CBS News: ‘Ron Paul Harder to Ignore’

An interesting little summary of how all the major party candidates did during the most recent fundraising quarter. They take note of Ron Paul’s fundraising success (I suspect it’ll be more than $3 million even) and remark that it will be harder for other candidates and the media to ignore him with these kinds of numbers…

The third-quarter fundraising news keeps coming: The Associated Press passes along word that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will report $10 million in contributions for the quarter, along with a $6 million “personal loan to the campaign.” (That would be a transfer of Romney’s own cash to the fund for his presidential run.)

As for John McCain, he’s reportedly raised more than $5 million for the quarter, which ain’t bad for a guy who the media had largely written off just a month ago. The McCain camp says it’s still opening envelopes.

Newcomer Fred Thompson, meanwhile, is said to have raised around $8 million for the quarter. There’s no word yet on Rudy Giuliani, but it is likely he will be at or near the top of the money list. And the campaign of Ron Paul, a libertarian Republican with a small but passionate fan base, is hinting that he’s going to come in at over $3 million for the quarter - a number that makes him harder for the other candidates, and the press corps, to ignore.

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  1. Travis Says:

    I bet it’s more then 3 million. I heard on his website he raised 1.2 million just online in only 6 and half days!

  2. FZappa Says:

    The new goal from the campaign is $12 million by Dec. 31st:

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