Louis Charles = Chuck Geshlider

Just for those who are curious to know, the person posting in all of the Ron Paul groups as Louis Charles is in fact Chuck Geshlider. Those in the LP, CP and RLC camps know of Geshlider. He’s planning to crash the party at the Texas GOP Straw Poll next week, so I suggest we have a security detail just for the case that this guy is a lunatic. Of course, I post this on Third Party Watch because we’re expecting hundreds of Libertarians, Constitutionalists, independents, etc. to participate in the rallies.

Geshlider’s already being blocked by many. So, for those who don’t know about Geshlider, here’s what TPW published on the matter. But there’s more. A lot more.

Re: [ronpaul-65] Louis Charles = Chuck Geshlider‎
From: Louis Charles ([email protected])

That’s correct…. but Gold Standard Press provided over $300 worth of billable work. Still unpaid. Chuck Geshlider = Louis Charles… correct, as I will be using that name for my US House run… not any different than your “hero”, Dan Patrick uses his pseudonym for his brand of Revolution in our Texas Capitol….. right?

anyone with any brains knows who Louis Charles is… you are so flippin’ stupid and posit your self as such because everyone knows I am not hiding Chuck Geshlider… INCLUDING TO RON PAUL… whereas Jean McIver even knows… duh.

...and on top of that..have been inviting everyone to meet me in person at the Straw Poll INCLUDING YOU…. . Will you be there, Mr. Dauben? I certainly hope so; make sure you bring your mommy to protect you… And if you don’t give Mr. Kevin George that $300, I suggest you have it on you on Saturday. Are you going to dispute you purchased graphics and printing from GSP? Not only do I have the invoices (which you were dumb enough to leave me with, as your NAZI-COP buddies of yours in Waxahachie escorted me out of OUR CAMPAIGN OFFICE…. space which I EARNED WITH MY TIME AND THE REST OF THE UNBILLED PRINTING), but I kept samples of all the work…

you are out of your league, boy.

I’ll post this to the group tomorrow… past my 25 quota today….


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  1. Joey Dauben Says:





  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    Chuck bilked hundreds out of tens of thousands of dollars with his failed Oceania project in the early 1990s. Him and his partner Eric Klein were going to build this “Libertarian Island” out in the sea.

    They raised nearly $100,000. Then the whole project went kaput. Nobody knows whatever became of the doe?

    I asked him repeatedly about it, and he just demurred.

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