Greens Select Races to Target for 2007

The Green Party of the United States has selected nine Green candidates for special campaign aid in the 2007 election.

The Coordinated Campaign Committee of the party chose candidates from all over the US based on winnability, the organizational strength of their campaigns, prior fundraising by the candidates, and other criteria. The assistance given to the chosen candidates include financial contributions, donor and volunteer lists, and web site help and promotion. A list of the candidates is appended below.

There are currently at least 121 Green candidates running for public office in the 2007 election. For a complete list of the candidates, visit the Green Party election page.

“I really appreciate the Green Party support for my campaign,” said Windham, Connecticut candidate Jean de Smet. “Greens will grow small, sustainable businesses, stabilize our tax base, and plan for a positive future everywhere we’re elected. Our towns and our country need our leadership right now.”

Howie Hawkins stressed the importance of his Council campaign in Syracuse, New York: “While the 8-2 Democratic majority on the Common Council and the Democratic Mayor continually approve tax breaks for corporate developers, what has actually developed in Syracuse is a recurring structural fiscal deficit and the highest poverty rates among America’s 100 largest cities, including the highest black poverty rate, the third highest overall poverty rate, and a 45% child poverty rate. My alternatives to these failed trickle-down economic policies include progressive tax reform, fully funded schools, a municipal bank to plan, finance, and develop worker co-ops in green building and sustainable manufacturing, and a radically expanded living wage ordinance that includes a community hiring hall to insure city residents and people of color get their fair share of jobs with the city and city contractors.”

Jennaro Pullano, Green candidate for Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania, is promoting a plan to eliminate blight and crime and to invest in neighborhoods: “The people in this city do not believe that this city is heading in the right direction… We will stop using taxpayers’ money to build banks and movie theaters downtown, and redirect our tax money back to the neighborhoods.”

List of chosen candidates:


Janice Brittain, Candidate for City Council, Hermosa Beach


Jean de Smet, Candidate for First Selectman, Windham

Ronna Stuller, Candidate for Board of Education, New London


Maria Allwine, Candidate for President of the Baltimore City Council


Grace Ross, Candidate for Councilor-at-large, Worcester

New York

Howie Hawkins, Candidate for Councilor At-Large, City of Syracuse

Margaret Human, Candidate for New Paltz Town Council

David Lussier, Candidate for Albany County Legislature, District 7


Jennaro Pullano, Candidate for Mayor, Reading

8 Responses to “Greens Select Races to Target for 2007”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    ONly one state legislator? Seems like a waste.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Actually, I think that is a county legislator. They’re focusing their limited resources on winning and holding mostly local offices because this is an off year election. Only a couple states are having legislative elections… Virginia and New Jersey for sure. I’m not positive what other ones are in the mix.

  3. Trent Hill Says:

    County Legislator? Weak.

    Still, you’d think they’d have at least one or two bigger candidates in LA, NJ, MS, Virginia, or Kentucky.

  4. Phil Says:

    There are 2 Greens running for State Leg in Mississippi, 2 in Virginia, and 12 in New Jersey. I’m guessing the Greens don’t have a very strong operation in Mississippi and I think the Virgina party has disaffiliated with the national one, but maybe they could’ve picked one in New Jersey. They’re probably much more likely to win one of these local races though, so I’d say it’s pretty logical to focus on those.

    Kentucky actually elects their Legislature on even years. For some reason though they do their statewide offices on off years.

  5. Sean Scallon Says:

    Notice these area races for city councils and mayoralties. The Greens are smart political players. They don’t waste their limited resources on partisan races they can’t win and they know they can carry out their policies much easier dominating local offices. Look New Paltz, New York for example.

    The LP and the CP need to pay attention….

  6. Ron Scalisi Says:

    Daniel Imperato has a new blog on his website,

  7. matt Says:

    I don’t see why either the LP or any other party should emulate this strategy. Legislative races are where the action is.

  8. Sean Scallon Says:

    Action to lose? Very rarely does a non-major party have a chance to win a state legislative race and even more remote are Congressional races.

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