Draft Nader Folks Hiring Organizers

According to the following story from Fox News, there have been Craigslist ads sprouting up in Iowa and New Hampshire to seek organizers and interns for a Ralph Nader Democratic Caucus Draft Committee.

There may be a new effort to woo the man who has been called both a “political spoiler” and “maverick” into running for president one more time.

A job advertisement on the Des Moines Iowa Craigslist.com — the popular marketplace Web site — is calling for eight experienced organizers and 12 field interns living in Iowa and “committed to progressive change,” for the Ralph Nader Democratic Caucus Draft Committee.

The ad offers $1,000 a week for the full time field organizers for 50 hours a week on the road. Field interns would get $15 an hour for 15 to 30 hours a week.

A similar ad by the draft movement in New Hampshire was “flagged for removal” by midday Wednesday.

Nader, who ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary for president in 1992, also ran for the White House three more times — as an independent in 2004 and on the Green Party ticket in 2000 and 1996.

A left-leaning activist who made his name fighting government corruption and pursuing consumer-friendly federal regulation in the 1960s and 1970s, Nader was shunned in each election by the Democratic establishment, which called him a “spoiler,” for supposedly siphoning off votes from the Democratic nominee — particularly in the extremely close contest between Democrat Al Gore and George W. Bush in 2000.

Nader has not publicly shown an interest in running for president again, though he has been consistently visible, speaking to audiences on a wide range of subjects, including his anti-Iraq war stance, corporate globalization and even Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest in a Minnesota bathroom scandal. He is the subject of the 2007 documentary, “An Unreasonable Man.”

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  1. Gary Odom Says:

    At least Nadar deserves credit for continuing to speak out on what he believes (whether we disagree or not) even it he isn’t interested in running for President.

    In contrast seems to be Ross Perot. Is it just me or has he totally slipped out of public view once he stopped running for President. He is still alive, isn’t he? If not, of course, he has a rather strong excuse for not continuing to speak out. I am honestly curious about whatever happened to him, not that I could ever have supported someone who wanted to scrap the US Constitution. He brought up some imprtant issues in a thought provoking manner, though.

  2. Ben Miller Says:

    Nader would not stand a chance at winning the Democratic nomination, to many Democrats think that its Nader’s fault for Gore not winning the 2000 election.

    But, just as an interesting side note Nader was offered the 1972 Democratic vice presidential slot.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    He’s still alive, but I think he’s about 80 years old now. I remember reading that he kind of dropped out of politics after the Reform Party fight started between the Buchanan and Ventura groups… and since then he’s just focused on his business and nonprofit stuff like technology for school kids.

    I think the fact that his 1996 bid was so poorly received and he was made fun of as “nuts” in the press really wore him down over the years. Unfortunate.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    “But, just as an interesting side note Nader was offered the 1972 Democratic vice presidential slot.”

    He was?

  5. Mike Gillis Says:

    After McGovern’s first VP choice backed out, Nader was called by McGovern and asked if he’d consider getting the spot.

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Interesting… why did he turn it down?

  7. Mike Gillis Says:

    At that time, he had no interest in electoral politics. It wasn’t until Congress basically started slamming the door in his face and he could no longer compete with corporate lobbyists on legislation that he decided to run for office.

    He dipped his toe in in 92 and 96 and finally ran all-out in 2000.

  8. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    More on 1972!

    I was too young [in a nation where majority was 21 years] to vote in 1968. I was an ROTC scholarship cadet in Missouri in 1972. There, I had met the recently late United States Senator Thomas Eagleton for just a couple of short chats!

    Mad at Nixon, for a number of reasons, I was an early McGovern - Eagleton booster. When it was noted that Tom had under gone physician ordered electro shock therapy, Wisconsin Senator George McGovern immediately came to the ‘aid’ of this running mate with the still famous ‘I am behind him 1000% [one thousand per cent]’ !

    Well, of course even near teen agers like us knewn it was ‘all over’ but the shouting! Eagleton withdrew [yeah, right, sure], but I had never ever ever hear the Nader connection untill now.

    I personally do not believe the Nader angle. As a Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader voter I do believe that he [Perot, Ventura, Camejo] are all ‘past their shelf life…....

  9. Ben Miller Says:

    Another factor in the ‘72 turn down by Nader was that he had made a promise to I think his father that he would allways be an independent but apparantly his attitude changed in the 90s.

  10. Old Republic Federalism Says:

    Perot is incredibly old now. You can’t blame him for not trying to speak out more, he’s given enough.

  11. Mike Gillis Says:

    Nader has remained a registered independent, regardless of his choice to run as the nominee of the Green Party in 1996 and 2000.

  12. Deran Says:

    Thing is, that stuff on Craigslist, which has all been taken down I think, was a prank. A prank Fox dutifully reported.

  13. Austin Cassidy Says:

    What kind of a prank would that be? Sort of strange….

  14. Deran Says:

    hastling nader or something. If you search abt this whole thing no where do you actually find anyone but the media talking abt this - none of these so-called draft people have spokent o the media, or can even be found. and the ads that appeared on Craigslist are taken down, and if you google the tiel of this so called draft Nader group, they have no cyber existence. it may not be a prank, but if not it is the psycho machinations of someone who likes to be thought of as important; and unfortunately, third party politics does bring out the nutters. and look at the tiotel of the supposed group. Caucus committee and campaign? it makes no sense. thus; either a prank by republcans, or the yearnings of a nutter.

  15. john adams Says:

    Here were some new postings.

    Is he running as a Dem or as a green. I remember he had a draft committee in 04 run by Jesse Venturas guy. Maybe its the same people.




    this guy bugs me, but not as much as hillary…I bet he wants to get in to attack her. I heard Nader likes Gravel and his people like Edwards, and the Greens are just kissing up again to get Nader’s Fundraising Cache.

  16. nokeyboardbu Says:

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