Paul says he won’t leave the GOP

Caution! This may disappoint a lot of people here…

Ron Paul says he is no Ross Perot.

The Republican presidential candidate, who is trailing in the polls but has a loyal following, told the Salt Lake County GOP Central Committee Saturday that if he does not get the Republican nod, he will not jump to a third party.

“I have no intention of doing that,” Paul said. He did, however, run for president as a Libertarian in 1998.

That assurance came after one man asked Paul to step aside and instead focus on building the constitutional wing of the Republican Party. Perot was the spoiler of the 1992 presidential election, drawing votes away from then-President George Bush, thus clearing the way for Bill Clinton to win several states with less than a majority of votes.

“I have a great concern that a repeat of a Ross Perot would elect another Clinton,” one man said during a question and answer session with the veteran Texas congressman. “I would like to ask you if things don’t work out, and you’re not a nominee that you would have no desire to lead a third-party movement and instead you would lead a movement within the Republican Party to revitalize it and bring back the principles which we really stand for.”

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138 Responses to “Paul says he won’t leave the GOP”

  1. Flo Says:

    This is hilarious blog. Why would Paul make a statement that would assure him a loss of the nomination WE ALL NEED to put a constitutionalist in
    office. That would be foolish

  2. Flo Says:

    And why would any third party at this point in time try to sabotage his nomination? It is clear the books are stacked against third partys.

  3. Cody Quirk Says:

    He actually said this.
    Read the article.

  4. Freeman Says:

    oops… typo in the newspaper article. It should read “for president as a Libertarian in 1988.” Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to run for another party. He’s been through it before. When he got asked that same question after one of the early debates a few moons ago (and he answered it in the exact same way) he mentioned how you get bogged down in ballot access. Maybe he’s just saying it… burn that brigde when you cross it, as the saying goes, but either way he’s playin to win. Whatever happens there’ll be the legacy to hold alight, and all because he’s got a ton more guts than any other Republican. He’s got the daresay.

  5. Jay Matthews Says:

    I’m still not convinced. Should he not get the GOP nomination his supporters will be clammoring for him to get on the ballot regardless of party affiliation. If you’re a supporter it shouldn’t matter, his message will be the same. That leaves three possibilities: LP, CP, Unity ‘08.

    If the ballot access hurdle is not present and if not being able to run for re-election of his house seat (which he’d likely be a shoe-in for) doesn’t mean too much to him I think he’d at least consider the possibility of running as a third-party candidate. Also, by that point he would have raised a substantial amount of money and be very well financed for someone considering a third-party candidacy.

    Granted those are two keys “ifs.” But keep in mind the LP had ballot access in 48 states in ‘04. Unity ‘08 is committed to getting their candidates on the ballot in all 50 states. (Whether or not they do is another issue but for the moment give them the benefit of the doubt.)

    Time will tell.

  6. Trent Hill Says:

    Not to mention, Ron Paul would virtually be gauranteed 1.5% nationally.

    He is polling 3% nationally for the Republican party and rising.

    However, I think he’ll simply go for his house-seat. He has a newly found stature amongst American Politicians. He could easily go into Congress and decide to make a “Constitutionalist” or “Conservative” caucus and pull in Jim Duncan, Walter Jones, Jeff Flake, Dana Rohrabacher, whoever.

  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    This issue will be brought up again and again because of Paul’s LP candidacy of 1988 and because so-called political pundits and bloggers with their own agendas want to lure Paul supporters into the non-major party trap.

    Paul has answered forthrightly that he will not run as a third party candidate. You cannot expect to win the loyalty of Republicans unless you explicity state if you don’t win you’re not going pick up your marbles and start your own circle. He’ll go back and run for his seat in Congress. If the LP or the CP want to draft Paul for their respective presidential nominations they are free to do so (if they wish to suspend their bylaws) but Paul will not actively seek such nominations.

    Paul has gotten more attention for himself and his views running as a Republican than as non-major party candidate. That’s a fact. He’s built a whole grassroots movement because of it. Its a movement can, even if Paul doesnt’ win the GOP nomination, take over the GOP by 2012 given the decrepit state many state GOP organizations are in and given the advanced ages of many GOP activists compared to RP supporters.

  8. Richard Winger Says:

    Paul said “I have no intention of doing that.” That is not the same thing as saying “I won’t do it.” Paul is merely saying that he is not now planning to do it.

  9. Robert Milnes Says:

    Richard Winger, right, as you have probably seen, no intention means might. e.g. Senator Craig. Let’s hope, for the sake of the LP, that he goes back to Texas ASAP.

  10. Jay Matthews Says:

    “Paul has answered forthrightly that he will not run as a third party candidate. You cannot expect to win the loyalty of Republicans unless you explicity state if you don’t win you’re not going pick up your marbles and start your own circle. ”

    Sean, I agree completely. I also agree he won’t seek out a third party nomination, I think one of the aforementioned parties will seek him out.

    I do not see how this movement can take over the GOP. It’s not like there’s a bunch of Ron Paul clones in congress.

  11. Sean Scallon Says:

    If you were at the Straw Poll in Ames as I was and you saw all the old GOP activists supporting the other candidates compared to how young most RP supporters were, then would you agree with me that the GOP is hollow shell just waiting to be picked up.

  12. SovereignMN Says:

    “I do not see how this movement can take over the GOP.”

    That’s what people said about the hippies and the Democratic Party in the mid 1960’s. They made themselves heard in 1968 and finally got control of the party in 1972.

  13. Jay Matthews Says:

    Sean & SovMN: It might be waiting to be picked up, but by 2012? We can only hope. How beautiful would it be to have candidates across the nation saying, (and meaning), “If you know Ron Paul’s platform you know my platform.”

  14. Devious David Says:

    Yeah, I can’t wait for those old crusty bastards to shut up and die.

    But, anyway… Dr. Paul said that he believes that there is a lot of value to the movement in keeping his seat.

    I think if we can get him at least one first place primary finish and some second or close third place finishes, the convention will be worth attending. He’ll get floor time and be able to try to reason with unreasonable idiots that he is the only one that could possibly win and he’s the only one worthy. Not that logic and reason ever worked on a Republican, because that’s a lost cause. But at least it’ll tear the party apart, which is the best result overall.

  15. Ferenc Says:

    Hi people
    He is right. You all have to realise that, if he runing as a third party candidate than Hillary and womeniser Billy Boy beck in the white house.
    But, after this election if he really wants to show he is a great American,
    he can talk to others in congress (blue dog democrats) and some fed up republicans to start a major third party. Most of the people in this country is fed up with this two party. Someone have to start from the top.
    God Bless you all

  16. Sean Scallon Says:

    “he can talk to others in congress (blue dog democrats) and some fed up republicans to start a major third party.

    That would be a good start to third major party. The Republicans had many prominent Whigs join their ranks when they began in 1854 and it made them a credible group.

  17. gary odom Says:

    We’ve all been through this with Wallace in the 70’s dancing with the Democrats, but also looking over his shoulder at the AIP. You all must have short memories if you don’t remember how the game is played. And it is a game where the participants may have “present intentions” but those intentions can change due to circumstances.

    And remember…all, and I mean all major party politicians consider the impact of their actions on their career. As long as they are still considering their careers, they will not jump to a 3rd Party. That is why we in other parties must develop our own political leaders and/or (for short term gain) look to well known member of society outside of politics to be national candidates. Incumbent politicians just aren’t going to risk their careers for anybody’s cause.

    The only exception in my lifetime were southern Democrat politicians like Thurmond (he was a Democrat then) or Wallace who had enough home support that they could temporarily leave the reservation without suffering devasting political consequences. Now that, too, is, of course a thing of the past.

    And, finally, between the DEMS and the GOPS, what possible difference will it make who wins in ‘08? Or are some of you still waiting for our new Democratic Congress to stop the slaughter in Iraq?

  18. Ferenc Says:

    I don’t think we have any other time in the past when this many Americans are fed up with this two party. Dependent on OIL from coutries
    who hate us, high taxation on the working people, our education is a shame, tens of millions illegal immigrants,and their relatives,divorse,tens of millions of children with out a real family,trade deficit, problems with social security,medicare,health care,proud gay and lesbian life styleetc.etc.
    We just getting to far away from a normal society.
    God bless you all

  19. Cody Quirk Says:

    Hear Hear Gary!

  20. Cody Quirk Says:

    That’s what people said about the hippies and the Democratic Party in the mid 1960’s. They made themselves heard in 1968 and finally got control of the party in 1972.

    =Constitutionalists gaining control of the GOP?! Gimme a break!

    Welcome to REAL life, where pigs cannot fly!

    The GOP is only going to be eventually taken over by the Giuliani crowd.

  21. timothy west Says:

    Lockheed Martin would never allow honest constitutional government. The country is past saving, and we will be pulling our flag down just like the Soviet Union did, to be followed by massive kaos.

    eventually, China is going to want it’s bailout of the US economy back and call. We wont be able to pay, anyone. We’ll be dead broke, all of us, except for people like the Bushes, and Big Dick Cheney.

    What was done in russia will happen here on a even larger scale. We will have 2 freedoms: to spend money and to support whoever ends up being the new boss. Either leftist socialist or righty fascist. There wont be anything else.

  22. Paul draws cheers in Utah, says he won’t leave the GOP « Vote Your Conscience Says:

    [...] Paul draws cheers in Utah, says he won’t leave the GOP September 18, 2007 at 11:14 am | In 2008 Contest, Ron Paul | Very sad news, Dr. Paul, very sad news.  I found the article posted on the Third Party Watch blog - Paul draws cheers in Utah, says he won’t leave the GOP [...]

  23. Carl Says:

    As long as we have the Electoral College in its current form, serious third party politics is out at the presidential level. Third party partisans should focus further down the ticket.

    Many U.S. House races are very unbalanced. Into such frays a well-funded third party candidate has a theoretical chance.

    At the state house level, many districts are completely uncontested. A third party can be taken seriously at this level since otherwise there is no story.

    In a sense, Ron Paul is the big third party candidate this year since his platform is well outside the platforms of either of the major parties. However, he is bowing to the realities of our electoral system and using the primary system to run a third party insurgency. Remember, most of Ron’s support is from people who are not typical RP primary voters; this is why he is so low in the scientific polls. Crossover votes and temporary RP registrations are his tools for possible victory.

  24. Devious David Says:

    I have to say that as good as I am at determining a lot of these outcomes, I am surprised by the youth appeal of the Paul campaign. I have all kinds of people - many of them young who already know about Dr. Paul approaching me. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I think a well executed GOTV effort(s) could reap great rewards. I’ll even bet that Dr. Paul’s polling is probably half of the reality. 8% is the likely real number. It all comes down to GOTV to non-traditional GOP voters.

    I think getting the youth/crossover vote is key to success both in the primary and general. That and hopefully dumb GOPers are pissed off and stay home, and the ones that do vote diffuse their votes across the spectrum of clone candidates.

    Wait until the next major debate. The Dr. is really going to be getting blasted with obviously biased questions. Only the biggest kool-aid guzzling Republican sleazebag moron didn’t feel betrayed and insulted by the last “debate”s obvious bias and fabrication.

  25. Trent Hill Says:

    The newest Gallup has Paul at 4%, tied with Huckabee. And within the margin of error of Romney.

    And its Nationwide.

  26. Trent Hill Says:

    Dondero? No comment?

  27. Jay Matthews Says:

    He must be busy preparing his forces for the “balls-to-the-wall” campaign he’s going to launch.

  28. Trent Hill Says:

    Pft, Dondero gave up. He said the other opponent was perfectly suited to take on Ron Paul.

    So basically,he got scared. Paul was going to WHIPE THE FLOOR with him.

    Oh,and check out Ron Paul’s new endorsement.

  29. Jay Matthews Says:

    Only proof that a balls-to-the-wall campaign first requires balls.

    No matter, he can now focus his efforts on helping his CFR member-master get elected so he can further destroy the country and the lives of countless Americans with the TTC.

  30. Trent Hill Says:

    I have to commend Dondero on one thing though, the RLC. It was a good idea, even if I dont like it because it keeps some Republicans in the party,when they should be in the LP/CP. Oh well.

  31. Sean Scallon Says:

    The RLC would be a good idea if it was effective. But it is not.

  32. Daniel Says:

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