Wayne Allyn Root’s Campaign Video

This is a fairly impressive video that makes an effective case for Wayne Allyn Root’s presidential campaign.

Daniel Imperato has been traveling and campaigning quite a bit, but attracting very little support. With Steve Kubby seemingly inactive since his quasi-endorsement of Ron Paul, Wayne Root and George Phillies appear to be the most credible candidates for the LP nod at this moment.

But it’s still very early.

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  1. Susan Santarini Says:

    I liked Wayne’s video, but I’ve also seen the new Kubby video and there is no comparison. The new Kubby video is FANTASTIC and is going to ROCK the Net. I’ve heard the new video will be coming out any day and it is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

  2. Robert Milnes Says:

    My information is that Imperato, Root & Phillies are the only ones infusing significant amounts of their own money into their campaigns. Evidently nobody wants to pull a Nolan & mortgage their future except maybe me with my credit cards. Kubby’s & Knapp’s website have been inactive. It looks to me like the rest of the campaigns will be sluggish until Ron Paul gets stopped by superduper Tuesday(Thank God). It’s later than you think Austin because that would only leave about 2 months of normal campaigning (God Willing) till the convention. I have no problem with W.A.R. finding his place in the big L. tent.

  3. Josh Says:

    Imperato has tons of videos posted on his site… how come none of them are posted on here?

  4. Mark Rivers Says:

    Other than being someone who’s made his money by fueling the addictiveness of gambling, what does Wayne Root know about being president? What does he know about the world? What makes him qualified to be our commander in chief? He had someone ghost write a book, and has been on tv because he made some money while people lost their life fortunes gambling. Sure sounds like a viable presidential candidate.

  5. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Because Imperato’s videos don’t allow for easy embedding on other sites. Also… Imperato is not a serious candidate for anything.

    If I could embed some of them I would though, just for laughs.

  6. matt Says:

    Neither Phillies nor Root strike me as presidential enough or libertarian enough to run for President on the LP ticket.

    Kubby and Smith are both better, and Kubby far better than these two “front-runners” who will alienate everyone at the convention and rightly so.

  7. Ben Miller Says:

    Phillies, Robert Milnes and Bob Jackson will be a Libertarian presidential candidate debate tonight, September 27, at 6:00 PM, ET, on www.blogtalkradio.com/tip

  8. Austin Cassidy Says:

    What is Kubby currently doing?

  9. matt Says:

    It isn’t what Kubby’s doing, but rather what he isn’t doing.

    All the other candidates are making mistakes and embarrassing themselves and he isn’t.

    That’s worth more than a bunch of press releases at this point, I daresay.

  10. Robert Milnes Says:

    Matt, at what point? The point we are at because of the negative effect on the real libertarians’ campaigns by Ron Paul? Austin, Kubby & Knapp have been doing little as far as I can tell for the past two months. Except for the video Susan Santarini (?) is plugging. Maybe he is sick.

  11. matt Says:

    I’ll thank you to keep unfounded speculations about other people’s health to yourself. The comment above nears a line that need not be crossed.

    That aside, why should the LP’s nomination race mirror the major parties races? Does releasing cool videos this far out really serve any purpose besides entertainment? I don’t need more fodder to chew.

  12. [email protected] Says:


    No, Kubby isn’t sick. He’s been taking the opportunity of a forced campaign hiatus to work on getting his personal financial affairs, etc., in order after a long legal battle, exile and jail.

    The reason for the hiatus is fairly simple: We didn’t have a good fundraising tool, and without a good fundraising tool we were dead in the water. Ron Paul’s campaign is commanding most of the libertarian presidential campaign financial support right now. It’s just that simple. Some of the LP candidates are able to make up for that to a degree out of their own pockets. Steve isn’t.

    Without a good fundraising hook, there’s no money for candidate travel and such. Without money for candidate travel and appearances and activities, there’s no real activity to feature in press releases and other promotional materials.

    Even some of the candidates who are self-funding have basically been reduced to issuing “press releases” that have no action hooks at all—they’re just puff pieces about what the candidate thinks, which means they’re of no value whatsoever. Hint: The press doesn’t give a damn what a “minor party” candidate thinks. Unless he’s actually DOING something, it’s not newsworthy.

    So, apart from a few radio appearances and such, Kubby and his campaign have kept their traps shut while working on getting the fundraising tool—the first campaign video—into action. I had hoped we’d have it in circulation by August, but it took longer than anticipated. I saw the 14th cut earlier today, and there’s a 15th that has been finished since. We anticipate having the thing ready for launch in the next few days—the 15th cut MAY be the last—but I’m way beyond making promises at this point. Doug Scribner and company outdid themselves this time. It’s a fine piece of work … and sometimes fine work takes longer than you think it will. Hopefully subsequent videos will go much more quickly now that the animators have pioneered the format/look, etc.

    Will the video “change everything?” I doubt it—but I think it’s good enough that it should improve the campaign’s financial situation such that we can start putting Steve on more stages around the country to address LP and non-LP audiences (as well as producing the NEXT video—there will probably be TV commercials excerpted/edited from the videos, but it’s actually essentially a “short film” series rather than a commercial per se).

    As for me, it isn’t that I haven’t been doing anything—it’s that I haven’t been doing much for the campaign. In the last two months I’ve been concentrating on my “day jobs,” scripting a pilot course for libertarian activists and setting up the online “university” to offer it, working with a number of fellow libertarians on platform issues (I was not appointed to the party’s platform committee, but that doesn’t mean I’m not involved in the process), etc.

    Once the video is in the field, I expect to have more to communicate—which, of course, is my job with the campaign. If the reaction is as expected, it will not only help the campaign raise funds to get Steve on the road, but allow us to schedule a lot more media interviews.

    Tom Knapp

  13. Wes Benedict Says:

    This is a very strong video and shows Root performs well in front of a camera. I look forward to seeing the Kubby video too. I have not seen Kubby in person but hear he does quite well. Phillies has a strong campaign going as well. I’d have to say the race for the LP presidential nomination is wide open including beyond the three I just mentioned. Although, at this point I’d have to say Kubby, Phillies, and Root are the three front runners.

  14. Robert Milnes Says:

    Matt, I beg your pardon. Mr. Kubby is sick. I’d say being diagnosed with cancer qualifies. Austin asked,” What is Kubby currently doing?” I said evidently what he isn’t doing-campaigning. Which includes blogging. Which includes here. Where I have engaged him & did well if I do say so myself. And here we have pried out a response from Tom, which we still have not heard from Kubby, only Tom. & you said,” All the other candidates are making mistakes and embarassing themselves and he isn’t”. That includes me, I assume. He isn’t campaign/blogging; I speculate-again-that could be to avoid engaging me again in the blogosphere. Tom, (Susan Santarini ?) Thank you for coming out of cyber cloak with your response. I await the Kubby cartoon. I appreciate your verification that Mr. Kubby is not having health problems but rather, as I have complained, being negatively affected by the Ron Paul campaign. Why doesn’t he join me in calling for Ron Paul to be expelled from the LP?

  15. [email protected] Says:


    1) There is a difference between “being diagnosed with a disease” and “being sick.” Kubby was diagnosed with cancer several decades ago—and marijuana keeps that disease in check so that he is not “sick.”

    2) You seem to be implying that I’m Susan Santarini. Um … no. When I comment, I do so under my own name.

    3) Sorry to burst your bubble, but of all the reasons to not be actively campaigning at the moment, fear of engaging you isn’t just last on the list, it doesn’t make the list at all.

    4) Kubby presumably isn’t calling for the expulsion of Ron Paul from the LP for several reasons. One is that he considers Paul a fine libertarian and a fine presidential candidate (and has endorsed him for the GOP nomination and pledged to ask the LP to nominate NOTA if Paul is the GOP nominee). Another is that there’s no mechanism for expelling anyone from the national LP. You are, of course, always free to propose the impossible, the improbable and the downright silly, and you’ve availed yourself of that opportunity many times. Pray don’t hold your breath waiting for serious candidates to second your motions.

  16. Robert Milnes Says:

    Tom, 1) I guess it depends on what your definition of “sick” is or what spin you want to put on it. My spin is the facts. I am sick with depression. Kubby is sick with cancer. Otherwise you are saying we are not sick i.e. healthy. I don’t think so. 2) You comment under your own name. Good. So do I. I was implying that, whoever Susan Santarini is, is evidently privy to the inner Kubby campaign, which you are & Which was being discussed as missing. & plugging the new video, as you are. 3) Well then, would you be so kind as to pass on my message for him to feel free to bring it on? 4) Paulies have called for various mechanisms to allow his LP candidacy so how about some mechanism against his candidacy? How about censure?

  17. JackDaniels Says:


    By the way people respond to you on here and reading your comments, you really don’t seem like a very smart guy, and DEFINATELY not a guy who should be representing the LP.

    You are using fascist tactics and spreading rumors about Steve for your own political ends. Shame on you, you uneducated fool.

  18. [email protected] Says:


    You write:
    Tom, 1) I guess it depends on what your definition of “sick” is or what spin you want to put on it. My spin is the facts. I am sick with depression. Kubby is sick with cancer.——-

    “Sick” implies “symptomatic.” If you say that you’re experiencing the symptoms of your depression, I agree that you are “sick” with it. As long as Steve gets his medication he remains asymptomatic, i.e. not “sick.”

    “2) You comment under your own name. Good. So do I. I was implying that, whoever Susan Santarini is, is evidently privy to the inner Kubby campaign, which you are & Which was being discussed as missing. & plugging the new video, as you are.”

    I don’t know Susan. I figure that she’s either a friend of Steve’s, or a friend of one of the commercial producers, or that she saw one of the rough cuts of the video when it appeared on a libertarian discussion list last week.

    “3) Well then, would you be so kind as to pass on my message for him to feel free to bring it on?”

    You’re misunderstanding the geography here. It is Kubby who is positioned between you and the LP’s 2008 presidential nomination, not vice versa. If you want to get in the game, he’ll be happy to play against you. He’s not going to detour from his run toward the end zone in order to get you into the game, though. That’s something you have to do for yourself.

    “4) Paulies have called for various mechanisms to allow his LP candidacy so how about some mechanism against his candidacy? How about censure?”

    Censure for what?

    Yes, Ron Paul has sucked most of the air out of the LP room for the moment. Get a life. Deal with it. That’s the way it is. You—and Steve Kubby, and Wayne Root, and George Phillies, and Christine Smith, et al—are going to have to make your own cases and win your own votes. It’s not the LP’s job to make it easier for you as a candidate by censuring those whom you blame for your poor performance, even if that would work, which it won’t.

  19. matt Says:

    If the LP even attempts to censure it’s most successful member they will ensure their own irrelevance.

  20. Robert Milnes Says:

    Matt, “its most successful member” which I do not agree with, is running in & through the gop-an adversarial party. If they censure, which I propose & support, it will be making a strong statement & probably block any attempt by him/Paulies to hijack the real LP nomination process.

  21. Robert Milnes Says:

    Jack Daniels, who? Interesting that you have no link indicating who you are. Not even a link back to Ron Paul if that is your reason to comment against me. FYI the Kubby/cancer>Milnes/depression is a longstanding public & private argument/discussion between Tom & I. No, I’m smart enough, all right. “Uneducated” you may have me there. I am not interested in representing losertarians. Why don’t you toss back a few & try again?

  22. G.E. Smith Says:

    You know, that video was really good. Of course, it’s easy to pick out the killer line (in a negative sense):

    “Let’s tax it, let’s regulate it, let’s use it to fund homeland security and education.”

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