Ron Paul Fundraising Explodes; Success Could Dramatically Alter the GOP Race

Congressman and former Libertarian nominee Ron Paul’s long-shot bid for President is picking up some legitimate steam. At the end of the last fundraising quarter the Paul campaign had raised a total of $3 million and ended the period with $2.4 million of that on hand. These were impressive numbers that forced the media to take a second look at his candidacy and start to really pay attention.

While it’s not known how much Paul has raised this quarter, his final push for online donations is producing some amazing numbers. The initial goal set by the campaign was to rally up an additional $500,000 in the final week.

To keep up with the action, the campaign has a real time ticker on their website that shows the progress in collecting money online.

With three days remaining to make contributions, the goal has been raised to $1,000,000 and the total collected as of 11:15pm is $611,000!

If they continue to take in money at this staggering pace, the positive media coverage they will receive next week is going to propel Congressman Paul near the front of the pack with candidates like Giuliani, McCain, Thompson, and Romney.

I’ve mentioned several times that I didn’t think Paul had a chance of winning the Republican nomination. That’s still generally a pretty safe statement, but I will also admit now that his campaign is poised to explode with upward momentum in the next days and weeks. Things are about to get VERY interesting in this race.

Oh, wow! In the few minutes that it took me to write this post, their campaign has collected over a thousand dollars.

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  1. Jared Says:

    He has a chance only if true believers of freedom will donate! If people sit back we will miss the opportunity to send a clear message to Washington. It is up to the people to maintain the checks and balances granted to the people from the constitution. The people have rights given to them by the creator and these rights should not be infringed. The sad part is that our government infringes on every single right we have. If you don’t stand up to this tyranny it will only continue until it’s too late. I just donated another $100.00 and I put a sign in my yard.

    I happen to live by a school where people will be voting so if any other supporters live by a voting location be sure to get your Ron Paul signs out early so more people can have the chance to hear Ron Paul’s message! In my case people from a two square mile radius drive by my location to take their kids to school.

    Here’s an example of the infringements that are currently going through congress.

  2. A.B. Dada Says:

    I’m not a voter as I have a moral opinion against voting (most of the time). Yet I support Ron Paul with my money, and we will continue to give until we give the maximum ($4600 per couple). Why would a non-voter throw money at Dr. Paul?

    First of all, his message is reaching people that I could NEVER reach. It takes me at least an hour to explain the Federal Reserve fraud to a group of 3 or 4 people—Paul has done it to tens of thousands and climbing. The cost for me at $4600 is worth 50+ hours of my time saved, so that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, can hear the message of freedom and liberty.

    Secondly, Paul is proving that he’s taking no punches. This is the first campaign year with a massively overrun YouTube. No candidate today can say anything in public without it being available for the public to regurgitate years later over and over. You better believe that lies will be sliced and diced into a yearly music video. Paul is saying what he means, and I respect that greatly.

    Lastly, Paul is finally offering a truly anti-machine message. My Democrat friends, my Republican friends, my Green friends are all starting to realize that Federal government is not a solution for most problems, and may actually be the source of many of them. That’s worth bucks to me.

    Look, freedom-lovers: you’re failing. Seriously. $1 million in a week is great, but it is peas. I’ve heard there are 1 million freedom lovers, minimum, in the U.S. If we each gave $1000, Paul would be riding on a BILLION DOLLAR campaign, bigger than the rest of the candidates combined.

    Here’s a thought: donate $1000 (that’s $3 per day for a year, or a cup of coffee a day gone). Let’s push to a billion, seriously. When Paul wins the election, the IRS will be shut down instantly by Executive Order. The average household will save $4000-$6000 overnight. Consider it an investment.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    Does this mean you’re going to donate to RP?

    Iv thrown in 300+

  4. Robert Milnes Says:

    Instead of supporting Ron Paul/gop, donate to the real libertarian candidates’ campaigns. Will Ron Paul endorse the eventual republican nominee? Do you?

  5. Mick Russom Says:

    I donated. I’ve never cared for any political candidate before. I usually yell at my “representatives.” This guy “gets it.” Ron Paul FTW.

  6. Adam Says:

    Ron Paul already said he will not endorse the republican nominee, judging from the current crop, yet I know of at least two Libertarian candidates who endorse Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul didn’t vote for Bush in 2000 or 2004, but hasn’t revealed who he voted for in interviews.

  7. Robert Milnes Says:

    Adam, thank you for that information. Would you mind replying with the 2 libertarian candidate fools who endorsed Ron Paul? I only know of one. Kubby. Why is everybody giving Paul a pass? He can be a lib & gop member simultaneously? That is a grey area perhaps. But to run for office in one party AGAINST the other? In the debate last night on Blog Talk Radio, Phillies, Jackson & I were asked if we would endorse the eventual (libertarian)party nominee. It is considered good form in the least to do so. We all said yes. Paul says no & gets a pass? Mick Russom, Ron Paul doesn’t “get it”. He’s sponging up in first class & limos what COULD BE good libertarian campaigns & an incipient progressive alliance REAL shot at victory. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government was behind at least pursuading him to run just for that purpose, knowing he can’t win. I say rescind his LP membership so he can’t ruin the whole election for us. The sooner the better to make a statement.

  8. Jay Matthews Says:

    Robert, we’ve been over this before. RP is an old-school republican which is a modern-day libertarian. A candidates views are their views and that’s that. Don’t blame the candidate if they happen to have crossover appeal.

    Be honest, you would support the eventual LP nominee because their views would be largely congruent with yours. The same cannot be said of RP and the eventual GOP nominee.

    And why do you care if RP endorses the eventual GOP nominee? If anything you should be glad he may not because then he may support the LP candidate.

  9. Jay Matthews Says:

    “I say rescind his LP membership so he can’t ruin the whole election for us.”

    Suggest this gestapo/adolescent tactic to the LP and please let us know what their reply is.

  10. Robert Milnes Says:

    Jay Matthews, yes, he’s an old school republican=libertarianxxxactually he is more Constitution party. But you are correct here. So he’s a dinosaur. Since the Jurassic age the LP has emerged & also the CP. One would expect candidates to migrate to the most congruent party. So why is he such an oddball in the gop? Can’t he take a hint? A real libertarian would refuse/disavow his endorsement. My calling for some sort of party action against Ron Paul’s candidacy (censure?) is public so if the LP responds, I assume that would be public also.

  11. Eric Sundwall Says:

    jay - Their reply is: While Dr. Paul is a lifetime member of the LP and also seeking the Republican nomination for the Presidency we see no cause to rescind his membership and would hope that avid supporters of Dr. Paul, a former LP nominee for POTUS, would consider the LP nominee when the voters in the GOP ultimately reject his message of peace and sound fiscal/monetary policy.

    While this is not the official response, it would be my suggestion to my colleagues on the LNC should such consideration ever bubble to the top of our otherwise engaging business of trying to achieve national ballot access and attract quality candidates. I personally wish Dr. Paul the best of luck and welcome his supporters into our camp should his GOP effort fail.

  12. Eric Sundwall Says:

    Mr. Milnes,

    I would suggest to you that dinosaurs were robust creatures that dominated life on earth for over 100 million years. If not for a cataclysmic event ( most scientists think a meteor of sorts) their domination would have precluded the existence of man. While I’m certain that a Jurassic style restoration of a T-Rex would result in a King Kong style hunt and execution, there are clearly some in the audience who will shed a tear when this happens.

  13. Robert Milnes Says:

    Eric Sundwall, I rooted for King Kong myself. Whatever happened to your suggestion that the LP conduct straw polls corresponding to the dems & reps straw polls & primaries? Went out the window with a lot of other stuff to make room for Ron Paul?

  14. Eric Sundwall Says:

    I’m all for that. Will you be at the LPMA convention and participating in the LP presidential debate ? Hope to see you there.

  15. Volunteer Voters » Ron Paul Set For A Large Haul Says:

    [...] Ron Paul is raising money at a rate that could give his low maintenance campaign a shot at competing with the big boys: Congressman and former Libertarian nominee Ron Paul’s long-shot bid for President is picking up some legitimate steam. At the end of the last fundraising quarter the Paul campaign had raised a total of $3 million and ended the period with $2.4 million of that on hand. These were impressive numbers that forced the media to take a second look at his candidacy and start to really pay attention. [...]

  16. Brian Says:

    If Ron Paul doesn’t meet the new goal of $1,000,000 then the media wont mention that he exceeded his original goal and set a new higher one. They will just say he failed to meet his goal of $1,000,000.

  17. JackDaniels Says:

    Robert said: “actually he is more Constitution party. But you are correct here. So he’s a dinosaur. Since the Jurassic age the LP has emerged & also the CP.”

    I don’t know where you got that idea from, but that’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Robert said: “One would expect candidates to migrate to the most congruent party. So why is he such an oddball in the gop?”

    Because his ideas are those of the traditional Republican Party. If the GOP went back to Goldwater Conservativism, there would be no need for a Libertarian Party.

    Robert said: “Can’t he take a hint? A real libertarian would refuse/disavow his endorsement. My calling for some sort of party action against Ron Paul’s candidacy (censure?) is public so if the LP responds, I assume that would be public also.”

    The LP does not support force in aschieving political goals. That’s exactly what you’re doing here. YOU are VERY Un-Libertarian, and I suggest it’s YOU who is in the wrong party. But, as a Libertarian, I would NEVER suggest your membership be revoked, because that’s a stupid thing to do.

  18. George Phillies Says:

    Matthews writes

    ““I say rescind his LP membership so he can’t ruin the whole election for us.”
    Suggest this gestapo/adolescent tactic to the LP and please let us know what their reply is.”

    As some of you may know, the LP of New Hampshire decided to choose a Presidential candidate last Spring, so that they would have enough time to do petitioning for the general election. The Libertarian National Committee was, understandably, upset about this, because in New Hampshire there is no “replacement”: the name on their nominating papers will be the name on the November ballot. As a candidate, my feeling is that this is the sort of dispute that party committees should settle, leaving us candidates to do campaigning.

    Instead, because I was the person who the LPNH settled upon, I was confronted at the LPNY convention by several LNC members, who explicitly demanded that I agree not to accept the LPNH nomination or they would seek to have me expelled from the party. They even gave me a letter to sign, a letter printed up it seems by the LNC staff without authorization by the National Committee.

    My point is that “expel from the party”is hardly a new idea, and it originally came from part of the National Committee.

    With respect to New Hampshire, we have no idea if the LPNH will collect enough signatures, we have no idea who the Denver nominee will be, we have no idea if that person will have enough signatures to be placed on the New Hampshire ballot, or if the LPNH farsightedly has already done so, indeed, we have no idea if the LPUS will choose a nominee or if the Libertarians for Kucinich os some other DR candidate will vote NOTA and leave the Libertarian party choosing no candidate. (A full list of unknowns is much longer than this.) My reaction to New Hampshire is that there is no reason to worry about the issue until next Summer.

    With respect to the Libertarians for Kucinich, etc., I respect the freedom of individual Libertarians to support whoever they want for President, though if you are supporting someone who differs from the Libertarian Party on a whole range of issues perhaps you should help your candidate by changing your party membership to match your views.

    Party leaders are in a different boat. It is wholely inappropriate for members of the National Committee to be supporting Kucinich (or whoever), and the four National Committee members (three who disclosed a conflict of interest, and one who would appear to have prevaricated) who are supporting Democrats or Republicans should have resigned already.

  19. Freeman Says:

    The one million mark will be handily surpassed. This’s a grassroots phenomenon. Ron Paul has breathed life into an inclusive libertarian movement long been in limbo.

  20. Austin Cassidy Says:

    They wouldn’t have set the $1 million goal if they weren’t sure they could beat it.

    I’d say the hit it and then rack up another $50k to $100k on top of it. At least.

  21. Chris Moore Says:

    One would expect candidates to migrate to the most congruent party. So why is he such an oddball in the gop? Can’t he take a hint? A real libertarian would refuse/disavow his endorsement.

    Once again, here is Mr. Milnes’s platform:

    (1) a government cryogenics program
    (2) meddeling in the internal affairs of other countries
    (3) a government-funded positive eugenics program for Native Americans
    (4) the addition of 26 new states with Afganistan and Canda being two of them
    (5) a government-funded positive eugenics program for African Americans
    (6) bribing African Americans (with government funds) to “go back” to Africa.

    Why is he running for the Libertarian Party nomination when the majority of his platform planks run counter to the platform of the party? Why is he complaining about Libertarians supporting a Republican who’s platform is about 90% in agreement with the LPs? Furthermore, why is he complaining about Libertarians supporting a Republican for president when he himself suggests that they should support a Green for VP?

  22. timothy west Says:

    he’s up to 722 thou as of now. I’m no longer in a position to care, but the LP should change the bylaws and simply endorse Paul as long as he is active.

  23. Austin Cassidy Says:

    He just hit $739,000 right now. This is impressive.

  24. Sandra Says:

    I am an Independent who supports Ron Paul. If Dr. Paul does not win I plan on voting Libertarian. It will be a protest vote and I have talked to many people and they plan on doing the same. I suggest you get your act together and be ready. You may have so many people knocking on your door to join that an opportunity like this does not come twice. It would be my hope that your party has a similar message as Ron Paul’s at least that is what I keep hearing.

  25. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It looks like he’s raising online cash as quickly as John Edwards right now. Up to $745,000 with no signs of slowing down at all.

    Paul isn’t really my candidate, but it’s exciting to watch this take place anyway. He’s got a real chance of being this cycle’s Howard Dean. Except Dean peaked many months too early and Ron Paul is just getting rolling.

    If he did decide to “go third party” after this is over… and he could keep raising money at this rate… that would really shake things up.

  26. Robert Milnes Says:

    Chris Moore, I’m complaining because Ron Paul’s 90% agreement with libertarians will not get the gop nomination; not even one primary. Yet people of good intent will follow him to nowhere. & meanwhile waste a lot of time, energy & support. Whereas, the real libertarian candidates will have the support of the party at the convention. They just are lacking support now, which, back to Ron Paul getting 72% of it.

  27. Trent Hill Says:


    Its been a fun ride with the Ron Paul campaign. Wether or not he wins at this point is irrelevant to most of us, his campaign has proven there are still a sizeable amoun of liberty-loving voters who want to decrease the size of government.
    However, I DO think after this quarter some people will stop saying he unelectable.
    Even his endorsements are starting to rack up, with the addition of some former congressmen and a former governor (you’ll have to email me personally to find out who).
    I think Edwards will beat the Paul campaign to a million,but they also had a three day headstart.

  28. Gene Berkman Says:

    The Ron Paul campaign has set a new standard for libertarian candidates. Seriously, none of the people who hope to run on the Libertarian Party ticket for President have a fraction of the name recognition or support that Ron Paul has.

    Rather than fantasizing about Ron Paul supporters deciding next November to vote for Kubby, Phillies or some other barely known candidate, LP activists should be preparing campaigns for Congress and state legislature, where they have a better chance of being taken seriously.

  29. Ferenc Says:

    Hi people
    Why all of this independent,and third party people are not happy? Finally after 1992 we have another candidate who making some noise. Why we can stand behind him? We not all of us angry for those dem. and rep. dictators.
    Mr. Ron Poul isn’t my favor,but I vote for him now, or I vote for nobady.
    Looks like people unable to realized ,today,and in the past the third party candidate do nothing but helping on of the two party,which is as we all know now , it’s no good for Amerikans. Why we can stand up behind him,and if we can push him to the top,republicans don’t have no other choice ,but
    stand behind him against Hillary,and womeniser Billy Boy. Independent, and third party supporters, Please think about it. If WE THE PEOPLE stand behind him,WE THE PEOPLE are the winers.
    We can ask our GOD to help us, but first we must help our self.

  30. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It might be interesting if, assuming Paul doesn’t win, he tries to activate his supporters into running for office either as Libertarians or maybe as Republicans in GOP primary races. Paul could travel the country raising money and campaigning for “Ron Paul Republican” candidates.

  31. Jay Matthews Says:

    Ferenc, why do you insist on continuing to misspell Ron Paul last name?

  32. Jay Matthews Says:

    “I’m complaining because Ron Paul’s 90% agreement with libertarians will not get the gop nomination; not even one primary. Yet people of good intent will follow him to nowhere.”

    Robert, the same can be said for those of us who supported Browne in 2000 and Badnarik in 2004, but we were happy to vote for those men in the absence of a Ron Paul-esque candidate.

  33. Ferenc Says:

    I’m sorry.It.s my mistake.
    God bless

  34. Gene Berkman Says:

    I agree with Austin, who suggest Ron Paul could motivate his supporters to run as Libertarians or antiwar Republicans for Congress. That is where we need to put the effort.

    After his campaign, Ron Paul will be much better known as a Congressman than he has been. We need to send some pro-freedom candidates to Congress to work with him to repeal the welfare-warfare state.

  35. Trent Hill Says:


    Im not sure if Ron Paul is pro-active enough to do that. But someone might do it in his name, and with his blessings.

  36. Wes Benedict Says:

    Mr. Phillies,

    I am one of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) members who contributes to the Ron Paul campaign and whom you have asked to resign. I am also one of the LNC who has consistently argued AGAINST taking any action against you or the New Hampshire LP for nominating you ahead of the National Convention and I gave many reasons for that, most you’d like, and one you wouldn’t.

    I offered to my LNC Southwest region to resign for donating to Ron Paul if they wanted me to and they said “No.” I made a similar offer to the Libertarian Party of Texas Executive Committee and they basically said “HELL NO!”

    Ron Paul is great for the Libertarian Party, great for the Republican Party, great for the Democratic Party, great for the Constitution Party, and great for America.

    I still consider Ron Paul’s campaign a long shot, but the better he does, the better for all. More dollars, more votes, more volunteers, and more publicity equals more focus on the ideas of freedom.

    Go Ron Paul!

  37. Robert Milnes Says:

    Wes Benedict, what is the matter with you?

  38. Trent Hill Says:


    Nothing, he sees a chance to grow the party significantly, by bringing in Ron Paul supporters.

    Or do you want the party to remain irrelevant? Honestly, I hope the LNC dismisses Paul—-more converts for the CP. =)

    That fundraiser is now sitting at 851k.

  39. Robert Milnes Says:

    Trent, take Ron Paul, please! & his Paulies too. Only thing is, he’s not interested. He wants ballot access handed to him. The CP just hasn’t got it. Most of the votes we are talking about are going to end up going to the gop.

  40. Austin Cassidy Says:

    They’re up to $873k now. That’s over $20,000 in the last hour and a half!!

  41. Austin Cassidy Says:

    $892k - another $20k in the last hour!

    They might be able to rack up closer to $1.2 million if they can keep this up.

  42. Jason Says:

    Austin, he will…

    The LP, the CP, and the Indys are not the Ron Paul wagons! They will not carry him to the White House. He is a Republican! Not any of the before mentioned. In the end, that is his home. And in the end, that is why he will not win. Republicans will not vote for him.

    The CP and LP will not feel any positive effects from a successful Ron Paul campaign. If anything, it will draw away members in the hopes that the GOP can be salvaged. Or to join and swell the numbers of a Ron Paul party.

    Inside of the outer fringes, towards the main-stream section, Libs and CPers and even Ron Paulers just isn’t that appealing. What’s more, most have have yet to even hear of the three. It is showing too. Sure he is inching along in the polls but in reality this is a two-man race at the most, with a small chance of a third sneaking in.

    What a hypocrite I am though, because I may just vote for the guy. As of now, he isn’t really my guy. I just can’t agree with some of his stronger opinions (and his Lib philosophy) on some issues.

  43. Trent Hill Says:


    I disagree. He doesnt consider the GOP as “his home”, nor does he even particularly like it. He stated in a recent interview that he wished he didn’t have to be a part of it.
    As for the CP and LP—they’ll get lots of RP converts. These people have been VERY active in the last couple of months, and they arent just going to go home when Dr. Paul loses. In 2004, RP donated to both Michael Badnarik and Michael Peroutka. In 2006, he attended both Libertarian conventions and CP conventions. I suspect in 2008, he will tell his followers to join the CP and LP,depending on their respective ideologies. Iv spoken to VERY few Pauliticians who say they will vote for the eventual Republican nominee. Most pledge to vote third party, or write-in Dr. Paul.

    In addition, his ability to raise funds the way he is—is proving his strength.
    Latest polls in NH have him placed at 5%. Latest polls in Iowa have him at 5%. A longshot? Absolutely. A Darkhorse? Definetly.
    But definetly one worth voting for,and following.
    Jason—check your email.

  44. Jay Matthews Says:

    To follow up what Trent just said to those of you who have issues with RP’s candidacy because:

    1. He’s considered a longshot, and/or

    2. He’s running as a libertarian-leaning republican

    Ask yourselves, if it applies, why did you vote for a third-party candidate in past elections?

  45. Phil Says:

    Paul’s website now says the deadline is a little less than 7 hours, which is midnight tonight. Don’t they have until midnight tomorrow till the end of the quarter?

  46. Jay Matthews Says:

    Phil, take a second look. It doesn’t say that.

  47. Phil Says:

    It does on my screen…

  48. Austin Cassidy Says:

    He has until midnight tomorrow. Maybe the date on your computer is wrong? I’m not sure.

    Either way, he just hit $912,000 with over 30 hours remaining. I think $1,200,000 is within the realm of possibility.

  49. Phil Says:

    Ah, it fixed itself. How odd.

    Another $6000 in the last 15 minutes… wow

  50. Trent Hill Says:


    I predicted 1.2 million about a day ago. And Im going to stick to my guns.

  51. Trent Hill Says:

    $972,675 as of 8:52p.m. (eastern)

  52. Trent Hill Says:

    $977,580 as of 9:11p.m. (eastern)

    $4,659 in 19 minutes

  53. Trent Hill Says:

    $980,690 as of 9:21p.m. (eastern)

    $3110 in 10 minutes

  54. Phil Says:

    Woo woo - $1 million!

  55. George Whitfield Says:

    Wes, You are a practical and principled fellow. I commend you. I also am supporting Ron Paul and was happy to have successfully solicited a business acquaintance to donate the maximum $2,300 to Paul’s campaign this quarter. We can help Ron Paul win the nomination and the Libertarian Party new members, too. Congressman Paul and the Libertarian Party are both heading in the direction of freedom and sometimes are paths cross and sometimes they don’t but the goal is the same. We can help each other if we are smart. I think we are.

  56. Ferenc Says:

    Why many of you talking about Libertarian.CP. Independent,and other small, doing nothing,and going nowhere parties.Finaly a good American ,Mr. Ron Paul is in the race . He is a republican,so what.Anybody can tell me one president from any of the third party in the last more than a century. If we all stand behind him as Amerikans, not little party members who are even more dividing people who don’t like what is happening in our once a great nation.You want to help for Hillary,or Obama,or Gulliani, or some other puppets?Never forget, We The People elect our president,not money. If we all stand behind him,he can make it,
    big businesses like it or not. Third parties must starts from the states level,
    and stand behind one person who represent most of their platform.And that person today is, Mr.Ron Paul. Think about it.Other wise you just help for one of the puppet.God Bless You All

  57. Wes Benedict Says:

    I don’t think the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party can take for granted Ron Paul supporters will become supporters of a third party if Paul fails to win the Republican nomination. I’ve heard from several Paul supporters here in Texas who see his campaign as a way to take back control of the Republican Party by getting Paul supporters to become Republican Party precinct chairs, convention delegates and taking other actions.

    I have no problem with that.

    On the other hand, I do expect many of those same Paul supporters will be Libertarian/Constitution Party friendly with their votes in 2008, and probably a significant portion of them will become Libertarian/Constitution Party supporters in the future based on their exposure to libertarian ideas as a result of Paul’s campaign. As a Libertarian Party booster, I hope to earn some of their support and I’m sure the Constitution Party will be doing the same.

    George, thanks for the kind words and thanks for being a strong contributor to freedom through various channels.

  58. KEITH Says:

    Here is the scenario as I see it. There are no Republicans, Democrats they are one and the same. their goal is to DOMINATE YOU AND I !! The Libertarians are closer to what a TRUE REPUBLICAN IS AND WAS !! The notion that this is antiquated is the reason that we’ve gone from government of the people to goverment over the people. Therein lies the difference. If we can’t reinstituted goverment for and by the people we move totally into a socialist setting. I hope that I don’t have to say that is unacceptable. Either donate to and support government for the people (IE Ron Paul) or accept a more totalitarian/socialist system.

  59. Troy Says:

    As a die-hard Ron Paul supporter I think I have something to say here. People who are getting hung up on the party delineations are missing the point. Ron Paul is campaigning for FREEDOM, not the Republican Party. Ron doesn’t like being in the Republican Party, but hey - he tried running as a Libertarian and found out he couldn’t even get half of one percent of the vote as a Libertarian, so I’d say he’s doing the smart thing.

    The only candidate I plan to vote for who isn’t running as LP or CP is Ron Paul. Observers who say that Ron is an old-school Goldwater Republican are right. Observers will also note that the LP was formed mainly by disenfranchised Goldwater Republicans in the late 60s/early 70s. For an Libertarian like myself, supporting Ron Paul is actually going back to our political roots.

    I’ve donated all I can to the Ron Paul campaign. I’ve worked events, gone door-to-door, in short, anything I can do to promote the Freedom Message and Dr Paul’s campaign. I will vote for RP in the Republican Primary in my home state. If Ron doesn’t get the nomination, I hope the LP and CP both pull together to jointly nominate and support Ron Paul. If they don’t I will either end up voting LP or CP, or possibly writing in Ron Paul….I’m damned sure not voting for any of the Republican neo-cons!

    Ron’s candidacy has breathed new life into the Freedom movement - as a supporter of Harry Browne in his last two runs I can tell you that LP candidates have never gotten this amount of attention and support. It’s rekindled my passion for Liberty to the point where I entertained the notion of running as an LP candidate this year (too busy campaigning for Paul) and am very likely to do so next year.

    All that said, I think the best strategy for the Freedom Movement is to return to our roots: the Republican party is fragmented and weak and ripe for a take-over. I say we (LP and CP folks) should move in and take over the Republican Party, kick the neo-cons out, and America will once again have a two-party system—with one party standing for the Constitution and Freedom and the other for more Socialism. As it stands now both major parties are for socialism/fascism. Millions of Americans wish they had a real third party choice, but the ballot monopoly kills the third parties. The only way the Freedom Movement will succeed in my lifetime is by taking over one of the established parties, and we have this year a historical opportunity to take what used to be “our” Republican Party back from the statists who pushed us out in the sixties and forced the followers of Freedom to try to establish a nationally viable third party…our efforts to do so have FAILED after more than 30 years of trying.

    So, you party loyalists need to wake up and understand that FREEDOM is bigger than the Libertarian Party, or the Constitution Party, or the Republican Party. If we want to win the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans (and that is what we must do if our dreams are to be realized), this is our chance. Don’t let your preconceived notions about ‘party labels’ cloud your judgement: Ron Paul is the best chance the Freedom Movement has had to make a difference on the National stage since Barry Goldwater ran for President, and anyone’s inability to recognize the truth does not change this fact. For a devotee of Freedom, to not support Ron Paul is to support failure!

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