Communist Party looks towards 2008 elections

From the Communist Party web site, the Communist Party, on Labor Day this year, looked foward to the 2008 elections.

Who wins the presidency and the size of the majority in Congress is of crucial importance. These elections offer a chance to deliver a decisive blow to the ultra-right and to change the course of the country. The obstructionism of the Republicans has become more clear to the country as the fight to end the war in Iraq and enact the elements of the 100 hours program and a progressive agenda continues in Congress. It took a huge effort in the face of this obstruction, but the minimum wage was finally raised for the first time in a decade.

The article continues to talk about Republican scandals. It’s pretty clear to me that the party has pretty much given up on elective politics and is more of a cheering section for the Democratic Party.

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  1. Phil Says:

    I seem to recall a few years ago they made a definite decision to switch from electoral politics to community activism. Probably a smart move on their part.

  2. Fred C. Says:

    I just wish they’d be a bit louder in their cheering for the democrats, maybe someone would notice.

  3. G.E. Smith Says:

    I think the CPUSA should nominate Duncan Hunter for president. Judging from his performance at today’s economic debate, they share many of the same values. Hunter is more than willing to, as government, control and restrict the private-property rights of individuals and corporations. Tom Tancredo could be a good running mate.

  4. G.E. Smith Says:

    By the way: You almost have to wonder if the CPUSA is actually a agent provacateur for the right. Virtually no one on the left is happy with the Democrats, but the CPUSA seems to think they’re just great.

  5. Preston Says:

    G.E. I think you may be on to something.
    After all, Communist is still a dirty word, and even though they may think they are doing good, if CPUSA’s voice was actually heard, wouldn’t it hurt the Democratic Party?

    There are still McCarthyists out there…

  6. Richard Winger Says:

    The word “Communist” has not appeared on any ballot in the U.S. since November 1992, when the party had 3 candidates for US House and several for state legislatures. There are dues-paying members of the Communist Party holding elective office nowadays, but either they were Democratic nominees, or won non-partisan office.

  7. david Says:

    The Communist, Greens, Democrats and the Neo-Con wing of the Republican party all occupy slightly different positions in the same field,
    big government over all and internationalism rather than the nation state.

  8. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Ditch Alaska, PR, Virgin Islands, Guam, Hawaii, various other Pacific Entities. Retrench the Imperial Fascist Global American Empire to the 48 contiguous states. Glue DC back to the state of Maryland. The American Nation, not the Amerikan Global Corporate Empire!

  9. G.E. Smith Says:

    david: More than just the neocon wing of the GOP. Duncan Hunter isn’t a neocon, is he? He’s a pseduo-communist, nonetheless.

  10. Trent Hill Says:


    How exactly is he a communist? A protectionist—definetly. But a communist? That’s quite a stretch—even for you.

  11. G.E. Smith Says:

    A communist is someone who thinks he or the government has the right to control property that does not belong to them. That is Duncan Hunter to a tee. He thinks he has the authority to control NASDAQ, because he “doesn’t trust” the people they want to sell shares to. He’s also a knuckle-dragging militarist with no respect for free markets or the Constitution. Duncan Hunter = Joseph Stalin.

  12. matt Says:

    Duncan is probably closer to Mussolini than Stalin, but the point stands.

  13. Ghoststrider Says:

    david speaks truth.

    Seriously, the Communist Party? They’re more of a joke than even the Libertarian Party. We may be over the Cold War physically, but mentally there is still a lot of anti-communist sentiment in this country. Even diehard liberals don’t want to be associated with them.

  14. Ray Saunders Says:

    Surprises me that the Communist Party didn’t bring up Daniel Imperato.

  15. G.E. Smith Says:

    Ghostrider: A true liberal is the opposite of a communist. What passes as a liberal in the U.S., however, is not much of a stretch.

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