MassResistance Endorses Kevin Thompson

September 14, 2007 MassResistance, the leading defenders of traditional marriage and the family in Massachusetts, has endorsed Constitution Party candidate Kevin Thompson in the race to fill the empty fifth district congressional seat.

In a letter to supporters, the pro-family group discussed (among other issues) the special election this October and particularly addressed the issue of which candidate conservatives should support. Though many see Republican Jim Ogonowski as the conservative choice, MassResistance points out, “Ogonowski is pro-choice, although he supports parental notification and is against partial-birth abortion. He supports changing the military’s policy to allow homosexuals to serve openly without the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule. (This despite the fact that Ogonowski is a 28-year military veteran!) He supports the establishment of homosexual ‘civil unions’ - state-sanctioned look-alike “marriages” — although he opposes actual same-sex marriage. (The staffer told us that this is Ogonowski’s way of ‘compromising’.)”

But still, many pro-family voters suggest one must choose between what they see as the lesser of two evils. MassResistance says, “…this kind of ‘compromise’ and ‘take the lesser of two evils’ is pretty much what conservatives have been doing for the last 60 years, and look where it’s gotten us. The Left doesn’t go for such nonsense, which is probably why Ogonowski was so eager to please them and doesn’t worry about us.”

Left with only one real option, the letter goes on to declare, “Our position is that you’ll never get the right candidate elected unless you vote for him. That’s why we’re endorsing Constitution Party candidate Kevin Thompson. There’s no better feeling than to pull the lever for someone you really want in there.”

When asked for comment, Kevin Thompson said, “MassResistance is the only pro-family group in the state to stand up for what is right. Their courageous stands and bold actions are an inspiration. It is truly an honor to receive their endorsement.”

Kevin will appear as a guest on the MassResistance radio program this Saturday on WRCA 1330 AM at 11:00am. To learn more about MassResistance, please log on to

Kevin Thompson is the Constitution Party candidate running for the US House of Representatives in Massachusetts’ fifth district. Kevin is the only candidate who is 100% pro-life, will fight to defend our borders, and wants to bring Washington back down to its Constitutional size. To find out more about the Kevin Thompson for Congress Campaign, please log on to

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Source: Kevin Thompson for Congress 2007

2 Responses to “MassResistance Endorses Kevin Thompson”

  1. [email protected] Says:

    Trying to use the force of law to prevent people from marrying (or adopting) because their marriages don’t pass your religious tests is anti-family, not pro-family.

    It’s also indescribably sickening and evil.

    It’s way past time to take the “pro-family” label back from anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-American Know-Nothing knobs like the Constitution Party and MassResistance.

  2. Anthony Distler Says:

    “He supports changing the military’s policy to allow homosexuals to serve openly without the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule. (This despite the fact that Ogonowski is a 28-year military veteran!)”

    Maybe he knows something you don’t. Maybe gasp homosexuals could be GOOD for the military! I mean, it couldn’t hurt it.

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