Les Riley’s campaign website

Les Riley, Constitution Party Candidate for Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce, has a new campaign website: www.rileyforagriculture.com

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  1. Gary Odom Says:

    This is an excellent campaign website! Kudos to Leslie Riley and if anyone help with it, kudos to them, too.

    These are postions the average people Mississippi should get behind:

    • Work to Drastically Cut the Size And Scope of Government - Including Cutting the Ag. Budget, Returning Tax Money to Mississippi Taxpayers

    • Ensure that our regulatory work is:
    1.) not duplicated by other agencies;
    2.) aimed at protecting citizens against real, specific risk & helping our processors do better
    ...not merely more expensive, intrusive bueracracy.

    • Fight to Eliminate the Health Risk of Illegal Aliens in Our Meat and Food Plants

    • Oversee Closer Inspection & More Diligent Enforcement Against Contaminated Food Products From China, Vietnam, and Other Foriegn Countries

    • Work to Promote ALL Mississippi’s Agricultural Products and with Mississippi Farmers, Private Industry, and Other Officials to Make Mississippi Independent In Both Energy & Food Production including :

    Work to promote local energy independance, profitability for family farms, and economic growth for small towns through developing new micro-industry ethanol & biodeisel farms based on sweet sorgum & farm scale processing plants like this.

    Work to make it easier for farmers to sell products like fresh milk and eggs to their neighbors.

    Work to make it easier for agricultural companies to invest & stay here—as well as keep the ones we have.

    • Interpose Against Federal Programs That Harm Our Farmers & Our State

    • Work to Abolish Property Taxes on Farmland &
    Cut ALL Taxes on Farming

    • Work to Promote Mississippi’s Agricultural Products

    Work with Mississippi Farmers, Private Industry, and Other Officials to Make Mississippi Independent In Both Energy & Food Production

    • Work for the establishment of a PRIVATELY FUNDED Small Farm Research Center

    • Stop Using Dept. of Ag. Outlets to Teach the False “Religion” of Evolution to Mississippi’s Children


    One of the underlying trends in both on the American scene & in international geo-politics is the growing rift between “rural / small-town” & “urban / suburban” interests.

    The Red-Blue politcal maps that everyone keeps shoving in our faces is just the tip of the iceberg The limosine liberals ultimately want to empty the countryside and turn the Great Plains into a big buffalo park. (Sort of like Stalin.)

    So-called conservatives see God’s creation as nothing but “resources” and rural / small-town people as nothing but “cheap labor” to build make their brick-a-brack; consumers to fuel their “global economy” at Wal Mart; and “brave men & women” to fight their wars.

    By and large our local customs & slow-paced lifestyles are seen as backwards.

    Sadly, many well-meaning folks who want to help their communities play right into the hands of the “progressives” who want to turn their small towns into McTowns.

    Ultimately, the way the elitists deal with the threat of an awakening among the “sheeple” in the countryside who just want to be left alone is to do what Marxist do best : “Divide & Conquer.”

    They set the “big farmers” against the “small farmers.” Organic vs conventional. Hunters against producers. Enviormentalists vs those who live on the land. Economic development vs traditon.

    With Riley as Ag Commissioner we will work together as neighbors for the good of our state, communities, & families.

    For more detailed analysis of the issues facing rural Mississippi and how they efffect our whole state—even those who don’t live anywhere near farms—read the articles on the front page blog by clicking the “home” button at the top of this page.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Leslie through the contact page.

  2. Jason Says:

    That is some good ol fashioned populist cookin.

    I hope he can raise enough money to carry his message across the state. Mississippi, like most Southern states, is in need of reform.

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