Steve Kubby Airing Unique Online Video Presentation

It looks like the promised video from the Steve Kubby campaign is more than just an advertisement. It’s now going to be a serialized program using flash animation and utilizing a rather unique fundraising concept. One can view Episode One on Kubby’s site here or use the YouTubed version below.

4 Responses to “Steve Kubby Airing Unique Online Video Presentation”

  1. Old Republic Federalism Says:

    Kubby is a cartoon character. He ought to be running for President of the Library Board.

    And why was John Edwards not allowed into that debate? Huh?

  2. matt Says:

    I don’t love this, but it’s unique and maybe it will get something done.

  3. Kyle B Says:

    yeah not a big fan of the video

  4. Gene Trosper Says:

    I like Steve a lot, but watching that video is time I will never regain. Not the best work I have seen and makes me feel the LP is getting desperate.