Louisiana Guv Results

A smattering of independents were on the ballot in today’s governor’s race in Louisiana. Though actively campaigning, the Libertarian in the race placed a very dismal showing:

A link to those results can be found here: NOLA.com

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  1. Brandon H. Says:

    Libertarian T. Lee Horne looks like he will finish Eighth of Twelve candidates.

    If one wants to consider B. Alexandrenko a third party (former Reform Party member, now trying to start a party called “Hope For America”), she finished Sixth of Twelve.

    Mike Ecuyer of the Constitution Party is currently in fifth of five candidates in House District 74. There is a chance he may pull up to forth.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    That’s a shame, it seemed like Horne was running a decent campaign.

    Georges did quite well!

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    Georges is a New Orleans businessman with lots of money—he polled well in New Orleans and the more areas which arent comfortable voting for a Democrat, but arent cofortable voting for an Indian American either.

  4. Jason Says:

    Horne never had a prayer. I mentioned earlier (on trent’s blog) that he would receive less than 1 per cent. Louisiana is entrenched in the two party system, and is headed Republican.

    I just came back from there and was able to check in on a few campaigns, notably Franky Howard’s campaign (he is from my parish) for a house seat. He is in a run-off with a democrat. I met and actually bar-b-qued, with a lady who was running Sammy Kershaw’s campaign for central and NW Louisiana. It was a good education, and great information from both campaigns.

    People are not very receptive when it comes to hearing of an alternative choice. It seems when there is no election looming, they are interested and think of it as a novel idea but when it comes down to their side winning vs the other, they will go with what they know. I don’t want to say third-party choices are a lost cause…but they practically are.

    Just to add, most seem to be supporting Fred Thompson hands down. However, there is some Ron Paul intrigue as well.

  5. Jason Says:

    When a candidate like Georges comes along—who is a professional, successful, and very rich man—they most always make a respectable showing. They have the money and resources to get people moving and get the word out.

    I think the strategy running as a Independent hurt him. He should have adopted the Dem title, beat Boasso outright, and maybe have caused a run-off. Either way though, this was Jindal’s campaign from the start.

  6. Trent Hill Says:

    “Horne never had a prayer. I mentioned earlier (on trent’s blog) that he would receive less than 1 per cent.”

    Horne made an abysmal showing. Mostly because his main campaign tenants were pro-choice values and fiscal conservatism. Jindal has a good record on Fiscal conservatism,and therefore beat the pants off of him. As for being pro-choice, you might as well be anti-cake when campaigning in LA—its a death sentence for any campaign.
    I don’t think all 3rd parties are screwed—just third parties attempting to run against Jindal. It was for this very reason that I urged the LACP central committee to run NO ONE in this Governor’s race. It would have been a VERY foolish endeavor, a waste of time and money. For example, look at Mike Ecuyer’s run in House District 74. He refused to raise any money (against my advice) or go door-to-door (which I was willing to help with and organize, but he refused) and still scored 3%.

  7. Jason Says:

    3% sounds much better than 491 votes received, but I get your point.

    Mike’s choices for his….campaign was very questionable and hard to sale to folks. In my very humble opinion, he should have never been allowed to run as a CPer. Not with that kind of strategy. He should have tried to kick in the door and shoot out the lights. Let people know what he and the LACP stood for. Regardless of any of that, I acknowledge the will and guts it takes to run any campaign. However much I disagree, he deserves respect along with the criticism. Still, he gave himself no chance and wasted a lot of people’s time and support.

    “He refused to raise any money (against my advice) or go door-to-door (which I was willing to help with and organize, but he refused) and still scored 3%.”

    A decision by the LACP should have been made that ensured he runs a competitive campaign, that promoted the CP platform, and change for Louisiana. If he still wanted to run the way that he decided upon, than he could have without being associated with the LACP. That is my thoughts anyway. The LACP missed a good chance to make a beach-head with some voters.

    Trent I know you agree with me…at least in part. I’ve talked about amateurism and principled losers, and this is a perfect case in point.

  8. Trent Hill Says:

    491 votes in a small district. Those 491=3%. Mr. Ecuyer did not actively campaign or spend ANY money whatsoever, so a 3% paper candidate is decent.
    As iv said, I offered to head up Mr. Ecuyer’s campaign. We had several people offer to toss money at him,and im confident that as our ONLY candidate in 2007, we could have raised 10 grand for this raise which would have been enough to run a competitive campaign. Listen Jason, there is nothing I can do if the candidate doesnt WANT a REAL campaign. However, if one of them WANTS a real campaign,we’ll perform.
    I agree with you that Mr. Ecuyer should have risen money and allowed a campaign organization to take place. I agree that we missed a GREAT chance. However, I think 3% in this race is a very positive thing. No cash, no campaign organization, no ads, no word of mouth—and yet we still scored 3% and expanded our voter base.

  9. Jason Says:

    Trent, none of that was directed towards you. I know how you feel about these things. But collectively the LACP can decide and nominate a candidate. Simply saying, he should have not been allowed to carry the banner. Unless he changed his strategy. That’s just how I see it.

    Yes, 491 folks did line up and put forth a vote for the CP. That in itself is a success. Perhaps the LACP should listen to good advice and practical ideas. And perhaps, the officers should be more involved with decisions that effect the LACP.

    I hope more to flock to he LACP and they sign up all 491. I seriously do.

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