Imperato Seeking Independent Candidates

The Imperato for President blog features a new post in which the campaign appears to be recruiting a slate of independent candidates for next year’s election.

I’m not really sure what party he’s running with any more… or if he’s running as an independent… or what. I do know that you can’t run for Congress at age 18, which is one of the things they suggest in here…

Several Independents have already stepped forward to run for office in 2008. Most of the declared candidates cannot start petitioning yet. Many of those running for will need your help with the local petition drives. Please contact us to offer your assistance. Or better yet, contact us to get help running for office.

??? Why? Who cares?

We Care! Take the example of Virginia’s Independent Party - the Independent Greens (not affiliated with the national Greens) are conducting campaign activity all across Virginia designed to help turn voters into candidates and contest every election. Last year in Virginia, Independent candidates gathered over 150,000 signatures, which required talking to over 500,000 people. That is what lays the groundwork. We must ensure that NO election goes unchallenged!

There will be congressional, state legislative races, municipal and school board elections in 2008. In past years, over 50% of these vital positions have had only one candidate on the ballot. We need you to fill these vacancies by getting on the ballot for public office.

??? I don’t have a platform?

Campaign on our simple theme that More Candidates yields Less Apathy. And run on whatever issue is most important to you. Here is a socially responsible position we suggest:

Reducing the need for the world’s largest and most aggressive military can pay for reviving our economy and helping the two million people facing foreclosure keep their home. A stronger economy can help millions of others realize the American dream of home ownership.

If we fund defense - instead of offense - we could cut the Pentagon budget in half. If we audit Pentagon spending to stop the billions that are leached by no-bid contracts and “improper payments” (formerly called waste, fraud and abuse), then we would have plenty to invest in renewable energy, high-speed rail and other vital national infrastructure needs that will put people to work and shore up our national security.

Government decisions made today will shape the world we leave our children. Considering that around 40% of our hard-earned dollars go toward taxes, we must pay closer attention to how government spends OUR money, and to ensure that it is on realistic, long-term solutions.

Now is your chance to help us restore the optimism and promise of a world for all to live in peace. Join us. Play a direct role in the important issues in life. Our Independent candidates come from diverse cultures and occupations. They ARE extraordinary folks from all over this great land, and we applaud them for making the sacrifice in the name of civic duty.

All politics are local, which is where we suggest you target your resources. Those of us with the fewest resources can still have an enormous impact. As Independents we are not beholden to any group or major donor.

We are building a socially responsible and fiscally conservative network that gives everyone the opportunity to a) play a more active role in the decision-making of the government; b) increase personal commitment to the political process and; c) challenge each incumbent in every district. Success results in achievement and recognition by the community.

??? That’s great, but I’ve never done anything like this before.

Don’t worry, the only requirements are only that you MUST be:

1) 18 years old;

2) A resident of the County in which you wish to run (Congressional District rules are more flexible);

3) Willing to be on the ballot for public office, and serve the public when you get elected.

??? I thought you needed lots of money?

True, you will need money to get elected (we are seeding candidates with your donations to Imperato 2008). But running is winning. Effective campaigning relies on doing the fundamentals: petition gathering, press releases, door knocking and public addresses. This is where the rubber meets the road. Those of us who have done it can attest to how rewarding the experience is. Hearing from the electorate is an educational experience as well as fun. You’ll never meet so many people, get to know their motivations, or formulate solutions any better than being THE candidate. It also demonstrates your level of interest and willingness to participate

The first step usually requires gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot. Then you assemble a team to begin campaigning. You will develop a network of leaders in each precinct to provide the groundwork. Your organizers will come from a variety of professions. Building your campaign team generates excitement, rekindles interest in the political process and encourages others to Join & Run themselves.

You play a vital role, and gain a sense of reward for your efforts. You expand the agenda, sway public opinion and affect the outcome of government decisions. You may even sway the outcome of who controls the power in Congress or your state.

Our call for independent candidates is targeted toward all voters, but we especially appeal to activists to raise your voice to the next level. On the ballot means that incumbents and the media have to pay attention. YOU can make a bigger impact on the decision-making by introducing legislative proposals that influence the agenda.

??? OK, OK. I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

Our network is growing stronger every month. We have web space reserved for you here. We will publish you on our candidates list on this website.
Our Independent mission is to empower, excite and invite the community. Develop your skills as a leader. Help people become active. Connect with other leaders and activists and recognize their achievements.

We have talented and experienced individuals who can get you started with your campaign.

6 Responses to “Imperato Seeking Independent Candidates”

  1. Bill A. Says:

    So is this Imperato guy retarded or does he just look and sound like he is?
    I hope he’s enjoying his imaginary Presidential campaign, though. LOL

  2. Jeff Weinberger Says:

    what’s wrong with wanting independent candidates to run for office?

  3. Joseph O Says:

    Take note, there are 6,000 municipal elections next year. The Imperato post does not single out Congressional runs, asking those over eighteen to run for any position they qualify for:
    “There will be congressional, state legislative races, municipal and school board elections in 2008…”

    So Bill, who exactly are you that you would characterize someone as retarded for taking the risk of running for office. Perhaps, Daniel should have considered a congressional run first, but at least he is running. What about you?

  4. Bill A. Says:

    Have you actually read any of his numerous bullshit websites, or read
    transcripts of his incoherent speeches? This guy is not a serious candidate
    and seems to be delusional, so that is why I think he is a gigantic retard. He even looks like he has Down’s Syndrome.

    I’m not running because I wouldn’t be a good candidate. Neither is Daniel.

  5. brian sears Says:

    Woah there! That’s not being fair to people that have Down’s Syndrome. They don’t deserve to be compared to this clown. (my apologies to any clowns that happen to read this comment.)

  6. Bill A. Says:

    You’re right. My apologies to all developmentally disabled people.

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