A Chat with T. Lee Horne

Recently, Third Party Watch blogger, Trent Hill, did a excellent interview with LP Gubernatorial candidate T. Lee Horne on Trent’s website. Here’s the interview…

Today I had the opportunity to interview Mr. T. Lee Horne, Gubanatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party here in Louisiana. My questions and Mr. Horne’s responses are completely unedited and are seen here in there entirety.


Conservative LA: Why are you running for Governor?

In the years since I graduated from college, I have been very disappointed with my generation. I remember sitting around the dormitory with my friends, talking, and dreaming about how we were going to do so many things, end military “police” actions like the current Iraq situation, and end legal discrimination against people for race, religion, sexual preference and gender.

I have done what I could on an individual basis to make the world better. I have helped by buying houses and renting them below market to families in need. I have helped by assisting people who have gotten into jams through no fault of their own, whether the jam was a legal problem or a living situation. I have donated land to build 2 churches. These are things I choose to do. They are not things I expect the government to do. These are not things I want the government to do. These are things individuals, families, friends, religious and social groups are well suited for.

I believe I can now do much more to make Louisiana a better place as Governor. Three years ago I started a journey to decide if I wanted to be your next governor. I went to find out what the people wanted the next governor to do. Since that time I have traveled over 100,000 miles across Louisiana. I can tell you there are many wonderful people and colorful places steeped in history around the state.

All of those people have the same desire and that is to see Louisiana and it’s people prosper and succeed. They are tired of seeing there children grow up and have to move out of state to find a good paying job. They are tired of coming in last in things that matter and first in things that are bad.

Conservative LA: Libertarians almost always score in the low percentages. What do you expect the percentage of your vote to be?

I expect to be in a run off having taken 30 to 40 percent in the primary.

Conservative LA: Are you Pro-Life? If not, why?

I am against the state getting involve in promoting or prohibiting abortion. I do not want the state to be paying for or subsidizing abortion. I also am old enough to remember the time before abortion was legal. Abortions did not start with legalization. Legalization allowed for the state to regulate and control the conditions under which abortions happen.

Conservative LA: Who would make an ideal running mate/Lt. Governor?

The Lt. Governor in Louisiana runs as a completely different campaign. As such I have not considered an ideal running mate/Lt. Governor.

Conservative LA: Why not make a run for the state legislature, a campaign which could be run more effectively and show more fruit?

There are numerous offices. I chose the office of Governor because in 2003 I found I had time and energy available to run a state wide campaign. As I said earlier in my answer to your first question, I believe that as Governor, I can make Louisiana a better place for everyone.

Conservative LA: What is your opinion of Bobby Jindal?

B.J. does not show up at debates or forums. Often times he does not even respond to invitations. B.J. has been following very bad advice . Advice that makes him appear arrogant aloof and aristocratic. If he is taking bad advice now. How are we to believe that he will find and take good advice once in office?

Conservative LA: What do you think of the new ads that the Democrats have aired accusing him of religious bigotry?

Religious attacks have no place in a political debate. If B.J. is Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or Christian, is not an issue that belongs in our electoral process.

Conservative LA: Why should Louisiana Conservatives vote for you?

I will answer that by saying why everyone should vote for me.
I advocate parents being able to choose what kind of education and training their children receive.
I will ensure that churches are allowed to fulfill their mission without government interference.
I will insist all state mandates on parishes and cities be fully funded.
I will work to preserve everyone’s God given right to live your life according to your faith, free to express your beliefs openly without fear of reprisal.
I advocate the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding citizens.
I will do everything in my power to encourage the legislature to enact programs encouraging business already here to stay here, to make it easier for business to start here and to make it easier for business to move here.
Finally, I promise to bring the light of day to the governors office. To do this, I will issue an executive order to end all secret meetings in the executive branch of government. This is something a governor can do without any new laws needed. Corruption can not flourish in open meetings. I will have meetings where any member of the public can attend. My staff and committees will have meetings open to public view. The government is owned by the public. The public deserves to know what is going into making decisions at all levels.
Remember, politicians and baby diapers should be changed often and for the same reasons.

T. Lee Horne, III

Candidate for Governor of Louisiana 2007

To contribute to my campaign, click on the link here.


While i’m personally not completely satisfied with Mr. Horne’s answers, I believe he is a viable alternative to the other candidates in the race. If you are a conservative or libertarian, consider voting for the guy—Bobby is going to win anyways (probably without a runoff).
Imagine a runoff between Bobby Jindal and T. Lee Horne, each debating who could make government the smallest and least intrusive. While I don’t think Mr. Horne will score anywhere near 30%, I sure hope he does. Louisiana could use an honest, small government governor.

32 Responses to “A Chat with T. Lee Horne”

  1. Wes Benedict Says:

    T. Lee Horne sounds like a great Libertarian. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My parents still live there. I visit often. I wish Mr. Horne the best and regardless of the outcome of this race, his honorable campaign has to be the best Louisiana has ever seen from a Libertarian.

    Mr. Horne, thanks for your hard work and dedication. Louisiana needs more great people like you. I bet through your travels and campaigning you’ve inspired many others to join the fight for liberty.

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    Maybe the Louisiana CP should endorse him.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    No way. I like Horne, I may even vote for him.
    But Bobby Jindal is a good candidate. He is a strong conservative with some libertarian leanings. He’s an honest man. An intelligent young guy. And if I had to guess who the Republicans would run for President in 2016, i’d say “Bobby Jindal”. No way are we going to pit ourselves against such a conserative success.
    On the other hand, I hope Horne can get into a runoff. A runoff between Horne and Jindal would be amazing for Louisiana.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    I am glad that there is an opportunity to rid ourselves of the stranglehold that this two party system has had on Louisiana. I think Mr. Horne can bring the change that we need, especially because he believes that the people are smart enough and charitable enough to take care of one another without government interference or force. I am tired of Big Brother thinking he can run our lives better than we can.
    As far as Jindal is concerned, I do not care about his religion, but I do have a problem with him voting for the Patriot Act. I do not think he needs to know what is in my bank account.

  5. matt Says:

    What’s more, he has a rap song:


  6. Lance Cain Says:

    “Maybe the Louisiana CP should endorse him.”

    Yeah, he about as pro-abortion as the CP. And that rap video is about as ridiculous.

  7. Trent Hill Says:


    The LA CP is 100% pro-life. None of its members/candidates have ever endorsed an exceptions idea. So back off. I’m a good friend of people on both sides of the exceptions fence, like Rick Jore of Montana and Jim Clymer of Penn.
    As far as your statement—contrary to the majority opinion amongst the ex-CPers. Abortion isnt the ONLY issue. It is a major one to me, but not the only one.

  8. Brandon H. Says:

    Lance must be a listener of The American View, the leading source of misinformation about the Constitution Party.

  9. Devious David Says:

    I love the rap video.

  10. Cody Quirk Says:

    Lance must be a listener of The American View, the leading source of misinformation about the Constitution Party.

    =I’m sure the bastard is.

  11. Trent Hill Says:


    At least Lance articulated his views decently. Calling him a bastard does nothing but show off a limited vocabulary. While I certainly get frustrated with these over-religious some times, calling them names proves nothing.

  12. Libertarians for Ron Paul Says:

    [...] http://thirdpartywatch.com/2007/08/31/a-chat-with-t-lee-horne/ [...]

  13. bwp Says:

    I met Horne and spoke at length while his car was being repaired. The fact that he was able to dupe nearly 2000 people into believing he could do anything but sit in the corner and smile is remarkable. He wouldn’t get my vote for anything - period.

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