Wayne Allyn Root Interview (Q&A)

My friend, Michelle Shinghal, (she’s pictured to the left) will be in Las Vegas this weekend, and while there, she’ll have lunch with the Libertarian Party presidential front-runner, Wayne Allyn Root (I know that just drives you guys nuts) to interview him for her LibertarianLady.com blog. Here’s the cool thing though: she wants user-submitted questions via either this blog, her blog, or on tonight’s Libertarian Politics Live! show.

Here’s what she’s planned:

What do you want to ask Wayne Allyn Root?

July 18, 2007 • 1 Comment

By some lucky alignment of sun, moon and stars, I will be in Las Vegas this weekend to mingle with the USA Basketball team and see the Wright/Hopkins fight. I will also be having lunch with LP presidential nominee hopeful, Wayne Allyn Root. He has agreed to answer some questions from me and libertarian blog readers.

I’ve read Mr. Root’s position page and understand his stated position on the current situation in Iraq (and war in general). But I, like many of you, have seen Eric Dondero’s blog comments that beat the war drum in Mr. Root’s name. Mr. Dondero, with an air of authority, even pumps Mr. Root’s initials in the blog comments- WAR. Realizing that every candidate has enthusiastic supporters that spout off comments that cannot really be attributed to the candidate, I would like to ask Mr. Root if his position on Iraq has been consistent or if it has changed. I’d like to know the thought process behind the answer he gives.

I’d like to know why his Libertarian for President site URL is www.millionairerepublican.com. Was it an already happening site and he thought it prudent to modify it for traffic? Question answered by Jason Gatties. Mr. Root is also @ www.rootforamerica.com. I’m not opposed to a LINO candidate any more than I am a RINO candidate (Ron Paul), but I want to know why Mr. Root thinks he should win the LP nomination.

I need your help to find out. Please send any questions you may have of Mr. Root either to my email address or post them in the comments section here.

I don’t want a “purity” test; we are all supporters of the Libertarian Party, but ensuring liberty should be the primary concern. If Mr. Root thinks he is the man to do it, we should give him an opportunity to explain why.

I know there will be thoughtful questions, so I want to say “thank you” in advance.

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  1. disinter Says:

    If he was REALLY interested in the promotion of Liberty, he would drop out of his selfish, and futile, campaign that will never be won and put his time, energy and money behind Ron Paul.

  2. David Aitken Says:

    Question for Mr. Root: Describe the values held by Islamofascists, assess the threat of Islamofascism, and tell us if or how we should confront it and why.

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