San Antonio Toll Party

The San Antonio Toll Party held a meeting last night. I spoke with regional director Terri Hall and she told me that a couple of dozen people attended the meeting.

As you can tell with all recent legislative efforts, we’re not going to KILL the tolls until we THROW THE BUMS OUT! Come help us organize the grassroots to run candidates against incumbents who REFUSE to put a stop to this! Get the inside scoop on 3 upcoming lawsuits, our fundraising efforts, and meet the filmmaker of Truth Be Tolled . . .

Toll Party General Meeting
Wednesday, September 19th @ 6 PM
Jim’s Restaurant at 16101 San Pedro Ave.
(in their private room)
at 281 & Brookhollow
6:00 -8:00 PM

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  1. Wes Benedict Says:

    Brad Winthrop and Terri Hall,

    Glad to hear the Toll Party meeting went well. I realize you all are not Libertarian Party members, however, feel free to join our candidate recruitment meeting in San Antonio this Saturday. A candidate running as a Libertarian is not likely to win in Texas in 2008, but a strategically placed Libertarian candidate with the right message is capable of helping to knock out incumbents.

    San Antonio
    Saturday, September 22, 2:30 pm
    China Bay
    1007 NW Loop 410
    San Antonio, TX 78213

    —Wes Benedict
    Executive Director
    Libertarian Party of Texas

  2. Wes Benedict Says:

    Well I submitted a comment, but it was blocked. I’ll try again with this real short message and a link to the Libertarian Party Candidate recruitment meeting happening in San Antonio this Saturday. A strategically placed Libertarian Party candidate can help knock out incumbents. I’ll not elaborate in case the filter deletes all of this again.

  3. Wes Benedict Says:

    Terri Hall raises the ante:

    Apparently she doesn’t think our tax dollars should be used to lobby us for more revenue for the state.

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