NVC Recruiting Drive

The National Veterans Coalition is recruiting…


If you believe most politicians in both major parties have squandered your liberties, you are not alone. Read the following alert - that is the first step, in taking action to avert the crises facing our nation. Time is of the essence. The very future of our republic hinges on the 2008 presidential election.

  • Veterans, are you outraged that our borders are wide open? That our government has turned a blind eye to the reality that terrorists as well as violent criminals are entering our country? Are you disturbed that the president, along with many members of congress have been pushing to allow twenty million illegal aliens to stay in the United States, working to grant them amnesty, along with education, medical and social services - even Social Security benefits - all against our will?
  • Are you incensed that the strongest military in the world, with the most advanced technology and the best trained military leaders has become bogged down in an undeclared war in Iraq for longer than it took to win World War II, and that neither major party has a solution for this quagmire? Worst of all, our valiant military forces are paying the price for this political incompetence with over 3,700 deaths and 28,000 wounded.
  • Are you disgusted that President Clinton cut the Ronald Reagan Total Force in half and then the Bush Administration, with the approval of Congress, allowed that inadequate “half” Force to go to war without even considering the critical need to guard our own borders first?
  • Have you witnessed with alarm, as I have, that our fighting forces are becoming heartbreakingly fatigued and increasingly ill-equipped in a war funded by debt your children and grandchildren will have to pay?
  • Are you worried about the scheme to build a 12-lane super-highway from Mexico to the Canadian border, locate a Mexican Customs office in Kansas City and give Mexican trucks the green light to threaten lives, safety and jobs on our already crowded highways? Would you be alarmed and outraged to know that this is part of a comprehensive plan to “integrate” the three countries of North America into one ‘North American Union’? That means the United States as we know it would no longer exist.
  • Are you concerned about the economic security of your family when you see millions of middle class American jobs moved off-shore?

Veterans, as you know, the toughest battles can be won by staying in the fight and, refusing to surrender. The National Veterans Coalition (NVC) is committed to joining with you and all liberty-loving Americans who are determined not to see this country destroyed.

The National Veterans Coalition was founded as a political arm of America’s third largest, federally-recognized party, the Constitution Party. Our mission is to let veterans know we have options that extend beyond the two parties that have a stranglehold on America.

Neither of the parties controlling our government has any intention of offering voters a presidential candidate who’ll uphold our Constitution, the foundation of our freedoms. In addition, Congress regularly and egregiously refuses to do its job of representing the people and reigning in over reaching executive and judicial branches.

The Independent American Party of Nevada (Nationally known as Constitution Party) diligently pursues and supports qualified candidates for public office at the local, state and national levels. We know the country is ready for a change because just last year we celebrated the election of Constitution Party candidates in both state and local races!

Just think how much influence you and your fellow veterans will have joining with the forward-moving Independent American Party of Nevada.

There are more than twenty-six million veterans in the United States. Our goal is to recruit FIVE MILLION VETERANS to join the NVC and vote with us in 2008. Working alongside the Constitution Party we plan to take on the monumental task of gaining the ballot lines necessary to field a high-caliber, principled presidential candidate who will provide the leadership to stop the political war being waged against the Constitution and our people by the powers that now control government.

Along with your resolve and support we can begin to restore this magnificent republic…that you so valiantly sacrificed to preserve.

Thank you for your service…then and now!


Join us!

Darrell L. Castle,

NVC Chairman

12 Responses to “NVC Recruiting Drive”

  1. Ferenc Says:

    God Bless You All. It is true. Both party is worthless for the future of this once a proud, and great nation.

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    Im not sure that five million is a good goal, it will only lead to dissapointment.

  3. timothy west Says:

    I say screw the endless glorification of the military. these poeple are acting as shills and pawns for the likes of Dick Cheney, a draft dodger who got 5 college deferments at the height of the Vietnam War, and never served a day in the military.

    Personally, they are to be admired, but as a collective, they are helping turn America into a police state domestically and a hated nation abroad.

    You wanna know why veterans care in this country sucks? because all the money in
    the “business” goes to arms sales and politically connected contracts to businesses that Dick Cheney and his thugs like BLACKWATER is connected to.

    A criminal affair that veterans cant get better care, but look who they are working for. Cheney, a puppetmaster pulling Bush’s strings. Every solider in Iraq
    is a pawn.

  4. gary odom Says:

    To Timothy West:

    We’re talking about recruiting Veterans, not supporting the military industrial complex.

    The chairman of the National Veteran’s Coalition, Darrell Castle, is a strong non-internventionist who supports the immediate withdrawel of our forces from Iraq and also advocates that we stop meddling in the affairs of the Middle East.

    The NVC promotes a strong national defense for the purpose of actually protecting the United States, not to act as a policeman of the world for global coporate interests and the United Nations…AND CERTAINLY NOT FOR THE INTERESTS OF DICK CHENEY!

    You may be absolutely right in what you said, generally speaking, but insofar as you are referring to the NVC, you are completely off target.

    Trent: In today’s America which see the Congress running 18% behind George Bush’s 29% in at the unbelieveably low 11% favorable rating, anything is possible.

  5. timothy west Says:

    you bet thats exactly who the interest’s for.

  6. Darcy G Richardson Says:

    “I say screw the endless glorification of the military.”

    Well said, Timothy. Everytime I hear the President and his minions mutter the words “Support Our Troops,” I can’t help but think of the nearly one million Iraqis, including tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, who have perished in this unprovoked, unconstitutional and brutal war waged in our name. One million people. Think about it.

  7. Jason Says:

    Bleeding Hearts,

    All most all in which have been killed by the hands of their own. One million people. Think about it.

    I understand your bottom-line points, but the both of you are talking out your asses. You have no idea what goes on over there.

    And by the way on behalf of all of those who have served, missed their families, been scared, seen unspeakable things, did this because many people like yourself would never. You are welcome, we do it voluntarily.

    We are not the policy makers—just the enforcers. The only thing that I can suggest to you two broken hearted idealist is, (a) stop paying taxes that funds the militarty, (b) move to another country that wishes they had a ounce of fortitude and capability as your military or© Support the Carters and vote Democrat!

    I would love to try and explain to you more but I know that it would be useless. I’m not going to try and dispute you when I know I probably won’t. However, you are still very welcome.


  8. Jason Says:

    By the way…what happened to General Jones? Did he step down as chairman?

  9. Ferenc Says:

    You OK. All of this bleading heart socialist liberal democrats. One million, Darcy, you don’t know what you talking about! Less than 100.000 people died in Iraq after the war starts. Most of them killed by Iraqies. Beside your point Darcy , please tell me one war of the history of the world,when
    most of the people who are killed are not innocent civilians. And please tell us ONE democratic president after the second world war with any millitary conflict with a MUST win strategy. To be blind is very bad Darcy.
    God Bless You All

  10. Darcy G Richardson Says:

    “Less than 100.000 people died in Iraq after the war starts.”—- Ferenc

    Most reliable observers believe that at least 100,000 Iraqis have been killed in U.S. airstrikes alone since the beginning of the war, not to mention the ground war and continuing “security sweeps” by U.S. and British forces since 2003. The figure of more than one million Iraqi deaths is an estimate based on extensive polling by an established British polling firm. That poll suggests that the actual figure might be as high as 1.2 million. This estimate is certainly consistent with the figure of 655,000 Iraqi deaths reported by Lancet, a highly-respected British medical journal, nearly eighteen months ago. The Lancet study was conducted by a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University.

    Moreover, how can the U.S. possibly dispute these figures when it’s been the Pentagon’s policy from the start of this illegal invasion not to provide “body counts” of Iraqi casualties? They knew all along that the actual casualty count would horrify the rest of the world.

    Yes, to be blind is a very unfortunate thing.

  11. JR Says:

    I am a CPer. I believe in replacing the income tax with a small revenue tariff (flat across-the-board) in the range of those recommended by Mr. free trader himself - Frederic Bastiat (... like 7.5%). But I am opposed to protectionism [because of the effect of pitting the interests of domestic raw materials industries against those of the domestic finished goods industries, to the overall detriment of the consumer]. I tend to be sympathetic to arguments for national security exceptions (ea., we shouldn’t rely on China to build our tanks), which admittedly is a slipery slope.

    As has been said … CPers are not monolithic in our economic beliefs.

  12. woodbusy Says:

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