Constitution Party of Pennsylvania candidate complains of conflict of interest

The president of West View council, who is employed as executive director of West View Water Authority, has begun wearing a third municipal hat—prompting a conflict of interest charge. West View council July 11 appointed Daniel M. Daugherty to one of two vacancies on the West View Water Authority board. The next day, borough resident James W. Barr filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission. Mr. Barr’s complaint charges that Mr. Daugherty already faced potential conflicts of interest by simultaneously serving as council president and as the Water Authority’s paid executive director . . . A 25-year resident, Mr. Barr is a perennially unsuccessful candidate for West View council. In the fall his name will appear for the eighth time on the ballot, this time on the Constitution Party line.

You can read the entire article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Right on the button.
    San Diego County [California] Libertarians ride herd on similar ‘steer manure’ in National City in the county’s “South Bay”!
    And the two headed establishment monster? Not a peep from the Democans and Republicrats!

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