TV Commercial: It’s Time for Arin Sime

This is a pretty nice television ad for Arin Sime, a very active Libertarian candidate for State Senate in Virginia.

If you haven’t already donated, or even if you have, click here to help get this ad in front of as many voters as possible…

3 Responses to “TV Commercial: It’s Time for Arin Sime”

  1. G.E. Smith Says:

    Good commercial!

    I cringe when I hear about “protecting family farms,” though. I’ve read Sime’s campaign site and understand what he means by it, but it still sounds like big government.

  2. George Whitfield Says:

    That is an effective issue-focused TV ad. I like it. Arin Sime is running a great active campaign. He has really gotten around the district meeting the voters. I encourage all small government advocates to send him a contribution.

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