ATF Arrests Libertarian

This story is only a couple of weeks old, but due to the sheer silence from both the local and regional press (Dallas Morning News) about it, I figured it was as close to a Phil Smart-arrested story as there ever will be.

But here are the facts (discussion will be on Libertarian Politics Live! tonight as well):

  • Leslie Davis served seven years in prison; he was out for about 10 years before this latest event occurred
  • 100 agents with the BATF, DEA and Ellis County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office participated in this “raid”
  • Local press (Waxahachie Daily Light, Midlothian Mirror, Ellis County Press) have reported nothing
  • Original warrant sought an inert rocket-launcher, but what the ATF found was a .22-caliber rifle instead
  • Davis is in the federal pen in Seagoville, southeast of Dallas
  • His roommate-friend is currently in the Ellis County jail on $80,000 bond for “trace amounts” of meth found in the house; her court-appointed lawyer is former Ellis County DA Mary Lou Shipley, who refuses to contact her and/or return phone calls, etc. (Shipley’s office: 972-932-5035)
  • Davis is big in this area for anti-annexation, anti-smoking ban ordinance efforts, as well as participating in Libertarian-friendly campaigns and activities

Whether or not Davis is an actual LP member, I don’t know. But I do know he’s in those LP circles around here. He’s fought alongside many Libertarians and Constitution Party folks on the local smoking ban/annexation issues.

Remember, this is the same county south of Dallas that arrested LP state Senate candidate Phil Smart twice - during two separate elections.

We’ll see if we can’t get something done via the blogs about this Davis guy.

Tune in tonight:

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