian.

    Likewise, Mike Jingozian seems to be more of an anti-two party system candidate than a true Libertarian.

  23. Tom Bryant Says:

    I noticed Jingozian’s name in the “recently” joined page of LP News.

    That means Root, Jingozian, and Imperato have all joined the party this year. I’m not sure if I will support someone who just decided now to join the party. It sure smells like they’re just going after whichever party has the most ballot access.

    Hess, Phillies, and Kubby are established Libertarians.

    I’m not sure about the rest of the field.

  24. G.E. Smith Says:

    Root’s rhetoric is far more libertarian than Jingo’s or Imperato’s. Root is what the mainstream thinks of when they think libertarian. Imperato and Jingo don’t even make that cut.

  25. Jeff Wartman Says:

    The problem with Root is his stance on the war. It’s almost to the point where he cannot win the nomination based solely on his support for the Iraq War.

  26. G.E. Smith Says:

    I agree that no one who supports the Iraq War should be nominated for president under the LP banner. But that doesn’t make Dennis Kucinich, for example, “more libertarian” than Wayne Root.

  27. Jeff Wartman Says:


    I agree…and I wasn’t trying to make that connection :)

  28. [email protected] Says:

    Has Root changed his mind again? He “declared his candidacy for president” months ago, then in an interview with Michelle Shinghal said that no, he wasn’t a candidate and wouldn’t decide whether or not to run until this fall. Has he re-declared?

  29. [email protected] Says:


    I wouldn’t consider your remarks an “attack” on Kubby. You just disagree with him on global warming. Of course, you also disagree with fact, reality and science on global warming, and I’m glad to see Kubby in agreement with all three, but disagreement per se does not constitute an “attack.”

    In any case, Kubby’s solution to a problem that you don’t believe exists happens to be the same solution that you—and he—advocate for every other problem that the two of you do agree exists … more freedom, less government.

    Global warming or not, it’s time to get the government out of the business of propping up the petroleum industry with taxpayer dollars.

    Global warming or not, it’s time to get the government out of the business of simultaneously subsidizing the agriculture sector and hobbling that sector’s potential for producing better energy on the free market.

    Global warming or not, it’s time to make America’s national defense non-reliant a long energy supply chain running across potentially unfriendly seas and to potentially unfriendly sources.

  30. Vote for Al Goldstein Says:

    Root is not for the Iraq war, but he is for war in general.

    Jingozian is quite libertarian and has been an LP member since 1980.

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