Ron Paul Wins in GA

He wasn’t on the ballot as a Libertarian, but no one can dispute the fact that aligning with Ron Paul and taking advantage of independents helped propel Paul Broun in a Georgia special election for Charlie Norwood’s old congressional seat.

Broun openly touted Ron Paul and libertarian ideals. This is huge. RP might not win the nomination, but already he’s inspiring RP-like candidates to run - and win.

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  1. Joey Dauben Says:

    In fact, independents helped Broun win this thing.

    The pundits are already looking at that factor.

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    Independant and Democrats.

  3. Otto Kerner Says:

    Sounds nice, but his website seems to indicate that Broun is against leaving Iraq. That means he disagrees with Paul on the key issue of our time.

  4. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    This Broun guy supports Ron Paul? Really? I find that very surprising. He doesn’t strike me as the type AT ALL. Do you have links backing this up, Joey?

  5. matt Says:

    I don’t know for sure what Broun’s views on Iraq are, but I’ve heard rumors that he might align with the Constitution Party and possibly even affiliate with them in 2008. Nothing confirmable, that’s just what I saw in the comments section of a Georgia political blog.

  6. Kyle B Says:

    yeah I never saw Paul mentioned in this campaign. but I could of missed that. The big issue of the campaign was Athens, GA vs Augusta, GA. basically it was a contest to see which population center would be the dominate one in the district.

  7. matt Says:

    The Nation magazine sees the race as a referendum on the GOP leadership, especially since the outsider candidate defeated the guy the party power structure anointed. Also, people may not have been pleased with Whitehead’s insistence that Iraq wasn’t an issue.

  8. Trent Hill Says:

    I have corresponded with Broun personally,he deeply admires Ron Paul and told me, “Ron Paul will no longer be the lone vote against unconstitutional issues”.

    Matt, I doubt he’ll leave the Republicans. He BARELY won. Switching to CP would mean losing im sure.

    This link mentions how Broun is Ron Paul-like twice.

    As for the War in Iraq, his video says he wants to “win the war on terror”, but never explicitly states a position on Iraq. I asked him (via email) about his position and he responded that the War on TERROR must be won. My thoughts—-He probably is not pro-war in Iraq. But explicitly stating that would probably mean he wouldnt be a congressman right now.

  9. david Says:

    I think its great to have another congressman who will vote like Ron Paul, but lets not get to carried away - the major reason Broun won - was over confidence by Whitehead - he thought he had the run off in the bag and spent more time packing for DC than campaigning

  10. matt Says:

    Ten to one says you’re right, but the very fact that it was said is interesting. If the GOP keeps moving left and a CPer gets elected to a seat from out west, it might just happen.

    This could be called more of a loss by Whitehead than a win by Broun, but if Broun is as constitutionally strict as he claims to be, his district could be sending him to DC for a long time.

  11. disinter Says:

    RP might not win the nomination, but already he’s inspiring RP-like candidates to run - and win.

    Might not win? This is the reason he may very well win!

  12. disinter Says:


    “As evidence of his independence, Broun emphasized a Ron Paul-like committed to “work to restore government according to the Constitution as our Founders intended.” While the Georgia appears to be a more cautious constitutionalist than the maverick Texas congressman who is making a longshot bid for the party’s presidential nomination in 2008, Broun borrowed one of the most popular of Paul’s principles, promising that if elected he would assess any new legislation by first asking: “Is it constitutional and a proper function of government?”

    No one was going to confuse Broun with a liberal, but he did display a Paul-like libertarian streak, suggesting that the federal government ought to stay away away from issues gay marriage and legalizing marijuana—matters that the candidate suggested are best handled at the state level.”

  13. badmedia Says:

    The GOP isn’t moving “left”, it’s moving back “UP” on the chart, where it used to be. Not way “down” on the scale with authoritarian governments. There is more than left vs right.

    Up = social and economic freedoms
    Left = social freedoms, but government controlled economic freedoms
    Right = economic freedoms, but government control on social issues.
    Down = Government control of all.

    So, the current democrats are left and down. As a result, they want to control both sides, but want to force social “equality”. The right is right and down currently. Says it’s for free markets, yet gives entitlements to businesses, still wants complete control.

    Most Americans lie in the middle left and right, but also towards the TOP on the up or down scale. The current parties, are way DOWN on the scale(less liberty and freedom), and Ron Paul represents getting the GOP back on the top of that scale where it belongs. And that is also why he is pulling democrats, because they are also starting to put more emphasis on getting back to where their party use to be, top left.

    This election isn’t about left or right unless you get all your news from the media. It’s an up or down on the chart election, and ron paul is one of the few that represents the up now, and that is why he is going to win. The rest of you are just way behind like the MSM.

  14. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    I think your up/down characterizations should be reversed, badmedia. I think of “up” as TOP down control; and “down” as decentralized, BOTTOM-up control. Down would therefore, be good, and up would be bad. Does the authority come from the TOP or the BOTTOM? We want it to be the bottom, right?

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