Independence Party Goes National

Finally, it appears that the Independence Party is ready to go national! The NYIP is leading the effort to get the various state Independence Parties to agree to form a national organization and work to creating a viable national third party.

From Ballot-Access News...

The New York Independence Party has been ballot-qualified since 1994. When Ross Perot started the Reform Party in September 1995, the Independence Party of New York became the New York state affiliate of the Reform Party. The New York Independence Party disaffiliated from the national Reform Party in 2000, and has since then just been a party in New York state. It ran John Hagelin for president in New York in 2000, and Ralph Nader for president in New York in 2004.

Now, leaders of the New York Independence Party want to create a nationwide Independence Party. A meeting was held on September 23 in White Plains, New York. Frank MacKay was elected national chair. MacKay has been on a trip around the eastern half of the United States, trying to organize the party. The Minnesota Independence Party, which has also been ballot-qualified since 1994 and which was also once a state affiliate of the national Reform Party, will hold a state convention on December 1. It will decide at that convention whether to join the national Independence Party. Dean Barkley, a founder of the Minnesota Independence Party, has already agreed to advise the national Independence Party.

Leaders of the national Independence Party are aware that there is a great deal of similarity between Unity08 and the Independence Party. Both groups would be helpful to Mayor Michael Bloomberg if he were to decide to run for president outside the major parties in 2008.

New York and Minnesota have been the strongest pockets of Independence Party strength. The NYIP was built largely on the back of several gubernatorial campaigns by businessman Tom Golisano. While the MNIP was founded by Jesse Ventura out of the Minnesota Reform Party.

The Independence Party of Florida has been making some significant efforts to organize a real structure from the ground up.

The Independence Party of America has setup a website.

10 Responses to “Independence Party Goes National”

  1. Jim Jeffords Says:

    Maybe they will nominate Daniel Imperato for President.

  2. Eric Sundwall Says:

    If you talk to anybody associated with the IPNY that’s not in a critical position, it’s a mess. Without a binding political outlook, it will be just as toothless abroad.

  3. Brian Says:

    There was a time when Frank Mackay was hoping to draft Donald Trump to run for President in 2008 but I think he gave up on that one. I know his Draft Trump in 2008 website keeps coming up error whenever I try it.

  4. Sean Scallon Says:

    Look for other orphaned rements of the Reform Party across the country to latch onto this new grouping. Dean Barkley is very talented guy and if he’s heading this operation it’s going to grow, just as he grew the Reform Party in Minnesota.

    The Independence Party in Minnesota is a good a non-major party as you’ll find anywhere. They problem they have is defining themselves politically and demogrpahically. They’re basically a party of centrists and neuveau-riche Democrats in the suburbs and yet they run around trying not to admit it. Ventura was successful because he could appeal to a broader base of voters than just suburban good-government types. They try to run state-wide races yet basically wind up throwing elections to the Republicans How long can they keep doing that?

    The Reform Party failed inits attempt to be a “centrist” non-major party. We’ll see if the Independence Party canmpick up where they left off.

  5. Green in Brooklyn Says:

    Let’s hope that as it goes national they get some decent leadership. The leadership of the NYIP is a disaster, with mixed messages and personality cults galore. Remember, this is the party that has in recent years had a pretty wide range of candidates on their ballot line: Hillary, Giuliani, Bloomberg, Pataki, Nader, etc.

    what exactly do they stand for, anyway, aside from a couple of wacko personalities?

  6. Brian Says:

    The NYIP has 345,000 plus enrolled. I don’t know what Minnesota or the other states have but if they unite it might make the Independence Party the 3rd largest party nationwide. New York almost has enough by itself.

  7. Jim Jeffords Says:

    It is about time that America had a third party movement. And as many times as people fail, it pushes the envelope that much further so that a real third party can break through.

  8. John Valianti Says:

    Hi folks in Austin’s forum land:

    And is that Senator Jim Jeffords posting!? A couple of years ago I sent you some Independent information. You are right we need a Independent movement, but the funny thing is that it is already here. Right now in most Northeast States the registered Independents are close to 50%. In my State of Massachusetts over 50% of reg. voters are Independent. Around the Country it is about 35 to 37% Independent and getting bigger. The Independent movement is here-we are just not doing anything about it. Yes the New York Ind. Party should not be leading this effort-but it does need to happen.

    What we need are strong Independent State organizations/partys in each State. By strong I mean running candidates to win elections. Then every two and four years we come together to plan Nationally.

    I will say this about the New York Ind. folks they try things CUIP and this latest idea by Frank Mackey to try an being Independents together. Now I do not think I need to go into what is wrong with the CUIP folks!? But as far as Frank’s effort goes I have some big concerns. He says he had a gathering of Independent’s from each state to kick this thing off? But I have tried to get ahold of him to see who he invited. As of this point I have yeard zip. Know if there is a Independent in my State and maybe even in the whole country who has been pushing for a Independent organization more than me I am not aware of him or her. We do need to truely being each state’s Independent leaders together and ASAP.

    One more thing Senator I have been trying convince someone to step up an run for President as a Independent. Was talking to the Hagel people but it seems like the Senator is not up to it… Others where Ron Paul and Rocky Anderson. The one person the hardest to get any connect with but who has given off signals that he could run is Mayor Bloomberg. People around him have said after the first of the year maybe. Senator if we are going to have a Independent run we need to convince someone who is viable to get in NOW or forget about it. Senator please call we maybe able to start a “Independence for All” Tour across the Country and also the Ind. movement that is already here!

    Thank You
    John Valianti
    Marshfield, Ma
    cell 617-240-9784

  9. G.E. Smith Says:

    Come on. You can’t be that stupid.

  10. John Valianti Says:

    No G.E.

    We are all that stupid if we keep electing Dems. and Rep. and do not offer viable Independent candidates for public offic in our states and across the Country.

    Thank You
    John Valianti

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