Alan Keyes Fundraising Figures

The Third Quarter fundraising numbers are coming out now and it appears that Alan Keyes raised only about $23,000. The campaign spent a bit more than $10,000 of that. He had fewer than two dozen actual donors.

This is a pretty weak start for a candidate who raised over $15 million for his 2000 Presidential bid.

The campaign website is focusing on getting 5,000 people to take a pledge to support Keyes… so far he’s stuck around 1,500… adding a few dozen new people per day.

6 Responses to “Alan Keyes Fundraising Figures”

  1. timothy west Says:

    people are tired of his moralistic pharasee preaching. I think they are growing sick of Christianity invading every facet of life, from the school to the job.

    It doesnt seem to have done any good except make churches coffers fat. Jesus would throw out the first collection plate he saw, would he return. He hated hypocrisy above all else.

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    Jeeze, I’d rather have Ron Paul as the GOP nominee then Alan Keyes as the CP nominee.

  3. Chris Says:

    I liked Alan Keyes in 2000.

    I don’t remember him “preaching” and “swaying” as much back then, and although abortion was a big issue, I remember a lot more talk about taxes and demolishing big government.

    Then came the Senate race …

  4. savvyconsumer7 Says:

    “Alan . . . reflects the values and bedrock principles of this great nation — the principles of family and home and community and church. Our greatest treasure is our precious moral heritage, the basic values of faith and family that make ours, as Alan says, a great nation.”

    —Ronald Reagan

  5. robert Says:

    mr. keyes has a stronger understanding of the constitution than most. he is more reasonable than ron paul. and he beleives that the constitution does not give the right to do what is wrong.

    one of the tenants is we are all endowed by our creator, with certain unalienable rights. this tells us that we are stealing the right to life that the constitution declares are unalienable and no law shall alienate our rights! our daughters do not have the right to kill. it is not a choice. the choice was made at the act of procreating life. that is the natural consequence of sex. not always but the purpose of sex is clear to propegate a species. dont want kids wear a condom. dont want a condom prepare for the possibility of likely creating life. stand up and have integrity support that which you chose to make, a child. or adopt out.
    but make no mistake you are killing a living being. and denying its right to life put forth in the constitution.

  6. shelgl Says:

    Have those of you that are critical of Keyes listend to Mr. Skousen’s introduction of Alan Keyes?

    Alan is the man! He may rub people the wrong way, but he has everything that conservative people are asking for. He knows what he needs to know! He is principled and it shows in his passionate way of speaking that some mistake as “off the wall”!

    He is the man America needs to bring her back to: Limited Government, Fairness to all citizens, American Sovereignty and Individual Sovereignty.

    Have you read his statements and listened to him on the issues? has it all! This man is not some fly by night! He is a true conservative and the best choice any conservative could wish for in the 2008 Presidential Election!

    I challenge anyone to make a graph of conservative issues and when the chart is filled in with all the candidates responses Alan will get the highest score! He is conservative from the top of his head to the sole of his shoe!

    He would not be manipulated or controlled by anyone! He would follow through with Limited Government and the Fair Tax!

    Don’t look at his traits that appear to be negative! Look at his postive attributes and recognize a patriot that will be a fighter for every American!

    He is a fighter! You can see it in him! That is the kind of man we need to lead our country! Someone who will fight for the way things ought to be!

    Yes, he has run before! Yes, he has lost races before! SO WHAT?!?

    His message has not changed. There are videos and audio clips on from way back. They can be put on his 2008 Campaign Website because his message has not changed!

    Alan is who is his! His theme song should be Toby Keith’s Song, “Love Me If You Can!”

    Alan has a faithful following. We believe in him, his message and that God has put him in the 2008 race like God put Esther in her position, “for such a time as this!”

    Esther did not know if she would live or die, but she did what she had to do!

    Alan doesn’t know if he will win or lose, but he is doing what he knows he must do! Many will laugh him to scorn, but some will recognize him for what he is.

    It is my prayer that there will be enough that recognize him in 2008! If not, America will be the loser!

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