Become a September Sponsor!

Hey everyone… we have a single sponsor slot opening up for September. You know the drill, if you’re interested send me an email at [email protected]

The price is $35 for one month and payable via PayPal, check, or money order. If you want traffic details, specifications, and all that jazz… just email me! Thanks!

One Response to “Become a September Sponsor!”

  1. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    Since the sponsorship spot opening up was formerly mine, I thought this would be a good place to announce a hiatus of Capitalist Dove. I’m (temporarily) shutting down the blog for a while so I can focus on other things without the distraction.

    Thanks to everyone who was a reader. Austin, you can remove my link from the “Other Useful Sites” list; I don’t know when/if Capitalist Dove will be back.

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