Socialist push for immigrant rights

Alright, well I know both me and this article are going to get slammed in the comments, but I think it’s necessary to post the other side of some of these issues. I know the position of most of you when it comes to immigration and illegal immigration, but here’s another side.


Parents in Redwood City, Calif., were picked up as they dropped their children off at school. And people who “looked immigrant” were randomly questioned by ICE on the street in San Francisco.

Immigrants express a high level of terror—so much so that mothers fear taking their children to school, families fear going to local health clinics and everyone is afraid to deal with police. Organizers have had to combat this climate of fear, and believe recent raids and enforcement activities are responsible in part for the decline in participation since last year’s mass marches.

There’s more in the link provided. Just throught I would add a little leftist prospective on the issue.

4 Responses to “Socialist push for immigrant rights”

  1. Jackcjackson Says:

    Won’t get slammed by be. While not ( anti-) socialist, I am certainly pro-immigrant.

    Anyone who would support such a stupid policy as questioning anyone who “looks immigrant” is anti-American.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Anthony, we thank you. If all of us knew every thing all the time we would have no need for this blog!

    Mister Jackson: Immigration, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. What nexr? Voting rights of nine year olds? Truck driving liscenses for blind folks?

    All units [organs, people, families, communities, nations and planets] need boundries. A country with out borders is no country at all! Double that for a Post 9-1-1 environment!

  3. Joey Dauben Says:

    Anthony, this is

    You publishing the socialist side of things is the purpose of this blog.

    No slam from me, but it is interesting to see where the socialists stand (that, or I could just read the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” song).

  4. Jackcjackson Says:


    There is a difference between an American method of handling immigration issues and stopping someone on the street for “looking immigrant”..As I said, if you support something like THAT ( I did not say if you are opposed to illegal immigration) and rounding up people based on superficial appearances, you are anti-American. thanks…

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