Ron Paul Has $5.3 Million On Hand; Some Supporters Wonder Where The Rest Went

Apparently the word on the street from the Paul campaign is that they ended the last quarter with $5.3 million in the bank. That’s a pretty solid amount of money and likely to be more than a lot of other campaigns have in their piggy banks.

However… the folks over at the Daily Paul blog seemed to expect that the campaign has been running on near zero operating expenses and are wondering where the $2 million that was spent over the last three months went.

Naturally, the campaign has staff and marketing expenses. Plus the cost of their website, the candidate’s travel expenses, putting resources into many straw poll events, and then FUNDRAISING expenses. The fact that they’ve still got $5.3 million on hand is actually pretty damn impressive in my book. But the danger with a super-grassroots campaign like this is that people without much professional campaigning experience will start to say things such as…

2 million dollars in the hands of the fifty largest Meetups would’ve had every Major City in the US canvassed with Paul everywhere and tons of money to spare, it would be obscene.

I guess I just wish I could see the money go further than a couple small media mentions about how much he raised.

Edit: Well, if this doesn’t work out, the next freedom candidate should have his money spent in the grassroots instead of sent to him, we can do so much with so little.


I agree and I am a little shocked too…. Furthermore, can’t they say where is the money going? I received a direct mail money solicitation in the mail, but I want to know is if we we could get a Direct Post Card Campaign going. I hope headquarters is doing it… I have offered my help, to no avail. My calculations say we could send every registared voter in the 5 primary states 5 Post Cards of direct mail for only $150,000. I wish someone “up there” would contact me on this and tell me its being done, or to head that up to do it.

this Revolution internet movement is on a Feedback loop… its would be nice to know how, where and when funds are spent, some sort of imput on it. If that was done the synergy would be exponential.

If anyone knows anything on the PostCard campaign from HQ, email me trey4600at yahoo

A couple of positive comments were also made by people who understand that spending money is part of the game… and that $2 million for a quarter is a pretty tight budget as it is.

The Ron Paul campaign is going to need to staff up in early states and start to lay out money for media buys and other big ticket items. Hopefully the grassroots supporters will come to understand that this is what Presidential elections cost. As eye catching as stringing up crazy banners all over the place might be… it won’t get someone elected to the highest office in the land.

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  1. G.E. Smith Says:

    Uh, hello, read the FEC reports, you morons. It shows where the money is going. Sending out letters to get the $5 million might have cost $2 million alone. That’s how the game works.

  2. Jackcjackson Says:

    Too many idiot supporters think they know everything and know nothing.

  3. Phil Says:


  4. Sean Scallon Says:

    Stringing up crazy banners is what creats buzz. Buzz is what raises money. Moneay pays for advertising. Advertising helps get candidate elected.

    For RP to get elected that last part of the equation has to come to fruition. All that money was not given for nothing. Please spend it on ads in the four key small states where the media’s cheap: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina.

  5. Stephen Gordon Says:


    My understanding is that you hit 3 out of 4 states correctly. Just substitute AZ for NV.

    Having faced similar advertising/political issues myself, it’s a tossup between those two states without a whole lot of additional detailed information.

  6. Gene Trosper Says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Ron Paul’s supporters may well be his biggest downfall. Yes, it’s great they are excited and willing do do the heavy grassroots work, but by and large, they know NOTHING about how successful political campaigns operate. If they truly care about getting Ron elected, they better stop with the tin-foil-hat talk and get with the program. Standing around on street corners with “Ron Paul Revolution” signs does not make for a campaign expert.

  7. Nathan Paulson Says:

    Where did Howard Dean’s money go? Where did Ron Paul’s money go? He’s living a nice life now, flying high, eating well, and living off the campaign contributions of college students like you and me.

  8. Volunteer Voters » Restlessness In The Revolution? Says:

    [...] Some Ron Paul supporters are concerned that as a grassroots candidate, Ron Paul may be spending too much money. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  9. Gary Odom Says:

    Being that this is not 1988, I can’t help but wonder what all these Ron Paul stories are doing on 3rd Party Watch? I like Ron Paul quite a lot, but I don’t know of anything that leads me to believe that he is planning to be involved with a 3rd Party or independent effort.

    Of course. I suppose he gets coverage here to make up for what he doesn’t get on the “fair and balanced” networks.

    Paul’s big mistake, in my view, is in seeming to believe that the GOP base still remembers the principles of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater and the like. But he gets credit for trying. The dumbing down process has been terribly effective. It is both sad and amusing to watch modern day so-called conervative “pundents” trying to figure out Ron Paul and his philosophy. It’s as if it were completely alien to them.

  10. [email protected] Says:

    Quoth Nathan Paulson:

    “Where did Ron Paul’s money go? He’s living a nice life now, flying high, eating well, and living off the campaign contributions of college students like you and me.”

    I’m no Paul cultist, but I have to raise the bullshit flag on that one.

    First, as a US Representative, Ron Paul is legally entitled to a salary of $165k per year with full health benefits and an absolutely orgasmic pension plan. He has declined to participate in the pension plan, but he could if he wanted to. And he thought of politics as nothing but a way of making money for himself, why wouldn’t he?

    Secondly, according to his 2006 financial disclosure, he has a net worth in excess of $1 million (hard to tell the exact amount since the disclosure is in ranges), much of it in saleable stocks and commodities, as well as an independent pension income of ~$18k.

    Thirdly, Paul could make a good deal of money—all of it his, free and clear and without stupid allegations of feathering his own nest from his campaign—by simply dropping out of the race, citing any number of real or imagined barriers to his nomination/election, putting out a tell-all book, and hitting the speaking circuit. Matter of fact, I’d be surprised if he couldn’t net at LEAST $250k per year on one speaking gig a week for the foreseeable future, leaving six days a week free for golf or whatever his favorite pastime is.

    Maybe the money was spent well, maybe it wasn’t … but I sincerely doubt that it was spent on backrubs and bon-bons for Paul.

  11. Tom Bryant Says:

    At least the tin-foil-hat crowd is giving their money to something productive for a change. Now imagine if instead of throwing $12 million down the drain buying Irwin Schiff’s scam, these folks had that money available to support Ron Paul. Count in the tens of millions other con-artists have raised from the same crowd with their various de-tax and phony religion schemes, and Ron Paul probably would be up there with Obama and Hillary in fundraising.

  12. Gene Berkman Says:


    The Libertarian & third party media are covering Ron Paul’s campaign because he is making people aware of the Libertarian message. He is after all a life member of the Libertarian Party.

    He invokes Taft, Goldwater, Reagan & Eisenhower in order to have an excuse for being on the stage with the Republican candidates, but he knows that his views are a minority among Republicans. He has stated “The Republican Party has lost its way.”

    He is not committing to a Libertarian Party run because he is 72 years old, and probably wants to have a campaign that ends after the GOP primaries.

  13. Gary Odom Says:


    Never say that I didn’t give you a great set up for a Libertarian commercial!

    I agree with your last paragraph. His campaign materials this year, however, look to me more like they were taken from the CP platform, than the LP.

    At any rate, I love watching him make the Faux News types squirm!

  14. Sean Scallon Says:

    In many ways Ron Paul’s camapaign is a third-party campaign within a major party. RP’s Twin Cities groups uses Minnesota LP state headquarters to meet at. Jim Clymer was nice enough to give us the Iowa CP lists. Non-major party people are doing what I’ve advocated for the past couple of years in my book and online, work with a major party candidate in a primary situation to advance your goals.

  15. Sean Scallon Says:

    By the way, if you are a third party person living in New York, you have until Oct. 12 to change your registration to Republican to vote for RP in the primary.

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