Interview with CP candidate Mike Ecuyer

Here’s another interview that Trent did with a Constitution Party candidate…

Mike Ecuyer is the Constitution Party candidate for Louisiana’s District 74 House seat, and has granted me the privelege of an interview. I have recieved several phone calls and emails expressing interest in him. Due to that interest, I have conducted an interview with him which I hope will clarify his views and allow for further education of the voting public
I have included Mr. Ecuyer’s answers in full. This means the original grammar and spelling are unchanged.


Conservative Louisiana: Mr. Ecuyer, let me first say thank you for granting me this interview. Now let’s get right to it. Why have you chosen to run for office?

This election cycle in October has the greatest opportunity to bring about a fresh beginning in our state legislature because almost half of the legislators will be replaced due to term limitations. We have the chance to break free from our past of corruption and poor management. I desire to be a part of that new direction so that honor can be restored to the state of Louisiana.

Conservative Louisiana: What do you feel is your strongest issue?

The family is a vital key to the health of our communities, our churches, and our state. Living out true Biblical faith in Jesus Christ is the key to strong families. The government’s job is not to instruct families in this area - that is the church’s job. Government should not, however, divorce itself from the Biblical principles this nation and our state were founded upon. The government can and should work in partnership with the church as was evidenced during the recovery from the storms. Our government is trying to cover too many areas and consequently it creates an overbearing tax burden and few genuine results.

Conservative Louisiana: So why the Constitution Party?

This party, in my opinion, has developed into a growing force as a result of our government’s departure from the intent of America’s founders displayed in our Constitution. The Constitution Party had the boldness to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, not just God, in its party preamble. This party states most purely our country’s beginnings and this is vital for us because once we acknowledge our starting point(our purpose), we can more effectively adjust and develop with the changing conditions of our culture and world around us.

Conservative Louisiana: What percentage of the vote do you expect to get in District 74?

The only acceptable percentage of voters in District # 74 to me is over 50%. I expect to be this district’s next state representative. I started contacting voters personally be phone back in January of this year and have received consistent positive feedback.

Conservative Louisiana: Why should the Conservatives of Louisiana vote for you?

I am committed to be a outspoken voice on the floor of La.’s House of Representatives for the sanctity of life, for marriage between one man and one woman, for Article 1 of our Constitution pertaining to the distorted version of separation of church and state, for the strengthening of our families, and for the governmental principle stated by George Washington at the Constitutional Convention in 1787: “We have been assured in the Sacred Writings, that ‘except the Lord buld the house, they labor in vain that build it.’ I firmly believe this and I also believe that without His concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel: we shall be divided by our little partial local interests; our projects will be confounded, and we ourselves shall become a reproach and byword down to future ages.”

Conservative Louisiana: Thank you very much Mike Ecuyer. I wish you luck in your campaign.


If you want to know more about Mr. Mike Ecuyer, you can find out everything about his campaign at his website.

16 Responses to “Interview with CP candidate Mike Ecuyer”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Iv gotten alot of interesting calls/emails about this guy. Hope he performs well.

  2. matt Says:

    I like this guy a lot.

  3. Brandon H. Says:

    Currently Mike is in a 6 way election, with the incumbent running for Agriculture Commissioner. Of his 5 opponents, 3 are Republicans and 2 did not list an affiliation. However, qualifying is not until next week so there is a chance more people will jump into the race.

  4. Trent Hill Says:


    Thanks for the info, I didnt know that.

  5. Jason Corley Says:

    Hey Trent good job on the interview. I hope he does well.

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