“Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”

Forwarded from CP Field Director, Gary Odom….

It was a big night for the Constitution Party in New York City on Tuesday, July 17! Best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, was the guest of honor at the regular monthly dinner held at the midtown Manhattan Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant, sponsored by the National Traditionalist Caucus, and this month, co-sponsored by the New York State Constitution Party (NYSCP).

So many people showed up to buy Dr. Corsi’s latest, best selling book, The Late, Great USA, (made available by the national Constitution Party) to have their books signed and to enjoy dinner with Dr. Corsi that it was necessary to commandeer most of the restaurant’s floor space in order to accommodate all of the dinner guests for this event. Many thanks to Bella Napoli Restaurant for their great patience and cooperation.

Prior to the dinner Dr. Corsi met with leaders of the NYSCP including State Chairman, Victor Dedaj; Downstate Vice-Chairman, John Kane; National Traditionalist Caucus founder and NYSCP state contact, Don Rosenberg; former Manchester Union-Leader foreign correspondent, Michael Babrow; NYSCP legal counsel Eric Dixon and several others, as well as New Jersey CP national committeeman, Cal Wortman. While party leaders were naturally disappointed to hear about Dr. Corsi’s decision to suspend consideration of running for President, they were very appreciative of his strong words in support of efforts to build the Constitution Party in New York state and across the country. Dr. Corsi is a registered member of the Constitution Party in neighboring New Jersey.

The New York State Constitution Party will be holding its first general meeting to kick-off its statewide organizational and outreach efforts on Sunday afternoon, September 9, 2007 at the historic Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Club on Lexington Ave. in New York City. Further information on this major event will be forthcoming.

The NYSCP’s primary focus will be on making an intensive organizational effort over the next year in preparation for the ballot access petition campaign in New York state which will begin approximately one year from now for the 2008 General Election. New York requires the submission of the relatively modest amount of 15,000 valid signatures in order to place the party’s Presidential ticket on the ballot, but only provides a very limited amount of time in which to collect the signatures and has very exacting specifications and requirements, including that a minimum number of signatures must come from a minimum number of congressional districts, all of which make an effective statewide organizational effort absolutely essential.

Those who have friends, family or associates living in New York state who would be interested in supporting the efforts of the New York State Constitution Party should encourage them to contact our New York state party affiliate here.

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  1. Deran Says:

    Yes, this is interesting, I love keeping up on the going ons of ALL the third parties in the US. For instance, this last weekend the Green Party had it’s annual meeting, at which Ralph Nader and Cynthis McKinney talked abt running for president.

    I wasn’t at the tg, I’m not a Green, but I’d love to read more abt what webnt on and peoples reaction to Nader and McKinney.

    I say this, and I should also say I love TPW, I read it everyday!

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