CP Stands Up for America at SPP Summit

The recent Quebec Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit held at Montebello, Quebec drew attention to a proposed merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The event, attended by President George Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon drew hundreds opposed to the plan.

Former Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and current Chairman of The Conservative Caucus and the Coalition to Block the North American Union, Howard Phillips addressed those gathered to oppose the SPP in Canada. Phillips said, “President Bush, tear down the wall of secrecy. Behind closed doors, step-by-step, the leaders (of the three nations) are setting the stage for…a North American Community and, ultimately a North American Union… (which means we would lose authority) over our economy, our judiciary and our lawmaking institutions”.

Phillips founded the Constitution Party in 1992. The third largest party based on voter registration (Ballot Access News), the Constitution Party is the only political party with a resolution to oppose the SPP/NAU scheme as a threat to America’s constitutional government.

President Bush asked by a Fox News reporter for explicit denial of a plan to integrate the three countries, demurred and ridiculed opponents instead. Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Late Great U.S.A: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada” commented: “That’s exactly the same type of response Europeans got from their leaders, even as the EU noose was tightening around the necks of the millions who wanted nothing to do with a European super-state”.

During the SPP Summit in Quebec, where Bush was called on to “tear down the wall of secrecy” surrounding the covert merger, a United States Congressman was calling on the president to build a wall to secure our border with Mexico. While the president was in Canada denying a plan to integrate North America, California Congressman Duncan Hunter delivered a letter to Bush saying, “It is my understanding that approximately $800 million is currently available for (fence building). Despite this funding, only 17.9 of the 854 miles of fencing called for in the Secure Fence Act have been completed as of Aug. 10, 2007.”

The Constitution Party joins Congressman Hunter in calling for immediate efforts to complete a wall at our southern border and joins with those opposed to the SPP/NAU calling for a tearing down of the wall of secrecy surrounding any plans to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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