Paul outraises most of the field

Now, I’m not normally one to post information on Ron Paul, but this I did find extremely interesting. From

The Hotline noted that Congressman Ron Paul’s® cash-on-hand tally is not only more than that of US Senator John McCain®—but Paul’s total is also more than the combined cash-on-hand total of Sam Brownback®, Mike Huckabee®, Duncan Hunter®, Tom Tancredo®, Tommy Thompson®, Dennis Kucinich (D) and Mike Gravel (D).

Reports say that Paul raised nearly $2.4 million, and has close to that number on hand.

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  1. Fred C. Says:

    Another interesting statistic comes from spinfactor, Ron Paul has outraised all other republicans in terms of contributions from military servicemen, both active and veterans. Clicking my name will take you to the link.

  2. SovereignMN Says:

    Fred…I saw that link earlier. If true then that is a great sign that the military is ready for a non-intervention foreign policy. When you also consider that the numbers supposedly only cover contributions over $200 and Paul has more sub-$200 donors than all other Republicans than the actual number may be wider.

  3. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    I saw the link also, via LRC. I emailed Andrew Sullivan, and while I can’t claim for certain that my email was the only one he got, he DID blog about it a few hours after my email was sent to him.
    Pretty positive blog post, too, with picture.

  4. Kyle B Says:

    The numbers are official. They include all donations, not just those over $200

  5. matt Says:

    Here’s a fundraising roundup from the 3rd party candidates this quarter:

    Raised $3,082, Contributed $15,000 of his own money, Spent $13,727

    Raised $5,630, Contibuted $0, Spent $5,635.

    Not mentioned in any way. Has he even filed?

    Raised $0, Contributed $0, Loaned himself $30,000, Spent $59,913(!), Owes a total of $85,402

    Raised $150, Contributed $0, Loaned himself $250,000, Spent $130,106.

  6. matt Says:

    I forgot Christine Smith:
    Raised $5,242, Contributed $0, Spent $4,866

  7. George Phillies Says:


    That page is not the quarterly. For starters, my campaign for the quarter raised 11737.24 of which exactly $10,000 was mine. My total fundraising to date is 27329.91 (at least one other blog loses a third of this) of which 5802.90is from other people.

    The Kubby Q2 filing has not yet been posted; he is posting on paper rather than electronically, and they have to scan the pages. Wayne Root has not yet filed at all, it appears.

    To find the actual electronic filings, go to
    and search on candidate name.

    For paper filings—this includes letters from the FEC asking for explanations—
    does it.

    George, posting Tuesday almost at midnight.

  8. SovereignMN Says:

    Kyle B…are you sure about that? When you look at the FEC individual data for Paul the total value of the contributions listed is somewhere around $1.6MM. I also know for a fact that the under $200 donors aren’t listed on the FEC website because I’m one of them.

  9. Me Says:

    I also know for a fact that the under $200 donors aren’t listed on the FEC website because I’m one of them.

    People who have donated less than $200 to the campaign year-to-date are not listed. However, some donors donated, say $100 last quarter and $100 this quarter. That is why you will see some sub-$200 donations on the Q2 report.

    About $1.6 million was raised by people who have given $200+ total (not necessarily Q2). The rest (almost 50%) is from individuals who have given less than $200 total. This is great for Ron Paul, since he still has a sizable base of supporters from which he can still receive contributions. Huckabee’s donors, for example, are largely maxed out.

  10. matt Says:

    You’re right about my data not including Q2 for everyone. My bad. The page says that the info is for the 07-08 election cycle. What I didn’t notice is the 3-month discrepancy between the filing dates on the list. I await a fuller picture.

  11. George Phillies Says:


    No problem. And note that my statement on Steve Kubby is now out of date. His filing has now been scanned and is up on the net. For the second quarter he raised 585.92 and spent 457.88.

    Note that the number of small donors is not reportable. The claimed numbers are on the honor system.


  12. Kyle B Says:

    Yes I am sure about that. one of the benefits of having a degree in political science.

    the under $200 donations are part of the grand total listed but if you donate under a certian amount a candidate is not required to report your name to the FEC.

    The same holds true for other elections. For example in Georgia you have to donate over a $100 to a statewide candidate for your name to be reported. If you donate $99 or less you can remain anonymous

  13. SovereignMN Says:

    Kyle…Your political science major is nice (I have one too) but perhaps you should have had a couple math classes as well. Again, if you download the Paul file of “contributions by employers” the total is $1.286M, not anywhere close to $3M.

  14. Kyle B Says:

    When you donate beneath a certain level you do not have to report that information. So the totals will never match up because of this

    For example Obama’s campaign considers it a donation if you purchase a thsirt from their website. But they don’t have to report every single person that bought one.

    So you will never find a list of every person to donate to any presidential campaign under the current set of laws

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