Three State Reform Parties Sue National Reform Party

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On September 14, the state Reform Parties of Texas, Michigan and Florida filed a lawsuit against the national Reform Party, arguing that their expulsion from the national Reform Party in Yuma in November 2005 violated due process. The attorney for the three state parties is Matt Sawyer, who was the Reform Party’s chief ballot access attorney during the 1990’s. The case is Texas Reform Party v Reform Party of the USA, Dallas County District Court 07-9217.

6 Responses to “Three State Reform Parties Sue National Reform Party”

  1. matt Says:

    The Reform Party should invest in a prepaid legal service. You can bet it would have paid for itself by now.

    On a more serious note, are they suing over a share of federal campaign cash or what? I’d think that would’ve run out long ago.

  2. Ferenc Says:

    It’s a shame what happened with Mr. R.Perot party.I think democrats, and republicans blow up that party. That is the only things they works together.Be sure a third party never survived. Sad,very sad.
    God Bless You All

  3. Don Lake Says:

    Matt, it is much much worse than that [suing over campaign cash]——it is suing over whom assumes campaign DEBT!

    Post Script: I am suing both the present [John Party Wrecker Blair] and past {Valley Party Wrecker Sharp Geyser] California Reform Party state chairs!

  4. matt Says:

    Way to go! Get your share of that debt while it’s still hot.

  5. John Roberts Says:

    Matt Sawyer is the Ballot Access Attorney for Daniel Imperato isn’t he?

  6. Charles Foster Says:

    To Mr. Roberts:

    Matt Sawyer was hired for a brief time by Daniel Imperato for ballot access advice, but his work for Mr. Imperato was wrapped up awhile back.

    As for the suit itself, the explanation in the news blurb above isn’t laser-precise in defining the exact purpose for bringing the suit. But it will do for now. Due to the fact that the litigation is ongoing, I can’t say much to set the record straight except to say that the action is necessary.

    To Ferenc: Thanks for the kind words, but we’re not quite dead yet.

    Charles Foster
    Immediate Past National Committee Chair

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