West Coast Populist Party: Impeach Pelosi Now

. . . The President is behaving like a little boy with a pocketful of firecrackers. He ain’t gonna’ stop playin’ with them - until they’re all gone - or someone takes them away from him. That’s your job Madam Speaker. And it’s not an optional part.

If Speaker Pelosi is not preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, then she is violating it . . .

You can read the entire editorial here.

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  1. Deran Says:

    West Coast Populist Party seems a lot more libertarian than populist. At least “populist” as understood by everyone else. Populism has always been a critique of, and popular movement against, unrestrained capitalism. US populism has never been obsessed with the constitution, except as it can be a vehicle for expanding and enlarging the peoples ability to control their lives; including the excesses of under-regulated capitalism.

  2. matt Says:

    Their website has a ten-plank platform that seemed VERY libertarian. I hope they endorse someone to run against Pelosi, she’s the epitome of everything that’s wrong with the dems, and she sometimes runs unopposed.

  3. Anthony Distler Says:

    Let’s just impeach everyone. Seems to be a recuring call.

  4. Don Lake Says:

    They have infact endorsed [Defacto] Green/Independent/Unity08 Anti Occupation activist Citizen Cindy Sheehan [with out yet actually formally nominating her].

    They have published all kinds of pro Constitutional articles from Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, including but not only, Paul Snyder’s “Patriot Act Preamble, the 1700s Alien Act and Sediciton Act” [or words to that affect]!

  5. Brian Says:

    The Populist website has alot of interesting articles but they seem to be lacking in any sort of organizing for elections. I haven’t seen anything about them running candidates for any sort of office.

  6. Don Lake Says:


    This documentation is constructed to the best of my belief and knowledge concerning
    the California Secretary of State publication[s] of attempt[s] of “UNITY 08” to
    qualify for upcoming elections. I am currently a registered potential voter with Unity
    08 [aka: “Mis” or “Miscelleous”] and a long term citizen activist.

    The current www.ss.ca.gov posted address for Unity 08 is a Post Office Box in
    Arlington, Virginia. I have various and sundry feed back that the telephone placement
    and physical address for same is 2700 Virginia Avenue NW, Suite 514, Washington
    DC [20037 zip code]. [The lack of a street address robs Unity 08 of a certain amount
    of legitimacy!]

    The current organizational contact is one [Tony] Anthony A. Onorato. It is possible
    that Mister Onorato is an attorney with the Law Firm of Steptoe & Johnson in any of
    a number of cities. He has not returned my email or voice mail inquiries. No one
    claims to have set eyes upon the gentleman. Others said that a postal contact to Mister
    Onorato at the Virginia and or DC address[es] could possibly or probably be
    ‘returned to sender’.

    I am STRONGLY suggesting, even with no official status on my behalf, that the
    current Secretary of State add the street address to the posted post office box. I am
    STRONGLY suggesting that the contact person be posted as other than Mister

    To the best of my belief and knowledge one Shilpi Niyogi is the current National
    Director of Ballot Access and her email address is . If the
    current Secretary of State needs a California name and address please feel free to use
    Donald R. Lake at 263 Eucalyptus Court in Chula Vista, California [91910-3030 zip
    code] and voice mail at area code 619 and 420-0209 until further notice.

    This statement was constructed on the 31st of August in the year 2007 in the Republic
    of California and the County of San Diego,

    Donald Raymond Lake, respondent

  7. applenomanca Says:

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