CP TX Chair Threatened

Chuck Geshlider, [Photos of him here & here]the controversial activist within both the Libertarian and Constitution parties, has now threatened Constitution Party of Texas chairman Bryan Malatesta - though it wasn’t exactly specified how. Here’s the context of the e-mail sent to yours truly:

...I’ll take that risk. Unlike you, I KNOW your father is a man of great courage and honor. And if he want’s to take a swing at me after I show the world on UTube what a testicularly challenged son he raised… I’ll put my hands behind my back and he can do what he feels necessary. I’ll give him 30 seconds to knock me out. If not, he and I tangle like warrior pit bulls… again, all for the world to see. (cool fundraising idea, now that I think about it!!)

Dauben, you have until midnight, Halloween ‘07 to make this a peaceful resolve. You are on Trial all over the internet, now, SpinDoc….. You giant sandbox “constituency” of 100 is watching you… as are the rest of us.

It is plain to see, I am doing EVERYTHING possible to rectify our differences like civilized adults and you are putting up EVERY ROADBLOCK possible. ....Which is par for your course, because it is a pattern you follow right from your campaign “playbook”. You first; [Bryan] Malatesta next.

It has been reported in the past that Geshlider - here’s the Google on him - was seeking the Constitution Party VP nomination, or wanting to get on the ticket as Ron Paul’s running mate; the entire episode with Geshlider is nothing new. Many - and I mean many - LP and CP activists have had run-ins with him. He tried to take over the town of Grafton, New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project (or something along those lines) but the project fell flat.

He assumed the position of campaign manager in my recent Waxahachie City Council campaign; after numerous, numerous public tirades, screaming and shouting at residents, etc., I had the police escort him out of my apartment and out of my town.

His threats continue unabated. He’s been banned, blocked and ignored from many e-mail news groups that he was subscribed to (mainly RP campaign-related.)

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  1. Jason Says:

    Another reason why I am steadily moving back to my Republican roots.

  2. ElfNinosMom Says:

    He’s threatening a fight … with your father?

    Wow. Just, wow.

    This reminds me of the time when Doug Kenline (“webmaster and audioblog coach” with the Gene Chapman campaign) threatened to kill young Jake Porter (volunteer with the Phillies campaign) in the course of a delusional diatribe that still has me scratching my head. Here’s a link to that fiasco from my old Chapman blog, in case you missed it. http://chapmanforpresident.blogspot.com/2007/01/doug-threatens-to-kill-jake-porter.html

    I’ve been threatened repeatedly on another blog by another presidential candidate (whose name I won’t bring into this discussion, to keep him from soiling this blog with threats; drop me a line if you want to know who he is). In fact, he threatened to kill my entire family, in the course of a blog discussion about him threatening to attack a 16-year-old political blogger (yes, he knew the blogger was just a kid).

    There are a LOT of serious crazies in third party politics, so you’re right to take threats of physical violence seriously, and take safety precautions. That’s especially true if he knows you in “real life”, and knows where you and your family live. That’s kinda scary, Joey.

    Just out of curiosity, how did you get hooked up with this guy in the first place?

  3. Lance Cain Says:

    Did he really use the blood red font? Oo. Joey, Joey, what have you gotten yourself into? : )

    ElfNinosMom, who is Morvo the Devourer?

    Also, can Austin Cassidy or someone change it so the poster’s name appears with the individual blog entries? If you access them from a search engine, you can’t always tell who it is.

  4. ElfNinosMom Says:

    Morvo the Devourer is an alien ruler who invited Gene Chapman to appear on his galactic radio show (in the funny hoax comments on Gene’s blog, posted after Gene actually believed a fake comment inviting Gene to appear on Fox and Friends).

    Here’s are links to those entries on my old Gene blog, if you want to read the actual hoax comments which were left on Gene’s blog:
    (the second one touches again upon Doug’s threats against Jake)

  5. frogdogminor Says:

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