Rick Jore Endorsed Ron Paul

Slipped into the middle of this article about Ron Paul in Montana is the fact that he’s been endorsed by Constitution Party state representative Rick Jore.

From the Flathead Beacon...

Curtiss’s sentiments were shared by many who attended the meeting, Republicans who say they are disillusioned with the Iraq war and the rampant spending and expansion of the federal government under GOP leadership for the last seven years. Sen. Jerry O’Neil, R-Columbia Falls and Ronan Rep. Rick Jore of the Constitution party endorse Paul. Paul’s supporters say he is the only true conservative in the bunch. Many say they will write Paul in on the ballot in the general election if he doesn’t receive the GOP nomination. Paul has said he will not run as a third party candidate.

7 Responses to “Rick Jore Endorsed Ron Paul”

  1. matt Says:

    I don’t know how much difference this will make for Ron Paul, but I do believe that two Montana politicians just bought themselves another term in congress.

  2. Nanci Pelosi Says:

    MoveOn.org pressures Congress to stop fighting fire and bring firemen home

  3. Nanci Pelosi Says:

    Support the Firefighters and bring them home!!

    It’s plain to see for the American people that the number of fires has gone up since we started fighting fire. The great progressive thinker, Harry Reid, said “The war on fire is lost!” The American people know this, and congress knows this, but our President seems oblivious to these facts.

  4. Cody Quirk Says:

    Yup, I knew Rick would support this guy, who supported this guy-


  5. Ron Paul Says:

    If you read in the news, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have widened their arson investigation, supposedly confirming that at least some of the fires were deliberately set!

    In whiny voice What power or authorization do these two bureaucracies operate on! This should be private organization heading this up. Not some witch-hunt but unconstitutional bureaucracies that use tax payer money that helps unlawful surveillance of Americans!

    Now we hear that there is reward money of at least $250,000. Who’s money is this. It’s not the American people’s obligation to post reward money for the capture or arsonist.

    Now louder whinier voice And what do we expect!! We have been putting out arsonist fires for years! We need to try and figure out what it is that we have done that makes people into arsonist!!

  6. Ron Paul Says:

    Who the hell is Rick Jore? And how does he know my name? I think I see a black helicopter!

  7. matt Says:

    The phony-named posts above are piss-poor attempts at comedy. Ignorance isn’t a catalyst for being funny, no ,matter what they say on Fox&Friends.

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