McKinney Forgot to Take Off Her Mic

This is kind of a funny video from last year, during the fallout from her punching of a Capitol police office. Congresswoman McKinney gets caught with her microphone on after she dodges some questions and walks out of the room, so she comes back and makes it clear that the audio is not allowed to be used… oops.

This is a clip of Cynthia McKinney walking around Washington and she’s confronted by a security guard, who upon hearing that she’s a Congresswoman, appears very nice and apologizes. Naturally she seems to take great offense that she wasn’t immediately recognized and walks off rambling about what racists everyone are…

7 Responses to “McKinney Forgot to Take Off Her Mic”

  1. Old Republic Federalism Says:

    That woman repeatedly plays the race card. On a daily basis. She’s a disgrace to her district and the people of Georgia and now you can see why they kicked her out on her bottom.

    If she runs as a Green she won’t get 100,000 votes!

  2. G.E. Smith Says:

    What an idiot. If she would have just kept on walking on Clip 1, they wouldn’t have even made a big deal out of it. Coz is a fool if he’s working for her.

    On Clip 2—that’s a pretty clear indication of racial prejudice. The security guard’s racism is highlighted by his perfuse apologizing.

  3. Green in Brooklyn Says:

    If you’re going to host a site called Third Party Watch - it suggests some impartiality in terms of candidates. She hasn’t even declared yet, and already you are running negative postings against her. No interviews, no discussion of her record as a Congresswoman, no discussion of her appeal to the minority community in a party that needs to expand it’s base to win mass appeal…just trash talking.

    Let’s dispense with the title of this blog and call it what it really is - a shill for the Libertarian party.

  4. G.E. Smith Says:

    Cynthia McKinney is a violent racial collectivist. She will fit right in with the Green Party. Or the KKK. Whichever.

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    “Green in Brooklyn”,

    We’ve had about 1000 reports on the Constitution Party-infighting.
    So I dont want to hear about it.

    Just like a socialist to whine.

  6. (required) Says:

    This site does need more Green coverage. No question.

  7. G.E. Smith Says:

    Greens need to do something newsworthy. Hating Jews doesn’t make the news. Maybe they should bomb some synagogues.

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