Ron Paul Places 3rd in Texas

There’s a lot of controversy floating around the Internet right now about GOP delegates being denied access to the Straw Poll yesterday, but just in case folks missed it, here are the results of the Straw Poll:

There were dozens of Libertarian Party activists, some even shouting “Vote Libertarian” (bad, bad idea to do that), but for the most part, you could see nothing but Ron Paul gear, t-shirts, and signs. Lots of signs. Tons. And banners along highway overpasses.

Strictly conjecture here, but come the March Texas GOP primary, the Libertarian Party will cease to be that active. There are hundreds ready to take our fight and grassroots support via the Republican Party.

Duncan Hunter - 534 (votes) - 41%
Fred Thompson - 266 - 20.5%
Ron Paul - 217 - 16.7%
Mike Huckabee - 83 - 6.4%
Rudy Giuliani - 78 - 6%
Mitt Romney - 61 - 4.7%
Ray McKinney - 28 - 2.2%
John Cox - 10 - 0.8%
John McCain - 8 - 0.6%
Tom Tancredo - 6 - 0.5%
Sam Brownback - 6 - 0.5%
Hugh Cort - 3 - 0.2%

Note: Yours truly was working the RP booth both days of the event.

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  1. Ken H Says:

    Why should libertarians be involved in the GOP. In my discussions with them, one that just took place this afternoon, I have been told that Ron Paul and his supporters are not welcome in the GOP and should restrict our activities to the Libertarian Party.

  2. disinter Says:

    Why should women be involved in the GOP? What about blacks? Gays?

    You are right, it should just be a white bigoted male-only club for moral hypocrites.

  3. Ken H Says:

    I don’t know, disinter. But for some reason apparently the Moral Majority types who I discuss politics with on the Internet have not use for Ron Paul, his supporters, and libertarians in general in the Republican Party.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    Ken H,

    The Moral Majority as basically neo-cons. They are war supporting, pro-war on drugs, Patriot-Act-Loving neocons.
    They took our party. Now we want it back.

  5. Ken H Says:

    I don’t see any hope for changes within the GOP until after it gets clobbered in the November 2008 election.

  6. Pizza God Says:

    Why should Libertarians be involved in the GOP??????

    Ok, here are my thoughts on that. 1st, I have voted Libertarian sense 1988 (thanks to Ron Paul) What have we accomplished?? I talked with a lot of libertarian minded people at the convention (i also talked with a few neocons that really scared me) There are people that support Freedom, Liberty and Small Government in the GOP.

    BTW, 2 of the 3 songs were sung by a black man, 3 of the speakers at the Straw Poll were black. They even ran a time filler on how the Republican party in the south was started by former slaves and they were also the party that pushed though the Civil Rights stuff in the 60’s. (now that was something that was needed at the time) Also, one of the District Chairmen I talked with was black, he was a Ron Paul friendly Republican (didn’t mean he voted for him) and it was the best conversation I had all weekend. (Dr. Lovejoy)

    There are a lot of people who like what Ron Paul does, Ron Paul is less of a Libertarian than he is a Republican. In other words, he follows the Texas Party platform of the Republican party except the “preemptive War” part. He talked about it in his speech yesterday.

    I also like the speech from the Chairwoman of the Texas GOP and the speech of the Asst Chairman of the GOP of Texas. Both said a lot of Libertarian ideas in there speeches. I felt like they were campaigning for Dr. Paul. Even the Railroad Commissioner sounded Libertarian. (BTW he was on of the black speakers and one of the best speakers of the day)

  7. Ken H Says:


    It sounds like you have a better GOP than we have in Arkansas. Here it controlled by the Moral Majority types.

  8. Ken H Says:


    It sounds like you have a better GOP than we have in Arkansas. Here it is controlled by the Moral Majority types.

  9. Kevin Houston Says:

    There is no “our party” / “their party”. There is only the party you are in.

    The political parties do not “belong” to anyone other than those who show up. If Pat Buchanan can take over the Reform party, then anyone with enough delegates at convention can take over the GOP (or any political party for that matter.)

    The neocons have made a grave error in alienating their base. (The Libertarians were only the first, but not the last group the GOP abandoned.) There are a lot of disgusted / dispirited Republicans out there. They have stopped showing up (look at the low turnout in this and Iowa straw poll), they have stopped donating, and they (well, my mom anyway :D ) regularly abuse party officials and fundraisers over domestic (welfare) spending, and this stupid war in Iraq. The neocons are desperate (enough to rig a straw poll in such an obvious way) and weak (despite their doing so, Ron Paul still came in 3rd, and very close to being 2nd.)

    We, on the other hand, are strong. Ron Paul raised over $100K during this event. Ron Paul supporters have proven they can put more feet on the ground than any other candidate (and do it politely.) These totally unfair tactics are the afterburners of this campaign. Every time they try to shut Ron Paul down, more people notice, get angry, and get motivated. SC (debate on May 15th and greenville county), MI (Saul Anuzis), Iowa (Ed Failor), Iowa (straw poll “glitches”), now this, and coming soon, the “RJC snub” counter-event.

    Learn the lessons: This is war (political, not physical) and the other side has no scruples. Don’t trust that you are resgistered Republican because you filled out a form, check up on it for yourself . Don’t believe the announced start times / votes times / cut offs, etc. Show up early. Don’t advertise (or falsely advertise) who you support if you are voting. (And don’t give me that NIOF BS, they initiated deception.)

    If you live in an open primary state, go register Republican anyway, just in case the neocon leadership decides to change the rules at the last minute. (NAhhh - They wouldn’t do that would they?) Get elected to your local GOP district /state conventions and vote for other Ron Paul activists for leadership positions. Even if we don’t get Dr. Paul elected this time, we can gain a beachhead and a base of operation within the GOP if we try hard enough. (then, maybe one day - years from now - we can show the neocons what “blowback” is all about) }:>


  10. Eric Dondero Says:

    We are indeed taking the Republican Party back. But we’re not taking back for pacifist isolationists who are Pro-Life and culturally conservative PaleoCons.

    Rather, we’re taking it back for “fiscally conservative/socially tolerant” Pro-Choice! and Pro-Defense libertarians.

    And Rudy Giuliani is the perfect standardbearer for that libertarian wing of the GOP. Not some guy who is anti-Death Penalty, wants to outlaw abortion, and wants to turn the keys of the United States over to Al Qaeda.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    BTW, latest poll out of Iowa this morning.

    Now up at Hedgehog:

    Ron Paul in 9th place at 1%.

    Keep in mind, Ron Paul has now been in the race for 8 months. 8 months of campaigning and over $3 million spent, and he’s at 1% in the polls.

    *Note - Two weeks ago statewide polls were released in Oregon, California and Nevada. Each had Ron Paul at 1%.

  12. Sean Scallon Says:

    Texas Straw Poll results: Ron Paul 217 votes, Rudy Guliani 78 votes.

    Yep, there’s a lot of excitement in Texas for Rudy. So much so that 78 out of 17,000 eligible delegates came out to vote for him on Labor Day Weekend. Talk about commitment. I bet you were there proudly casting your vote right?

    Oh wait a minute, you were at a Ft. Worth motel room, excuse me.

    Ron Paul has hardly spent a dime of the $3 million he’s raised relatively speaking (and he added $100,000 to that total in one fell swoop on Friday.) He doesn’t have to. He has supporters donating money to run ads on Iowa and New Hampshire television which will be running shortly. Are Rudy’s supporters donating money to run ads for their man, are they standing in the sun holding signs up, or doing lit drops, or hanging banners on their own time?

    I didn’t think so either. No, there’s no grassroots support for your man, none at all. So I suggest you get back to supporting Wayne Allyn Root. After all it is Monday.

  13. Trent Hill Says:

    “Ron Paul in 9th place at 1%.

    Keep in mind, Ron Paul has now been in the race for 8 months. 8 months of campaigning and over $3 million spent, and he’s at 1% in the polls.

    *Note - Two weeks ago statewide polls were released in Oregon, California and Nevada. Each had Ron Paul at 1%.”

    Thanks for the good news Dondero! You see, they had been excluding us from all polls, so it’s good to see they are putting us INTO these Oregon, California, and Nevada polls. Don’t worry about us, the Tom McClintock crowd will show up for us in California. We have a tough base up in Oregon. And Nevada is naturally a Paul-state, if only we could get the message out. So,keep reporting the good news Dondero!

  14. Ken H Says:


    I will be very curious to watch the reaction of the Moral Majority types who have been the backbone of the GOP with Bush at the helm when Giuliani wins the nomination.

  15. Wes Benedict Says:

    Two-cent Joey.

  16. Carl Says:

    Ah, Eric. Even in your mistaking libertine with libertarian, you miss the boat. Overthrowing a secular government in Iraq and replacing it with a Shiite fundamentalist government is not making the world safe for Iraqi swingers.

    Let’s get something straight: being pro-choice on an issue that is potentially murder is by no means a litmus test for being libertarian. It is a controversial subject within the movement. Being against the IRS and the Fed are much less controversial within libertarian circles.

  17. Jason Says:

    Is there no one not the least bit surprised of the Duncan Hunter numbers? A lot of true party-line conservatives like him.

    It’s a shame he is not raising the kind of money he needs. No matter, Fred Thompson’s entrance will fill the vacuum and suck a lot of the air out the room.

    That is not a prediction, but he has certainly came out swinging—going right after abortion and gay marriage. He is looking to make a fight out this thing and a lot of conservative Republicans will love him for it.

  18. Trent Hill Says:


    They really dont like him that much. The true winner of the Texas GOP Poll? Fred Thompson. He didnt show, and placed top 3. Paul and Hunter showed up, and therefor polled high—this is how Straw Polls always work.
    Fred Thompson is a CFR member, and therefor pro-UN. He has a history of helping pro-choice groups. He has said alot of inflammatory things about moderates and liberals. He supported McCain-Feingold.

  19. Jason Says:

    Don’t like who? Fred or Hunter…You have to realize which group of Republicans you are meaning.

    Hunter polls high with many conservative groups. A very influential one, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, had both Thompson and Hunter leading. Hunter missed the endorsement by 2%.

    I wasn’t saying Hunter was the clear favorite or the darling of the conservatives but he has many admirers.

    As for Thomspon, as I said on my site earlier, has many party hopefuls worried. It’s up to him to show he is electable and qualified.

  20. Jason Says:

    Let me clarify…I’m not sold on Thompson, and you brought up a good point with McCain-Feingold. I’m simply stating he will immediately impact this race. You’ll see many candidates bow out soon. Notably, Brownback and McCain and yes, I think Ron Paul will be one of the victims.

    It will turn into a 4-way race inside of 6-8 weeks. I say, Guilanni, Thompson, Romney, Huckabee in that order.

    After that, Huckabee will simply not be able to compete down the stretch. However, if there is anyone who can shock the world in this race, I believe it is him.

    Thompson will make a strong showing but will fail to make significant traction and will be limited financially and will cause him to bow out, too.

    To me, it will be Romney or Giuliani in the end. Yah for America and the Republican Party.

  21. Ferenc " Frank" Zahoran Says:

    Hi People
    You guys are dreaming.Mr.Ron Poul never going to be nominated by the Republican party. If he runing as an independent , than welcome the first women president Mrs. Clinton,and womeniser Billy Boy as a first man.
    America need a good conservative democrats,who can run as an independent,and able to blow up the democratic party.Don’t forget, the worst republican is better than any of this democrat. This independent,
    coservative southern democrat maybe able to take out some of those so called “Blue Dog Democrats” from this liberal socialist democratic party,
    and some of the fed up republicas.Like R. Poul, D. Hunter,T.Tancredo,etc.
    That is the only way to create a major third party. All of this so called Third
    parties platform almost same. God Bless You all,and pray to God to save
    our nation, becouse looks like we cant

  22. Trent Hill Says:

    Hunter has SOME admirers, but no real NATIONWIDE support. The two largest blogs in LA are HunterBlogs.
    Thompson, however, will shake up the race. On that much we can agree. However, he is not a conservative, or a libertarian. He is a neo-con,albeit one with a non-existant track record.
    As for Dr. Paul, he wont drop out. Tancredo might have to, and McCain and Brownback certainly will. Dr. Paul,however is not even close to his peak, and he need not perform overly well in Iowa. He will stay in until the Convention I think.
    Thompson, Guiliani, Romney, Huckabee, and Paul. And the delegates will decide who our president is.

  23. Jason Says:

    I hope you are right.

  24. Jay Matthews Says:

    And it’s worth noting Thompson, like Giuliani, McCain, and Romney is a member of the America-hating, CFR.

  25. Devious David Says:

    Dumbass Republicans think that they can win without us. That’s the funny thing about it. They think that they can put up whomever they want and we’ll just snap in line and turn our Ron Paul websites and signs and chatter into Rudy McRomneySon websites, signs and chatter. Stupid motherfuckers. Only a Republican could be so stupid.

    Strategically, it would behoove them to find a way to TRY and co-opt us and embrace us but still get what they want. They aren’t that smart and would rather have any other corporatist such as Hillary win. They really would.

    To all you GOP lemmings out there that are too stupid to realize you are being used, shame on you and get your kneepads ready for a Hillary Presidency. Because that is what is going to happen if you don’t do what you can to get Dr. Paul that nomination. It’s that simple: you can have Ron Paul or Hillary.

  26. Ferenc Says:

    Somebody please help me out. What is that CFR.

    Thank’s and GOD bless you

  27. Robert Milnes Says:

    Devious David, How about showing some polling Ron Paul v Billary? Fact is & the gop knows this, most libertarians (The Libertarian Vote) wind up voting gop & most greens wind up voting democrat.

  28. Ken H Says:

    CFR stand for the Council on Foreign Relations which, most notably, publishes the bimonthly journal, Foreign Affairs, which I have subscribed to for several years and very much enjoy reading. 8-)

  29. Ferenc Says:

    Thank you very much.

  30. Tom Bryant Says:

    The CFR also plays a large part in a lot of conspiracy theories - hence why so many people react so negatively to it.

    It’s just a think tank and publisher that covers foreign policy topics.

  31. Kris Overstreet Says:

    Strictly conjecture here, but come the March Texas GOP primary, the Libertarian Party will cease to be that active. There are hundreds ready to take our fight and grassroots support via the Republican Party.

    IOW, Ron Paul will destroy the Libertarian Party.

    I told you so.

  32. Robert Milnes Says:

    Kris, no, by March both rep & dem nominees will be selected & Ron Paul will not be one of them. Then the real libertarians will let Paulies back. We’ll let them claim temporary insanity.

  33. Jay Matthews Says:

    Tom B., the negativity towards the CFR stems from the words of their own members.

    Go to any search engine and type “CFR member quotes” and see what it pulls up. Nothing short of vile if you love America.

    It’s own chairman David Rockefeller wrote in his own memoirs about getting the U.S. to be part of a one-world government. Heck, read this from the CFR’s president:

  34. Darcy G Richardson Says:

    Ron Paul won the first ever Maryland GOP Straw Poll, which concluded Monday night at the State Fair in Timonium. Paul, whose supporters manned a booth for the entire 11-days of voting, came in first with 263 votes, some 43 votes ahead of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Senator Fred Thompson finished third with 188 votes while Mitt Romney placed fourth with 89 votes. McCain finished fifth, with a meager 54 votes. Maryland Republican Party officials dubbed the GOP presidential straw poll “a big success” and is featuring the story of Paul’s upset victory on the home page of their web site.

    “The final vote showing Ron Paul won is a lesson for all campaigns of how grassroots politics can make all the difference,” said Chris Cavey, first vice chairman of the Maryland GOP. “The Paul campaign repeatedly e-mailed their base of support to turn out at the State Fair to cast a vote for Dr. Paul, and in doing so, demonstrated that a small organized operation can beat the odds.”

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