Daniel Imperato Crashes Another Event

When someone is considered a fringe candidate in the third party world, that indicates the candidate is probably really, really out there. Reason’s David Weigel managed to capture Daniel Imperato trying to steal some thunder from Ron Paul (similar to his meetings with James Dobson, President Bush and Karl Rove) at the Family Research Council last Friday. Did I mention that Imperato offered to negotiate peace in the Middle East?

From Weigel: “Rep. Ron Paul mingles with press and… others at the FRC’s Washington Briefing. The first questions come from Max Blumenthal, the second from an unknown Manichean, the third from fringe presidential candidate Daniel Imperato.”

Weigel met Imperato at the Libertarian State Chair’s Conference in Orlando, so he knows about what he speaks.

Here’s the video:

28 Responses to “Daniel Imperato Crashes Another Event”

  1. David Weigel Says:

    Thanks for the link! I think all that needs to be said about Imperato’s seriousness is said in the YouTube video where he takes a grilling on his nonexistent film “The Red Worm.”

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Wow… that was kind of uncomfortable to watch. Imperato shouldn’t be allowed to speak at any more Libertarian conventions, it’s just giving him credibility that he doesn’t deserve.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Jezz… the interview about his made-up movie is even worse.

  4. Fred C. Says:

    I couldn’t hear much of the conversation with my crummy speakers, what’s up with RP’s second cousin?

  5. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Daniel Imperato is a joke.

  6. Tom Bryant Says:

    Whats up with the guy obsessed with Satan?

    Do any normal people attend Ron Paul events?

  7. Gene Trosper Says:

    Plenty of “normal” people attend Ron Paul events. You should try and attend one sometime. However, this wasn’t a Ron Paul event. The correct question should be: Do any normal people attend Family Research Council events?

  8. will Says:

    haha I have to say that was the pretty funny, which guy was Imperato?

    and on a totally unrelated note, it would be cool to see someone from third party watch do an investigative piece on the Cynthia McKinney preparations to run for president. I know she’s created some bad press in the past , but if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, and Oboma refuses the VP nomination, Cynthia may be able to pull 5-7% of the vote particularly if she gets a couple anti war democrats to endorse her in the election. she’s a pretty good speaker, and would probably mobilize a lot of students frustrated with the war, might divide some portion of the Black vote and Latino vote. some of the large socialists groups would probably support her, like the ISO, and the DSA. she would have to have a strong VP someone who could also realistically draw crowds. Nader might work, but I think he’s a burnt out candidate and she could find a better VP, Kucinich would be her best choice but that’s pretty darn unlikely. The latino guy who organized the one day immigrant strike would be an interesting choice he’s a green, and well respected in the latino population.

  9. Timothy West Says:

    anyone notice how hard that neo con scumbag Sean Hannity tried to tag Paul with the ‘libertarian’ label the other day?

  10. Jay Matthews Says:

    “anyone notice how hard that neo con scumbag Sean Hannity tried to tag Paul with the ‘libertarian’ label the other day?”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. Many others have asked similar questions.

  11. Ron Scalisi Says:

    Imperato may have looked bad there but you gotta give the guy credit for showing up to all of these places. As everyone knows you can’t win if you don’t show up, and he seems to be showing up everywhere.

  12. Jim Jeffords Says:

    I think that Ron Paul was embarrassed that one of his family members came to see him and Ron Paul didn’t even know who they were and acknowledge them.

  13. Bill A. Says:

    I love Imperato. He is such a delusional freakazoid that he makes the
    whole democratic process much more fun.

  14. Timothy West Says:

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    observation, nothing more. if I wanted to say anything further, I would have. There are not too many people I hate, but Hannity is right up there with Big Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz, the Puppet Bush, and the enablers of such monsters.

    Here’s “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan. It expresses my feelings towards the Neo Cons quite well.

    “Masters Of War”

    Come you masters of war
    You that build all the guns
    You that build the death planes
    You that build all the bombs
    You that hide behind walls
    You that hide behind desks
    I just want you to know
    I can see through your masks.

    You that never done nothin’
    But build to destroy
    You play with my world
    Like it’s your little toy
    You put a gun in my hand
    And you hide from my eyes
    And you turn and run farther
    When the fast bullets fly.

    Like Judas of old
    You lie and deceive
    A world war can be won
    You want me to believe
    But I see through your eyes
    And I see through your brain
    Like I see through the water
    That runs down my drain.

    You fasten all the triggers
    For the others to fire
    Then you set back and watch
    When the death count gets higher
    You hide in your mansion’
    As young people’s blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    And is buried in the mud.

    You’ve thrown the worst fear
    That can ever be hurled
    Fear to bring children
    Into the world
    For threatening my baby
    Unborn and unnamed
    You ain’t worth the blood
    That runs in your veins.

    How much do I know
    To talk out of turn
    You might say that I’m young
    You might say I’m unlearned
    But there’s one thing I know
    Though I’m younger than you
    That even Jesus would never
    Forgive what you do.

    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul.

    And I hope that you die
    And your death’ll come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I’ll stand over your grave
    ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead.

  15. matt Says:

    Bob Dylan does a mean version of Masters of War in concert these days.

    I guess he’s dusted it off again for Iraq-based reasons.

  16. Daniel Says:

    I have yet to come across a real libertarian who likes imperato i think his chances of getting their nomination is about the same of the sun being green.

  17. Jeff Wartman Says:

    That’s because Imperato isn’t really a Libertarian—you can’t be a Libertarian if one of your main campaign themes is save Social Security…like I said, he’s a joke, and very few actually take him seriously.

  18. Jay Matthews Says:

    I can’t help but wonder what Mr. Milnes thinks of Imperato. Robert, please tell us.

  19. Ray Hannigan Says:

    Personally I think that there are a lot of new libertarians who are learning about the party who have more socially moderate ideas. That could swing the tide Imperato’s way.

  20. Susan Hogarth Says:

    Ray, can you explain what you mean by the term “socially moderate”?

  21. Trent Hill Says:


  22. Ray Hannigan Says:

    Well for instance… the classic libertarian would be to just eliminate most government bureaucracy altogether including programs such as social security. Imperato taking a more moderate stance would say let’s streamline it and make it more efficient, and if we can’t do it then we need to eliminate it.

    Imperato promotes a practical approach to libertarianism that people will find appealing

  23. Imperato Fan Says:

    Imperato/Milnes ‘08. Uniting Greens, Libertarians and Moderates for a greater America.

    If that fails I’d support a McKinney/Root Unity ‘08 ticket, or a Dondero/Boortz duo for the LP.

  24. Mike Gillis Says:

    Imperato/Milnes… Maybe united Greens and Libertarians in the common goal of finding better alternatives. Like the Write-In option.

  25. Susan Hogarth Says:

    Ray, how does making a bad thing ‘more efficient’ appeal to people who think it’s bad?

  26. Ray Hannigan Says:

    Many people feel that Washington wastes money, not that they shouldn’t spend money at all. So say for instance the department of education. If people thought that it actually improved the quality of education in America, then people would support it. A classic Libertarian would choose to get rid of it whether it was working or not, because of the principle of smaller government.

    Imperato would support shrinking the size of the Department of Education and making it effective as opposed to getting rid of it immediately as well as other Government Departments.

  27. G.E. Smith Says:

    Ray - You’re a socialist idiot. Where in the Constitution is a Department of Education—created in 1979, by the way—authorized? It isn’t working. The market works, not government programs. What a fucking buffoon.

  28. Susan Hogarth Says:

    GES: thanks for improving the level of discourse. I know I like to be called names and berated publicly, and I am sure Ray enjoys it as well.


    Ray; you are correct about what many people think. However, you said that Imperato “promotes a practical approach to libertarianism”. Well, no, he doesn’t. He promotes a (very lightly) libertarian-flavored approach to socialism. And yes, I’m aware that makes no sense. Welcome to Imperato.

    Also, I’ve seen this guy in person - I find it difficult to beleive that anyone who spends more than five minutes with him would come up with the word ‘appealing’. Lastly, that’s the sort of rhetoric (‘make government leaner, but still get lots of stuff!’) that candidates of the major parties offer, so Imperato really has no edge over them in that.

    A Libertarian candidate has to - above all - promote libertarianism - the idea that freedom is the highest political value and that government force is never the correct answer to any of our problems. And that is true whether or not the government in question is behaving ‘constitutionally’. When and if the US has a government that stays within the constitution, the job will by no means be over - it will be just beginning.

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