Another Florida mayor joins the Constitution Party

From the C.P.F. Update, the official publication
of the Constitution Party of Florida...

“We welcome Mayor William G. Stacey of Melbourne Beach, our second Florida mayor to join the Constitution Party of Florida this year. He has great enthusiasm for our party. Elected to a second term in a non-partisan election, with 66% of the vote, Mayor Stacey will serve until 2008. He is a 28- year veteran of the U.S. Army.”

“Mayor Tom Eschenberg, Constitution Party of Florida, of Malabar, was announced in our June 2007 issue. We trust that our C.P.F. Mayors will multiply in Florida.”

Welcome Mayor Stacey, Mayor Eschenberg and
congratulations to the Constitution Party of Florida!

2 Responses to “Another Florida mayor joins the Constitution Party”

  1. Cody Quirk Says:

    The CP just can’t stop growing!

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    This is actually the largest Mayorality (im pretty sure thats not a word) that we’ve gotten yet!

    Its larger than any current sitting Libertarian Mayor, except the guy from Costa Mesa.

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