Phillies’ Latest Pitch

I received a letter from the George Phillies campaign. You know, “A Serious Man for Serious Times.”

One letter asks for money. The second letter - almost to-the-T-the-same—doesn’t.

Why is Phillies still in the race? Seriously. Why?

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  1. matt Says:

    I’m not a phillies guy. I like most of the other big names in the LP better.

    That being said, I don’t think your comment is fair to Phillies.

    He’s running because he’s an experienced organizer who knows loads of people and has helped tons of candidates. For goodness sakes, he’s written a book!

    Phillies is a successful person who pretty much has Carte blanche to run for whatever he wants, and I say this as someone who disagrees with him and would never support him for the nomination.

  2. Brian Says:

    Let’s face it. Having “W” as president has set the bar low enough so that almost anyone who runs for president would be better than what we have now.

  3. Trent Hill Says:

    Its not fair to Phillies, especially considering your only critique was that the 1st and 2nd letter were similar, but one asked for money and another one didnt.

    Not much of a critique bud. Also, Phillies is probably the most qualified candidate in the LP race. If I were in your party, my vote would goto Kubby (cuz he was decent before,and then endorsed Paul).
    But Phillies deserves respect, he’s a more serious candidate than any other in that race.

  4. Ferenc Says:

    You must belongs to the group who hate him, no mater what. He is not my favor person either. But , blaming him for everything, when almost every politicians loyalty to our country is questionagle. is a pure stupidity. Especially what the socialist liberal democrats, and those trash in Hollywood is doing.And don’t forget 92% of the news media is democrat. Many people forget how Johnson scrue up social security and Vietnam,
    Carter was worst than Bush, reed my lips W’s father,and don’t forget all of the problem with the radical muslims was start under womeniser Billy Boy. Why we have a bad republican party today???? Becouse the democrats are worst. And that is bad for the future of this once a great nation,when we have two bad party.
    God Bless You All.

  5. George Phillies Says:


    One of the things that happens when you are running a serious campaign is that you have the use of multiple lists with multiple restrictions on how they may be used. For example, some lists let you do fundraising. Other lists allow you to ask for volunteers, but not money. These limits are contractual obligations that must be separately honored.

    There are processes for removing duplicates, but they seem to be less than completely reliable, or you would only have seen one letter.

    However, tell us: How many other letters have you received from other Libertarian Party candidates, people like Kubby, Smith, or Jackson?


  6. Robert Milnes Says:

    Joey, I beg your pardon. Is the race over? Who did you say won? Your guy, Ron Paul? Yes, of course. Where have I been? Why didn’t you tell me?

  7. Trent Hill Says:


    We tried to tell you. But your disconnect from reality made things….difficult.

  8. Brian Says:

    Ferenc, I didn’t blame Bush for everythying. I basically said that he’s such a bad president that almost anyone would be better so I don’t see why you’re saying what I said is stupid.Of course both parties are bad. That’s why we need at least one more party. Ergo…..3rd Party Watch.

  9. Darcy G Richardson Says:

    Like Steve Kubby, George Phillies is certainly a credible candidate and is far more serious and thoughtful than any of the folks running in Joey’s beloved GOP, a party bereft of original ideas that persistently panders to the lowest common denominator, the ill-informed imbeciles who gave us the nefarious and deceitful George W. Bush—- not once, but twice.

    Unlike Dubya (who probably hasn’t even read that many books), I think George has authored or co-authored at least seven books, including “Funding Liberty,” a fascinating book that I would highly recommend.

  10. Jake Rivers Says:

    Everyone has the right to run. Although I don’t think that Phillies will win the LP Nomination. People are talking about candidates like Jackson and Smith, but what are they doing to run for president? NOTHING. The fact is the only candidates who have been serious about running are Daniel Imperato and George Phillies. They’ve shown up to the most events, and sent out the most campaign material (I’ve received brochures, letters, and emails from Imperato, and did get a letter from Phillies). Really what are the others doing?

  11. Jake Porter Says:

    Why is Phillies still in the race? Seriously. Why?

    We are running radio ads, have volunteer coordinators in about half the states, are distributing campaign materials, using direct mailings, have ran over 4 million Google Ads, and many banner ads like the one that currently runs on this site and Joey Dauben wants to know why we are still in the race! We are bringing many people into the Libertarian Party. A better question is why Joey Dauben is still allowed to write for Third Party Watch. Perhaps I will ask the other core staff members if we should remove our ad from this website if we are only going to be attacked by writers that can’t even comprehend direct mailings.

    Why is Dauben still allowed to write for Third Party Watch? Seriously. Why?

    Jake Porter
    Associate Chief of Staff and National Mobilization Facilitator
    Phillies for President

  12. Robert Milnes Says:

    Jake Porter, don’t get rid of Joey. We like to criticize him. We need some fun. Jake Rivers, I think you are seeing the result of Ron Paul getting 72% of the libertarian support. Which is limited to begin with. George & Imperato have evidently put chunks of their own money into their campaign. Nolan learned a lesson from that last time. Kubby’s website evidently shows no recent activity & states no upcoming events. So, who wants to invest money, time, energy & frustration into a guaranteed losing proposition? My excuse according to my detractors is that I’m crazy. What excuses do the other 10 have? The common denominator seems to be Ron Paul who will not get the gop nomination. He’s well financed till then though.

  13. Bill Wood Says:

    George Phillies has been the hardest working Candidate seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination. The odds are much greater that George will be on the ballot in ‘08 than Ron Paul. I applaud the man and his staff for all the work he is doing.

  14. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Joey Daubin has not presented a clear argument against George at all.

    I’m a little confused on how he can make that leap—he askes at the end of the post why George is still in the race, yet has made no cohesive arguement as to why he shouldn’t

    It’s a complete waste of a post.

  15. Jeff Wartman Says:

    Another point that should not be taken lightly is that, upon reading the logical fallacy posted by Joey Daubin, George responds in a clear, respectful way why duplicate letters are sent out.

    It clearly shows that George is a man of integrity, honor and intelligence, something lacking among certain writers.

  16. [email protected] Says:

    While Joey’s question was certainly a leading one, I note that it still hasn’t been convicingly answered. So I’ll ask it again, because I’m genuinely interested in the answer:

    George, why are you in the race?

    Tom Knapp

  17. Jeff Wartman Says:

    [email protected]
    While I will let George choose to answer the question, I will come out and say that George’s campaign has every right to be in this race as does every other third party candidacy. You’re right, it’s a leading question. The reason it hasn’t been answered is that it’s a stupid question.

  18. George Phillies Says:

    The Libertarian Party would greatly benefit from an effective by Libertarian standards Presidential campaign. I’m delivering that. My Libertarian opponents are not.

    Libertarian issues?: Ending the War on Iraq. Restoring Civil Liberties. Terminating the tax on grandchildren—the national debt. Protecting a woman’s right to choose. In short, getting Uncle Sam out of your wallet and your bedroom. Consigning the Bush Republican party to the dustbin of history is not a Libertarian issue, per se, but it is a good idea.

  19. Joey Dauben Says:

    Haha, guys, relax, please.

    I was just giving him a hard time knowing that 70%+ of Libertarians are backing Ron Paul.

    Plus it gave me a chance to use “Phillies’ Latest Pitch” in a headline. It’s hardball, what can I say.

  20. Robert Milnes Says:

    George, the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team are right across the Delaware river from me. About 5 miles away. I must admit that when your name comes up, I personally think about them a little. However Joey’s pitch was so off the wall I thought: wtf?

  21. Robert Milnes Says:

    Joey, asking a question like that….you have a lot of balls.

  22. Robert Milnes Says:

    Joey, George is going to get the last laugh when Ron Paul gets shut out.

  23. matt Says:

    Semantically, saying someone has a lot of balls is quite different from saying that said person simply doesn’t have any class.

  24. Trent Hill Says:

    Shut out? Ya right, he’s polling 4% nationally—he CANT get shut out. Limited maybe, but not shut out.

  25. Ferenc Says:

    Run Phillies run
    Libertarian issues.Ending the war in Iraq,and protecting a woman’s right to choose. It’s looks like a socialist liberal democrats talking. I hope he is runing,that is help for the republicans.We just hope a good American,not a good republican going to be a winner.

    Looks like in every twenty years we getting a good President. 1960 J.F.K.
    1980 R.R. So we have to wait.
    God Bless You All

  26. Robert Milnes Says:

    Trent, you are talking about him getting skunked-0 votes. No, we know some misguided libertarians will betray their party like he did & vote for him. If there is a primary or straw vote & he doesn’t win, he will be 0 for 1. (Iowa) Next one (N.H.) 0 for 2 and so on. SHUT OUT. Mathematically eliminated after superduper Tuesday. Like when some other team wins the division. Hopefully after that day the REAL libertarian race can resume.

  27. Trent Hill Says:


    Most states are NOT winner takes all. In many states (including Iowa and NH I believe) have partitioned delegates according to percentages. Alan Keyes got 33 delegates in 2000,without winning any states.

  28. Robert Milnes Says:

    Trent, ok, politics is not exactly baseball. Did getting 33 delegates do Keyes any good at the convention?

  29. [email protected] Says:


    I never asserted that George didn’t have a “right” to be in the race. Of course he does! The question, as asked by Joey, was leading—but it’s still a valid question for any candidate.


    Thanks for answering the question. I take your answer to be your belief that “the Libertarian Party would greatly benefit from an effective by Libertarian standards Presidential campaign,” coupled with your belief that you are running such a campaign. An eminently reasonable answer, which I agree with half of.

    Best regards,
    Tom Knapp

  30. Trent Hill Says:

    “ok, politics is not exactly baseball. Did getting 33 delegates do Keyes any good at the convention?”

    Changing your tune Milnes? I thought he was going to get shut out?

    Yes, getting 33 delegates in the field of 2008 can give you some serious leverage. In 2000,when Keyes ran—only McCain, Bush, and Keyes lasted until the convention. However, in 2008, many people are predicting an undecided primary. And as little as 33 delegates can provide Ron Paul with a lot of leverage to negotiate with.
    Besides, we all know Paul will win more than 33 delegates.

  31. Brian Ross Says:

    The hardest working candidate in the Libertarian Party is Daniel Imperato.

  32. Trent Hill Says:

    ....was that Daniel Imperato that just said that?

    Because surely only he believes that.

  33. George Phillies Says:

    Many of those of you who were Libertarian candidates in either of the last two elections are about to get yet another different mailing. This one was massively expensive in staff time. The LNC took its list of 2006 candidates down from its web pages; my campaign had to do recovery and generate addresses, etc. for many of them.

    On the other hand, in the rather near future Phillies 2008 expects to have purchased a substantial listing of media contacts, and expects to use it to send out our campaign press releases to large numbers of real reporters in most of the 50 states and DC.

    And while you have all been talking, I have been raising money for ballot access in MA; I am up to perhaps $5000 in matching funds, all needing matching donations to come in.

  34. LPiberty Says:

    Who has your vote after Paul drops out?

  35. matt Says:

    Kubby or a candidate to be named later.

    The departure of Ron Paul, if it happens, might pull some more big names into the race.

  36. Trent Hill Says:


    True. Paul is, at this moment, sucking up all the anti-war, small government, libertarians, constitutionalist voting blocks.
    If Paul departs there will be a 4% vacuum nationally—as these people are not likely to vote for either of the Big Box parties.

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