Constitution Party Chooses Stand-in Ticket

The Constitution Party has chosen Jim Clymer and Chuck Baldwin as their stand-in candidates for President and Vice-President. These stand-in candidates are for petitioning purposes only and will step aside when the party selects a real ticket. Although Clymer/Baldwin sounds like a potential real ticket to me.

From Ballot Access News...

In some states, unqualified parties must circulate candidate petitions, to get themselves on the 2008 ballot. Many states permit unqualified parties to list stand-in candidates on the petition, for president and vice-president. That is useful, because it means the parties can be petitioning now for 2008, before they know whom their nominees will be. The Constitution Party has chosen Jim Clymer as its stand-in presidential candidate, and Chuck Baldwin as its stand-in vice-presidential candidate. These names can then be listed on candidate petitions. When the actual nominees are known, the stand-ins will withdraw and the actual nominees will be substituted.

John B. Anderson pioneered the use of stand-ins, in 1980, when he was an independent candidate for president. He was petitioning before he knew who his vice-presidential candidate would be. His v-p stand-in was Milton Eisenhower, older brother of former President Dwight Eisenhower. At the time, Milton Eisenhower was 91 years old. Anderson’s actual vice-presidential candidate, former Wisconsin Governor Patrick Lucey, was chosen by Anderson on August 25, 1980, and almost every state let Anderson substitute. Anderson sued three states that refused to let him substitute, and won all three cases (Pennsylvania, Indiana and Florida).

The Libertarian Party pioneered presidential substitution during the early 1990’s. The party didn’t choose its 1996 ticket until July 4, 1996, but it did much petitioning before that date, using Ed Clark as a stand-in. All states permitted presidential stand-in in 1996 for the Libertarians except for Florida. The party sued Florida in 1996 in federal court and won the lawsuit. It was called Libertarian Party of Florida v Mortham and is not reported.

9 Responses to “Constitution Party Chooses Stand-in Ticket”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    If a “name” candidate does not surface for the CP nomination, I think Chuck Baldwin would make an excellent representative of the party’s viewpoint in the general election.

  2. CPer Says:

    It is a shame that the CP was unable to pull in any big names for the nomination. I know there is still time but this has me worried about our viability.

    This was suppose to be the year that we drew from a list of creditable electable candidates. Rather it would be Gilchrist, Keys, Paul, Brownback, Tancredo or any combination.

    This absence of a flag bearer and messenger has me worried and a bit troubled when I look at the realities of using the CP to impacting the political scene.

    Since the GOP primary started insanely too early, and most expect 4 or 5 to withdraw by the end of August we might see one of those names on our ballots.

  3. Anthony Distler Says:

    Tom Tancredo has already hinted that he’s using his presidental campaign to spread his immigration message, and only wants to be re-elected to Congress. There is no way Sam Brownback would bolt the GOP to run as a CP member.

    Alan Keyes is still considering a White House bid. He may be there afterall.

  4. Cody Quirk Says:


    by next year, Jerome could change his mind.

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    Brownback? Seriously?
    Tancredo is a war-mongerer.
    So is Keyes (having done more research on him…he isnt very good).
    Jerome Corsi has authored several books about how Iran is a nuclear armageddon bringer. I don’t trust him that much.

  6. matt Says:

    The CP needs a better candidate than any of the ones mentioned. Sure we’re all hoping that we’ll have Ron Paul to vote for, but contingency plans are key. The CP is pretty much my emergency fallback plan if Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination and the LP nominates an idiot. I’d sure hate to have to write somebody in.

  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    The problem with Corsi, Keyes and Gilchrist is that they are all war supporters and for them to win the CP nomination would wreck the party in the long run. the last thing the CP needs after going through a very divisive period is another divisive period, especially with new chapters being organized around the country. Chuck Baldwin will be a safe and steady pick.

    Or, what you could do, is get Ron Paul’s permission to have his name put up for nomination to the CP line. He would still run for his Congressional seat in Texas, but at least he would be on the Presidential ballot as a choice for the disgruntled to vote for.

  8. Prolifer Says:

    Considering the CP presidential candidate dilemma, maybe they could have had some more solidarity and grassroots support, as well as more people who could run if they hadn’t compromised on the life issue and upheld a PRO-ABORTION state affiliate, thereby showing the world that they don’t really care about life, when push comes to shove (or rather when push comes to ballot access).

  9. Cody Quirk Says:

    The Nevada IAP supports the CP’s Platform.
    Therefore it isn’t Pro-Abortion.
    In fact what makes it so distasteful in the eyes of the ex-CP bigots in the fact that it has Mormon leaders that have a realistic view of Life that doesn’t mean sacrificing the life of the mother, or allowing a horribly deformed and extremely ill child to live it’s life in pain and misery.

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