Paul Has Geshlider Info

Congressman Ron Paul, whom I’m supporting for president and working for this weekend in Fort Worth (GOP Straw Poll), has information and photos of the infamous (my former campaign “manager”) Chuck Geshlider, who has already threatened yours truly publicly (an indirect death threat, to be exact.) Paul was given the information by his head of security over the weekend; the national campaign contacted me last week detailing the measures they were taking to prevent this lunatic from crashing the Straw Poll and in turn, harming me.

It won’t be the first time I’ve had peace officers escort me to and from political meetings; in Wilmer, Texas, when that town was under the reign of then-Mayor Linda Root, I had a police escort to City Hall, out to the car, etc.

I want to thank the Ron Paul security team for putting into place several measures to keep not only the candidate safe, but his supporters as well.

Friday’s ECO Show will be broadcast live from Fort Worth. We’ll try to secure some Ellis County delegates to discuss the important and historic convention…

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  1. Trent Hill Says:


    I hope you have the clout to bring along a couple of Ellis County delegates.

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    There’s a lot of history here that you’re apparently not aware of.

    Chuck Geshlider goes way, way back with Ron Paul. He was Ron Paul’s Nevada Chairman for 2 years, 1987/88 for Ron Paul for President. Geshlider was clearly the best State Chairman of any State for Paul’s Campaign. The events he put on for Ron in Vegas were magnificent. And he would always get complete coverage from the Vegas media for Ron.

    As a result, he was always Ron’s favorite State Chairman for the Campaign. And even more, Ron and Chuck were like identical twins on the issues; both conspiracy nuts, heavy into the “Fed runs the World” line of thinking, anti-CFR/Tri-lats ect…

    I’d be stunned if Ron Paul turned on his old friend Chuck Geshlider.

    You may be barking up the wrong tree here.

  3. Andy Says:

    “And even more, Ron and Chuck were like identical twins on the issues; both conspiracy nuts, heavy into the ‘Fed runs the World’ line of thinking, anti-CFR/Tri-lats ect…”

    This video says it all. Check it out.

    Poker Face - Ron Paul: The Time is NOW

  4. Joey Dauben Says:

    For legal reasons, as well as informative reasons, I’ll publish whatever Chuck Geshlider (aka Louis Charles) he sends me:

    I’ll take that risk. Unlike you, I KNOW your father is a man of great courage and honor. And if he want’s to take a swing at me after I show the world on UTube what a testicularly challenged son he raised… I’ll put my hands behind my back and he can do what he feels necessary. I’ll give him 30 seconds to knock me out. If not, he and I tangle like warrior pit bulls… again, all for the world to see. (cool fundraising idea, now that I think about it!!)

    Dauben, you have until midnight, Halloween ‘07 to make this a peaceful resolve. You are on Trial all over the internet, now, SpinDoc….. You giant sandbox “constituency” of 100 is watching you… as are the rest of us.

    It is plain to see, I am doing EVERYTHING possible to rectify our differences like civilized adults and you are putting up EVERY ROADBLOCK possible. ....Which is par for your course, because it is a pattern you follow right from your campaign “playbook”. You first; Malatesta next.

    ...and instead, you continue trying to avoid and deflect by attempting to slander me with an empty gun, since I have nothing to be slandered with… oh, except the heinous crime of taking on a pseudonym for my upcoming campaign, no different than your hero Dan Patrick did for his career.


    I mean, EVERYTHING you bring up and out to the public, just makes me look more and more like a Radical Patriot Hero I am attempting to be. THANK YOU. I couldn’t buy this type of marketing. Keep those pics flowing…... Oh… and send some to “Bonita” in FL. She wants to see what I look like.

  5. geschlider Says:

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  7. usacleansea Says:

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