Mass. CD-5 Election is Today

This district leans heavily toward the Democrats, but third party observers will be curious to know how ultra-conservative Constitution Party candidate Kevin Thompson favors.

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    I predict…...1.1%

  2. Phil Says:

    One of the Independents running was up to 4% in a poll.

  3. Henrik Hansen Says:

    Niki Tsongas Democratic 54,363 51.32%
    Jim Ogonowski Republican 47,770 45.10%
    Patrick Murphy Independent 2,170 2.05%
    Kurt Hayes Independent 1,125 1.06%
    Kevin Thompson Constitution 494 0.47%

  4. Anthony Distler Says:

    This is what I posted a couple of months ago, in response to the “Kevin Thompson bashes Tom Brady” story.

    “The only thing great about this story is looking foward to seeing Kevin Thompson getting completely destroyed in the election. I’m looking foward to it.”

    (Sits back with a victory cigar)

  5. Jason Says:

    Is that the official tally?

    My hat goes off to Kevin for even running, for any party for that matter.It takes guts to get in there especially for a third-party.

    But 494? I thought he would have received at least 1,500 votes and at the very least 1,000 votes. I mean that is typical numbers for unknowns and limited campaigns. His folks have to be disappointed in those numbers.

  6. Jason Says:

    Yep those numbers are good. Hayes and Thompson split the remaining two per cent behind the leading three (well only two were actually “in” it the Dem and Rep).

  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    You can’t bash Tom Brady in Massachucetts and expect to do well.

  8. Gary Odom Says:

    Don’t tell Peyton Manning that.

    Kevin’s campaign laid a good foundation for the CP in Massachusetts. The numbers mean little at this point although there is obviously a lot of work to be done. The “numbers” are really impossible to control if you have a very small campaign and it is the first time out. Certainly with two independents running—they would siphon off “general protest vote” and people who voted for Kevin were voting to support him and not just protesting.

    I’m sure Kevin and the new CP group in Massachusetts view this as a learning process…just a beginning.

  9. Jason Says:

    Peyton isn’t running for office.

    Kevin deserves all the praise he can get. My hat goes off to him. It takes a lot guts to do what he did.

    Kevin, you don’t have a chance up there where you are from. However, I’m sure you met many people and turned on a few to the CP.

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