New Blogger in Town

Well, not new, but new to this site.

Since Austin Cassidy started ThirdPartyWatch, I’ve always been a big fan of this site. As someone who’s been heavily involved in third party politics, it is frequently the first source to cover the news for which I’m looking. For stories missed by the mainstream media, often it’s the only reliable source around. It’s one of the first sites I visit every morning and one of the last ones I visit before retiring for the evening.

As Austin just provided me with keys to the site, I’ll be posting here from time to time. When I do, I’ll try to bring objective information of interest to the third party and independent community and relegate my personal political opinion (for the most part, unless my opinion is technical or part of the story) to other sites where I write.

Hopefully, I will live up to the fine reputation ThirdPartyWatch has earned over the last couple of years. And if you have some breaking news, feel free to pop me a heads-up at stephen (at) gordonnet (dot) net or use the website contact page.

3 Responses to “New Blogger in Town”

  1. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Howdy Stephen, welcome aboard!

  2. Jason Gatties Says:

    It’s no secret I’m a Gordon fan. Welcome.

  3. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    As an avid reader and occasional commenter to this great site, welcome Stephen !